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Large Soleimani Statue Erected In Beirut. Israeli And Saudi Apologists Are In Outrage

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The Trump administration declared that it assassinated Iranian Qods Force commander Qassem Soleimani to protect ‘US interests’ in the Middle East and contain the growing threat from Iran. Instead, it turned Soleimani into a martyr and hero of the Axis of Resistance and turned its presence in Iraq into a real problem due to the drastic increase of attacks on US-affiliated targets there in response to the assassination.

ZeroHedge reports the following:

A newly erected large bronze statue of slain Iranian General Qassem Soleimani in the middle of the Lebanese capital Beirut is driving outrage and division, causing deepening rifts in the population over the role of Hezbollah and Iranian influence in the country.

The unveiling ceremony for the bust that’s about ten feet high occurred last week. It’s located in a roundabout in the area of Hezbollah-controlled southern suburbs on a street that also bears his name, and the street is linked to a nearby highway named for Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini.

Large Soleimani Statue Erected In Beirut. Israeli And Saudi Apologists Are In Outrage

In the days following the unveiling ceremony the statue created a social media storm of controversy.

According to one Saudi-backed newspaper:

Many Lebanese, mostly critics of Hezbollah, took to social media to lambast the celebration of a foreign military leader in Lebanon’s capital. “Occupied Beirut,” tweeted one Lebanese, Amin Abou Mansour, who posted it with the hashtag #BeirutFree_IranOut.

Others lamented what they described as the cultural hegemony of the militant Hezbollah and its ally, Iran. Wael Attallah, a Lebanese Canadian, tweeted: “This is a cultural aggression being imposed on Lebanon. Hundreds of thousands of Lebanese today feel violated and powerless. The Schism is getting wider day by day, little by little.”
One Lebanese media personality said she received death threats after her criticism on social media of the new statue.

The criticism has triggered a backlash from supporters, who started a Twitter storm with the hashtag: #Soleimani-is-one-of-us.

Much criticism has naturally centered on the fact that the Soleimani statue represents the presence and influence of a foreign power on Lebanese soil. However the small Mediterranean country has long been subject of foreign meddling in recent history, including the Saudis, Syrians, Israel, and the US – not to mention the French Mandate period in the 20th century.

And as another Gulf-based newspaper pointed out, Hezbollah in prior decades used to be against statues, considering them ‘un-Islamic’. Yet Soleimani’s face has become iconic throughout the Middle East, representing “resistance” to US and Israeli designs on the region.

The Soleimani memorial has also no doubt angered the US Embassy in Beirut, given it’s such a prominent display of devotion to someone considered an archenemy of the US.

The Trump administration ordered a strike on the popular IRGC commander on January 3, 2020 – which resulted in his death as well as that of Iraqi paramilitary leader Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.


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Great feeling to see the Saudis’ nickers in a knot. Their opinion means nothing – like foam on water.

namulit emperor

Isn’t this just a moderately sized bust?

Just Me

These murals and statues are springing up all over the region. One of the biggest one is opposite occupied Northern Palestine.comment image


Nice of Zero Hedge to quote from Saudi newspapers about something in Lebanon, not Lebanese ones. The choice is strange because it has no relation to the matter whatsoever: the bust is in Lebanon, of an Iranian general and ZH is certainly not in KSA. If they quoted their own local newspaper it had more relevance.

Next time remember to quote from Spanish newspapers about news in Britain.
The hypocrite wouldn’t call it an assault if it was a statue of a Fat Saudi “prince”.

Thank you Lebanon. They put us to shame when it comes to commemorating our heroes.

Fun fact: Did you know there’s a statue in Beirut commemorating the Armenian genocide? It’s in a square (or roundabout) in the Armenia street. Not many countries did such thing. As I said, the Lebanese put us to shame.

Just Me

The idiotic and criminal US assassination has certainly made an iconic martyr out of General Soleimani. He will haunt them forever.

cechas vodobenikov

tratz terrified of statue

Ashok Varma

RIP to a very decent man and martyr against Wahhabi terrorism fanned by US and Turkey.


Frankly, the great general is now a global symbol of resistance.comment image


i put it very simple lebanese think that lebanon should be subjugated to france zionists saudis usa or other of these scum are basically traitors and them hitting out at hezbollah is an attempted civil war all over again not as if they arent masters in such selfdestructive things but sure is that they will be the losers at the end because their hands are empty as they can be


there is only one civilization in west asia and all the nations have to align to it or fall to ruin


iran is an uncivilized nation, no one wants to align with iran

Hind Abyad

Israel occupying Lebanon!

‘Ottoman archives prove Shebaa Farms belong to Lebanon’ Lebanese mayor says Ottoman archives prove Shebaa farms have belonged to Lebanon since 1918.
https://www.aa.com.tr/en/middle-east/ottoman-archives-prove-shebaa-farms-belong-to-lebanon/1468908comment image


iranians worshiping statues instead of doing something about soleimani’s killers

Hind Abyad

Don’t worry yourself.


À voir absolument, surtout dès la 40eme minute


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