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Large-Scale Campaign To Discredit Victory Day Commemorating Defeat Of Nazi Germany In Russian Media

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Large-Scale Campaign To Discredit Victory Day Commemorating Defeat Of Nazi Germany In Russian Media

A blatant example of propaganda efforts to discredit the heroic deed of the USSR’s population and army to defeat Nazi Germany during the World War 2 currently can be observed in Russian-language media and bologsphere.

Over the past few days, seedlings of this campaign have been observed in “liberal opposition” media, which are well-known for their general anti-Russian stance, and even in formally “pro-government” media outlets.

Opinion pieces and articles appearing in the framework of this campaign are designed to discredit events related to Victory Day (May 9), a holiday that commemorates the surrender of Nazis in 1945, as well as any demonstration of patriotism and national pride over the victory in the World War 2. Instead, this propaganda urges the Russian population to be ashamed over this victory, its symbols and the army.

The propaganda also slams the “Stalin regime”, which, according to it, is guilty of casualties suffered by the Red Army and the USSR citizens as a result of the invasion of Nazi Germany. All recently appeared articles have one common point urging that May 9 is not Victory Day, but rather “Tragedy” Day. This kind of content recently appeared in multiple Russian-language websites and blogs, including Lenta.ru (link, link), Izvestia (link), Obozrevatel (link), Moskovsky Komsomolets (link), Primechaniya (link) and others.

In general, this thesis is the upgraded and more sophisticated version of another propaganda trick, which used to circulate in the Russian media sphere: It was urging that people living on the territory of the USSR would be happier and richer in the event of Hitler’s victory on the Eastern Front.

Authors these propaganda articles do not bother themselves how the day of the heroic victory in the world war can be seen as the “tragedy”. However, they actively speculate that events to celebrate Victory Day and demonstrations of patriotism by Russian citizens offend “real veterans” and people who had lost their relatives and loved ones during the war. Another point is that Victory Day events are a example of the “dangerous militarism”, which would lead to another world war.

In particular, Anna Tikhonova prepared an article entitled “Why Stalin did not like Victory Day” for Moskovsky Komsomolets, the newspaper often described as “pro-government” by opposition figures and English-language media. Tikhonova urges that “horror and pain” as well as “hundreds of thousands” incapacitated persons and crying widows became the main result of the USSR’s victory over Nazi Germany. The articles continue claiming that the “heroic myth” must be denounced thus denouncing all heroic deeds of people in the struggle against the Nazis. In turn, it in fact suggests the modern Russian to do penance for the Soviet victory over the Nazis, reject symbols associated with the victory and abandon Victory Day as the national holiday and to rewrite its history. Other media outlets involved repeated the very same narrative in various variants.

Attempts to re-write the history of modern Russia goes in the framework of the wider information onslaught on nations and ethnic groups of Russia, which SouthFront mentioned in the analysis “Managing Russia’s dissolution: Truth or Desire?”.

Attempts to discredit of everything linked with the dominating state culture, language and history are an important part of this campaign, which is expected to be intensified amid the deepening global geopolitical standoff.

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It’s not strange thing,every country has such a “liberal opposition” who doesn’t love their motherland but work for $$$ .Example : after Easter attack we see some “liberal figures ” and NGOs came out and talking for the dead terrorists.

Jens Holm

You just say: Only one oppinion is allowed by Putin and the other Oligarks.

Maybee we will see Engelss digged up and being allowed to make a new try in stead of Stalin too :)

Very dangerous to have more then one oppinion. NGO says non govermentals telling Russia is runned by whome -not the people.

USSR certainly need reforms gaining its productions for all, You cant even effort with good pension for the old ones.

Russia again look´like Feudalisme as when the Tzars and Bolsjevics collapsed themselves.

AM Hants

How many Russian Media outlets, including Moscow Times, are owned by foreigners, with an ‘anti-Russian’ agenda?

