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Large-Scale Clashes Continue In Greater Idlib With Both Syrian Army And Militants Suffering Casualties: Russia


Large-Scale Clashes Continue In Greater Idlib With Both Syrian Army And Militants Suffering Casualties: Russia


Approximately 450 militants attacked positions of the Syrian Army in Idlib Syria from two directions, the Russian Defense Ministry’s Center for the Reconciliation of the Opposing Sides in Syria reported on January 23.

“On January 22, when it became dark up to 200 militants of the Turkistan Islamic Party [outlawed in Russia] attacked Syrian government forces’ positions in the direction of Abu-Djreif-Samka with the support of 20 pickup trucks, one tank, two infantry fighting vehicles and two jihad-mobiles,” the Center said. Another attack took place from the direction of Maar Shamarin-Crati and involved up to 250 militants.




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  • Mustafa Mehmet

    what a waste of young life. in hands of mad mujahedin. Brave young man rest in peace

    • Concrete Mike

      Whatever cry some more erdofag, your turk slime is doing israel’s bidding by keeping areas of syria occupied by muderous fanatics.

      What kind a fucking muslim are you? Cheering on your fellow muslim.brothers to.kill each other, while the israelis and us and eurotrash laugh their heads off at you.

      I like you but this is starting to piss me off. The threat is ISRAEL not DAMASCUS, wtf is wrong with you guys.

      • xTheWarrior22

        Why do you like him?

      • Stef

        Just a turkish troll believing the rebels are good freedom fighters and forget many are ex Isis and launched many terror atracks on turkey in the past

    • The more death and destruction in Syria and all over the Middle East – the better for Israhell.

  • xTheWarrior22

    Putin-Erdogan sponsored ceasefire killed these syrian troops. It allowed the terrorists to regroup and attack SAA positions. I don’t wanna know how many syrian soldiers died, because of these “ceasefires”. R.I.P.

    • Владимир Р.


      You have a narrow mindset, without Russian army support, Syria would no longer exist now.

      The Syrian army alone is not able to clear Idlib.

      Cauze you have to fight with the Turkish army. Erdogan a jackal, but he will not give up Idlib now.

      Active defense grinds the best infantry of the enemy and shows routes and directions of attack, it can also be used to divert attention, and counterattacks in other directions.

      Losses of soldiers in an attack on idlib will be even greater.

      Politically, the time has not yet come to clear Idlib.

      2015 – Syria was almost broken, now look at the map?))))

      We could clean Idlib in two weeks – having razed everyone there. But then we would have to fight with Turkey, and everyone would blame us with bloodthirsty ghouls.

      The Turks are very nationalistic, and they think that they decide something, but the real warriors of them are weak, as our Russian-Turkish wars showed. 10-1 with the score-beat them.

      But we will not fight with them for the Syrians. Wanna Idlib- keep whait, a good time point or ATACK Self- and you will seee, will be fight with Turkish army- ALONE

      • xTheWarrior22

        I didn’t say that the SAA can clear Idlib alone, of course they need Russia.

  • nick1111

    Putin is an Israeli puppet

  • AM Hants

    More militants taken out and injured than Syrian Forces. Cleaning up the final mess, will not be simple and sadly many brave heroes will give everything and more to their nation.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    The Uighur fanatics have arrived to join the party have they, what are they doing all the way down here, and who’s looking after north eastern sector of Idlib now they’ve moved, hopefully no one.
    No wonder the SAA are having such a hard time now, the Uighurs are about the best of the best when it comes to the terrorist fanatics, they’re well trained [from birth sometimes], reasonably well armed, and totally fanatical, a really tough enemy to beat, but only if you fight them hand to hand or street by street, if you carpet bomb them they’re not so tough to beat, move way back out of the way civilians, and buy some really good earplugs.