How many are owned by Ashkenazi and Khazarian Jews, who originated from Nomadic Turkic Tribes, adopting Judaism, Christianity and Islam, never, Biblical Jews and learnt Hebrew?

How many of those AshkeNAZI and Khazarian Jews, actually support the Nazi Party and also found refuge and exciled to safety, courtesy of ‘Operation Paperclip’?


Meanwhile, two interesting stories, one concerning ‘Victory Day’ in Eastern Ukraine, which was once part of Russia and the other asking why the US Ambassador to Ukraine was sent home early. The latter, seriously interesting and so needs sharing. Will Volker be next and if so, then will peace come to Ukraine. Who are seriously missing Russian investment and contracts and just noticed, how their economy is suffering, owing to their hissy fit with Russia and nought left to sell, to keep the oligarchs happy.

1) Captured American Equipment Will Be Exhibited in the DPR for the First Time During the Victory Day Parade… over on Stalker Zone.

What Does the Early Dismissal of the US Ambassador to Ukraine Mean?

Toronto Tonto

Russian news is putins news

AM Hants

Russia and US Media Funding
comment image

BBC Funding, besides the licence fee payer.

comment image

So, looking at the figures, comparing Russia, US, UK and Europe, who do they name their media after? Plus, why can you comment on anything, in Russian media, unlike, UK or US media?

Jens Holm



but in today’s world russian news stand for veracity and factual correctness whereas the west’s msm is just full of crap, misleading and lacking in anything touching the truth. so being an obviously under-educated north-american, you should try to better yourself or you will forever be seen as the ignoramus you obviously are!

Jens Holm

Nevvver eard be4.


I could not agree more. I watch and read the Western Corporate Media in order to see their slant on reality. I despair at the poor quality journalism that ignores reality, and instead offers opinions that mimic the talking points in all the other media companies.

Combine this with the trivia on TV and in the newspapers, and we have a joined up Zionist propaganda outlet.

AM Hants

Like you, check in, mainly for comedy value and nought else. It has never been so dire, nor so ignorant of world events. Still, the masses can enjoy staying dumbed down, courtesy ‘reality tv’.

Prefer this version of reality tv, which somebody just posted over on RI. Russian singer, in a Chinese competition, where only professionals can take part. She won. Still, cannot complain, Mr Blobby is still picking up his royalties, over in the UK.

[ Single ] Polina Gagarina (Поли́на Гага́рина) – “A Cuckoo(Кукушка)” Singer 2019 EP4… https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=RDT1Co32bmmRw&v=T1Co32bmmRw


I am not a music fan, but I recognise a class performance when I hear it.

The most worrying aspect of British TV at the moment is the increase in war films, including the very old World at War series , some of which has a new narrative that is more politically correct.

In my opinion it is all to acclimatise our largely insouciant population to accept a major war, even war with Russia and China.

The US is pushing for war and Trump has now said that if the Palestinians do not accept his crap ‘ Deal of the Century’ , he will use US troops in Gaza. The Israelis want the goyim to die for them again.

AM Hants

I seriously cannot handle watching the TV. Although, saying that, just finished watching a BBC Drama, ‘Trust Me’, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Unusual, to bother watching anything on the BBC, but, switched on by accident and addicted to the drama.

AM Hants

Sorry, do watch the TV, but, go for the non-popular channels, that focus on the old dramas and shows, from times when you could actually watch a show.

AM Hants

Well said. I have absolutely no respect whatsoever for Western Media, since just 6 corporations took control

I remember when the BBC were respected, in the days, when they produced programmes like this (1992). Now, I cannot handle watching any of their current affairs programmes, including the news, without resorting to Primal Screaming. Which upsets the neighbours.

BBC Timewatch – Operation Gladio… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YhRBxxyRqs
comment image .
comment image


you must be the internet media expert….

Gary Sellars

Fuck off retard

Jens Holm

If so much is owned by Jews, they at least are the majority and You have to respect that, but You not even knows, what respect is.

We westerns all are jews hahaha…And the jews are the ones, which makesomething, You think You acccording to Muhammed Economics has the rright to steal.

You are not. Most of You are like a kind of beggers. We take out Your oil, which You thought was for lamps, and we pay You at least some – before that You all were poor.

AM Hants

Ashkenazis and Khazarians of Jewish faith, are not biblical jews. Just Nomadic Turkic Tribes, who adopted Christianity, Judaism and Islam, whilst learning Hebrew.

Why should I respect those that created the Nazis and Bolsheviks, but, could not be open about it? The satanists, who high jack various religions, for their own personal gain and evil deeds.


Ha, ha, ha, stupid and useless exercise of a bunch of imbeciles! Keep trying, vermines!

Harry Smith

Well, you have a portion of truth in your statements. The V-day is kinda monopolized by stalinists in Russia and every time somebody tries to objectively analyze the ww2 they have a very strong arse pain, because Stalin is indeed guilty in the massive USSR loses in the first year of war.

Don’t know why, but it looks like SF has as Russian editor an inadequate ultra left commie person. The logic can not be applied on this SF decision.

Promitheas Apollonious

they also have ukrainian staff so……… in any case the attack on russias inheritance organized by west against the younger generations of russia is been done against many nations in order not to be one who win hittler but the americans as of course holywood movies teach generation after generation all western countries and not only.

This pathetic mentality globalists try to establish in every ones consciousness unfortunately work on all the simple minded populations. If you can not make humans forget their roots and history you can not re write it as you please.


The simple minded populations are an species in extinction.

Harry Smith

Promitheas, look, the attack has a very good ground because of last years approach of authorities to V-day. It’s not about younger generation, but about washing of Stalin’s image. Many non-left people here in Russia are thick of this. And you can see this even in comments here. Once you say that Stalin was not genius, they blame you fascist and traitor. Religious fanatics and Stalin is one of their gods.

Promitheas Apollonious

When the `leader` senior of my group, left Caucasus I replaced him there but unlike him that unless he was in an operation, very rarely left the alania area, I drove every where in russia and spend many months at a time with the russian natives of the areas I been visiting living their lives and teaching them and organizing them since that was part of my job.

By the way comments here dont count because beside couple of posters been russians the rest are not, no matter what they claim. I argue very hotly many issues with all kind of russians from all the levels of their society, including politicians and local mayors and their staff, and given them my point of view about khazars and who enslave them and many other things.

What you mention is part of their history and many was not proud of their leaders actions on some issues but was very proud of what their nation as a nation manage to do against their enemies. So dont confuse the two issues together and especially friendly advice with out a shred of bias in it, most who post here as russians are americanized russians, no offense mean. In any case I understand their point of view and some of them understand mine maybe this why I am still walking around.

By the way I never told them that stalin or lenin was more than a piece of shit in my book and they argue the point with me did not call me names.


“that Stalin or Lenin was more than a piece of shit” you just said it and you always imply it, and you never get unnoticed . By the way Tottenham passed to final lol

Promitheas Apollonious

not a fan of 22 guys chasing a ball kid. But if you are a fan congratulations. the only time I care for crazy people chasing a ball is one national teams are playing, including mine and if I have the time.

Another thing to consider. I dont imply nothing or any one else when his judgement is based on proven fact and not speculation or political or other believes parroting what they been told or brainwashed with and their argument is based on personal likes and dislikes.

Do the same and you do well, in life.

Promitheas Apollonious

p.s. in Caucasus is a lot of khazarians since is where they been created to be the modern jews.

Promitheas Apollonious

p.s. I delay this so you see it not all of the posters.

Lenin is no different than the usa declared new president of Venezuela is and stalin a worst than him as he took what the zios did and continued it doing its worst. What 2-3 traitors to russia did or doing in this days does not represent the population of the country and WHAT THE POPULATION OF THE COUNTRY DID AGAINST, sorry for the caps, the ones attacking their homeland they did not do it for any individual fu*king as*hole that happened to be the leader of the zionist creation that split the globe in half but defending homes and families.

Think about it.

Harry Smith

You are absolutely right when you’re saying that defense of the homeland is the honor and obligation for everyone. But then appears some commie fanatics and start to push their agenda about “genius Stalin” and that USSR won the war only because that Georgian silly ruled the country. Anyone who is familiar with the real history of the Great Patriotic war will be shocked by these lies.
That’s why those who want to discredit the V-day have a very solid ground. Many Russians that have college diplomas and some kind of middle class would agree with me, but they never voice their concerns. Because once you say that Stalin is junk and let’s honor the warriors who defeated the nazzis, instantly appears couple of brainless stalinists and starts mocking you. That’s why many people with degrees remain silent or even have formally to support that religious cult. And that’s why sooner or later the spring will unbend.

Promitheas Apollonious

agree but is one thing to discredit stalin and another , a whole nation who fight against the nazis.

Harry Smith

Correct! That’s why those who want to discredit the V-day have solid ground. Because stalinists put the equal sign between the Great Victory and Stalin. Liberals have nothing to do but show those boneheads with Stalin portraits at the V-day. And if they add some interviews of the people with portraits it’s just perfect way to project all the stalinists stupidity over the V-day.

Promitheas Apollonious

and how many of them exist? It is so zioamerican the mentality that few thousand paid coons can influence the course of a nation. Russia is not america and hopefully they never become one mentality wise.

Harry Smith

Please google for TC 18-01 Special Forces Unconventional Warfare. This book made me conservative Russian patriot and there is explained how few thousands can change the game. BTW you’ll understand Venezuela much more better.

Jens Holm

If You can create like above, I can too. 1) Ukraine was the hardest for germans to take in WW2. They even had to bring in a supercanon to take Krimera.

1) USA wasnt in Europe until Pearl Harbour was attacked and then they were – against Japan. USA hardly had anything to help with in Europe but sold for 11 bio. 2 the USSR. After that and no more money USSR was given weapons a la carte as well as all kind of vital equipment.

I have written the USSR versions of diferent things. Very much is not true at all. Very much isnt even there.

USA(and UK+Chinese) handled Japan. Everytime Russian tell Americans was nothing, they dont add how difficult it is to fight across the Pacific apart negative comments only for Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


What fascists?! They are only mad vermines. And it obvious that I was not speaking of South Front, but about the mads of the SF news. Detail: I don’t like Stalin, but in the Great Patriotic War the man has done all what he could, pi, period.

Хасен Жасем Халфет

If such big numbers weren’t sacrificed in the beginning one can argue that the advance of the Nazis would have been much faster and the country would have been overwelmed before it could relocate industry and organise defence near Moscow-St. Peterburg-Volgograd.

Harry Smith

Хасен, please allow me to suggest you to study the Kharkov pocket story. You can start from Zhukov’s memories. After you read both sides memories, it would be pleasure for me to discuss with you the Stalin’s role in massive Soviet losses in the first year of war.

Хасен Жасем Халфет

I will read. but in no way I mean he was a big strategic thinker and that he meant throwing the forces to slow the germans. I just mean it just worked well. plus his mistake from the beginning is that he did not listen to intel when they told him germans will attack. and the military purges before that which all resulted in an unprepared armed forces

Harry Smith

Хасан, you have a logical contradiction in your statement. If Stalin was a “big strategic thinker” how then army was unprepared? It’s oxymoron.

Хасен Жасем Халфет

read again, I said “In no way I mean he was a big strategic thinker …”
which means “I never meant he was a big strategic” -> he is not a big strategic thinker imo

Harry Smith


Robert Ferrin

Wah wah boo-hoo give the kid a hanky for everyone’s a commie.!!

R PLobo

nazis = moderate head choppers of today. Of course the vassal presstitute msm run by the zionazis will naturally try to obfuscate the truth. The zionazis were and are on the same team.

itibi ra

This is yet one more tactic used by world jewry to divide and conquer. The zionist lobby in Russia is still very powerful, and like AIPAC in the US, and other organizations of theirs in other western countries, they use deceit, lies, bribes, threats, blackmail and psychological warfare tactics to confuse and divide people. They are behind the LGBTQXYZ and “transsexual” movement, the “hate speech” laws, unbridled immigration from north Africa into Europe and the sanctions and other economic as well as military actions against countries that will not bow down exactly to their demands (eg: Russia, China, Iran). Are these newspapers run by jews? If so, fire them, ban them. This world needs sanity now, and if the psychopathic talmudites continue their control of governments, media, finance, education and laws, we will ALL pay a horrific price for it in the not-to-distant future, a price far worse than what they have already imposed on us.

Carlos Correia

we are in the new world order now, the group is far more powerful then monarchy regimes, the resources they can use is vast in this capitalist world, the secret here is secrecy. even if a small group can use the very same system to counter the system but the big tool is information, more citizens every day that get the truth, and people must understand only self education can save this civilization. after all we all know the difference in good from wrong


There is a concerted effort by the US Bilderberg global plundering elites and Zionists to stall the emerging new world order and spread a malicious re-writing of history based on total fabrications. This started right after WW2 with a totally fabricated narrative of Zionist occupation of Palestine, the anti-Soviet cold war to undermine Socialism and now to demonize Russia and the Soviet people. It is an insult to Russians and non-Russian Soviets who sacrificed millions of lives to defeat fascism and Nazism. The US wants to totally brainwash the already dumbed down western population into a cancerous Russophobia. It is time the world realize the magnitude of evil emanating from the US warmongers and their Zionist masters.

Jens Holm

Errrrh, Bilderberg, Zion written on You non shaved asses in circles not seeing the rest of the world, because You are not alllowed :) Never heard before.


Yeah I’m sure that Communist regimes meant well when they butchered over a hundred million people over the course of seven decades.

If the (((globalists))) really wanted ethno-nationalism or any third-position ideology, they would cease giving preference to jews and Israel over everyone else and never have attempted to eliminate healthy nationalistic tendencies whilst flooding Europe and the rest of the developed world with 3rd world immigrants.

Atrocities committed by the Cheka and NKVD: imgur. com/a/rQkLl8c

Dugin doesn’t acknowledge the true nature of globalism because his true brothers and sisters don’t originate from the Slavic world (globalism wasn’t invented by Westerners either), the bolsheviks were financed by Jacob Schiff of Koeb Lo & Co. of Wall Street.



In other words, you aren’t open to open discussion on any of the aforementioned topics if they happen to differ from your point-of-view? If this was being pushed by the deep state, then why are they moving to ban criticism of jews and the holohoax? As for cancerous Russophobia, what about cancerous Europhobia and Columbophobia?

Rather than see the bigger picture as to what people really control the West (they aren’t Anglo-Saxon), this pointless infighting will continue to persist thanks to rabid fearmongering from the thoroughly private and public institutions in the Western and Eastern hemispheres that all cater to Israel and its self-proclaimed demigods who were “chosen” by their god over everyone and everything else, according to the ‘holy’ books they wrote.

Totally no conflict of interest there whatsoever…


Since you don’t really know what Fascism actually is:


Jens Holm

Hardly none in the arabic world understand that.


Jewish capitalists helped finance the February and October revolutions, as verified by intelligence documents released in the mid-1970s. The Soviet Union relied heavily on Western capitalists in borrowing enough money so they could afford all of the required vehicles, tools and machinery required to mass industrialize. In 1937 alone, the armaments industry made up 25% of the Soviet Union’s total economic output. In the 1920s and early 1930s, skilled labour from America and Europe assisted in oversaw the construction of a number of state-of-the-art manufacturing centers throughout the USSR.

“The Jews & Modern Capitalism” By Werner Sombart: https://www.bitchute.com/video/oopSaZqNlfzG/

Jews and the Promotion of Radical Individualism: https://www.bitchute.com/video/8YO8Hkqa9uJg/

Secret Facts About Jews & Communism: https://www.bitchute.com/embed/ZDO5FahQFI8F/

– From the documentary “The Other Israel” by Ted Pike.

Historical Documents Prove The Connection Between Jews & Bolshevism: https://www.bitchute.com/embed/tUmNWnzNQsDs/


[The “Jewish Threat” by Joseph W. Bendersky is a well-researched and documented book that states that many people in American military intelligence believed in an international Jewish conspiracy to take over the world. In fact, many officers in the Military Intelligence Division (MID) were saying essentially the same thing about Jews as Adolf Hitler did. File 245 and other MID records on Jews were stored with other military intelligence material and kept classified until the mid-1970s.

International Jewish intrigues began to surface within MID during the summer of 1918. An agent linked the Joint Distribution Committee of Jewish War Relief (JDC), the Federal Reserve Board, New York Jewish bankers, and the American Jewish Committee with Jewish financiers and centers of propaganda and spying in Germany. The agent also said that the Jewish Bolsheviks who had seized control of Russia now conspired to overthrow other governments. Almost all of the top leaders in the Soviet government were identified as Jewish.]

Jens Holm

Facts are, that a lot of those millions was killed inddirect as well as direct by Stalin.

As I reacall it, many of those millions also includes others then Russians of today inclusive fx Russia taking over Baltacs and half of Poaland clening the for Nazis.

Nezt nazis are cleaning the non nazis away, and then You come back cleaning socalled Nazi-symphaty as well again.

Other small details in the numbers of deads could be why Staling didnt evacuate at least the unneeded for jobs in Leningrad in stead of starving them to death.

So the question is not about the 26 million, but who those are or who they died for and against.

You seemes to be aming the lazy passive semites, which insist in no improvbements by raising to learn, schools, education, skills and hard work paid pr hour, where men get cars and women hardly get flowers afterthey are raised to be sold.

And You still after the chinese share You with the Russians will be the blaming others for doing nothing Yourself.


You misread the comment. It is about the modern Jews pushing to eliminate national pride. You are commenting about an entirely different topic.


It is most likely true that russian citizens would be richer and more developed had Germany won, almost like the Gauls under Rome, but I think this media campaign is a kike scheme to further isolate modern russia. Therefor they should not be ashamed of this victory and should continue to commemorate it.

Whatever atrocities the nazis supposedly commited (victors write the history books), they still were the only super power to go to war agaisnt zionism.


If Hitler won, all russian citizens east of Archangelsk-Astrakhan would be dead or enslaved. He planned to build a lake over Moscow and to colonize entire Ukraine all the way to Crimea…. Ukraine, Poland, much of european Russia would not even exist today. Was Hitler even fighting against zionism? I’m not so sure, he was a fanatical anglophile, there are many examples of his strange strategic decisions. His war resulted in destruction of Europe and Germany itself, millions of white Europeans died, only America profiteered. And America was and still is owned by zionists.


I’m not sure about the idea that Hitler might be tied to zionism, if that’s what you are implying. He did get some accolades from known zionists but that doesnt prove much. I think the struggle was genuine from the german perspective, but if you can provide some arguments to the contrary I’d happily be challenged.

As for the “politically accepted” reason for operation barbarossa, I’m not sure. “To conquer the western Soviet Union so that it could be repopulated by Germans (Lebensraum), to use Slavs as a slave labour force for the Axis war effort, to murder the rest”, sounds incredibly melodramatic. I think the more likely explanation for the operation was a very real danger of that front opening up while the germans were busy elsewhere, hence the need to pacify it, on top of the precious oil for a blockaded germany.

Ironically, that “lebensraum” thing is evidently widely sought after by Israel.

S Melanson

Gaul under Rome gained some autonomy in return for filling the ranks of the depleted legions. Hitlers plans were extermination of the people and destruction of Russian national identity. There would have been few Russians to enjoy prosperity and as for prosperity, that is speculation I might add.

See also Anrma reply below.


You cannot believe anything liberals say. They have a problem with Russian nationalism, which is implicitly encouraged by the commemoration. Therefore they want to end the commemoration. They know it is not politically feasible to state their true motives, so they invent rationalizations, which they present to the public. They are liars. They lie all of the time. In fact, it is hard for a liberal to open its mouth without lying.

In America the liberals tell us we must remove statues and pictures of historical figures from public spaces ‘because of slavery.’ The real reason is because the historical figures are white men. Period.

paul ( original )

I don’t know why such things are tolerated. Are there no patriots to go and kick their arses? Tolerance is just the first step to degeneracy.


in the 1920s hitler and his gang of merry gangsters usurped the powers in germany and went on for about 20 years of war – today there is similar gang of neo-nazis gangsters in washington dc running a show of war, destruction, murder, in tandem with another gang of neo-nazi gangsters in tel aviv, similarly intent on murder and mayhem and ethnical cleansing/genocidal crimes of the palestinian people plus operating concentration camp Gaza (just like hitler and his henchmen ran treblinka, bergen belsen, theresienstadt und zu weiter), and not one single country, except turkey, voices any voice of concern, not the eu, not china and so on. at the same time these two nuclear armed rogue states are braying for war against iran which does not hold nuclear weapons (which thy should have to even the playing field somewhat) and the world stays mum and seem to rely on the united nations, which is wholly untenable.

however, the difference between the original nazis and the neo-nazis of today is that the former robbed and stole and murdered with no holds barred and the latter group murders and steals with no holds barred but the rewards are provided to the neo-nazi criminals by the mic/ds once they are out of office -just look at nikki haley now on the board of boeing. great to be rewarded unimaginable compensation for serving the mic/ds while being in the service of the society. great stuff and just imagine how much fatso (=goering) and bolton (=himmler) and so on once they retire from public life.

Warkhawk Wohl

Stalin sends millions to their deaths in Siberia.
Southfront= Ow that never happened.

Stalin:comment image

Jens Holm

They probaly only destroy the propaganda made by Stalin and the socalled communisme.

They salso can see all the way to Berlin was nazis and the ones in Ukraine which not was Communists was Nazis – But Stalin treated them and many years before from the civile war.

The Authors of this article TOTALLY FORGET, that western by themselves because of free speech already for many years has analysed everything before, during and after WW2,

Vital corrections are made as well as there are several versions of good, bad and ugly.

By that we actually know, what went on and might even learn from it. Russians should do same thing. How people are is very visible that May 09.

People from Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lituania, DDR, Poland, Hungary, Tjekkoslovakia, Roumania,Ukraine and several others CERTAINLY NOT feel Russia as no father and mother.

I see this article as preparation for even more internet-censure in Russia only. Only scums not allowing more then one oppinion in a country can write like that.

Tudor Miron

I said it many times – since 90s most of the media is owned by ruzionic elites which still hold lots of power. Blogosphere is even worse in terms that is heavily funded by enemies of Russia. But that doesn’t help them much – we as a nation know what happened in 1941-45. Almost every family has their share in that war and Victory. It’s already in our genetic memory and that is what those snakeheads are trying to eliminate but they always fail for simple reason. That’s not about people only. That’s this Holy land (Земля Матушка) that is holding this memory and anyone living here long enough starts to feel it even if on unconscious level.

Jens Holm

No snakeheads are trying to eliminate things,which is mixted up with propaganda as well as a lot is gone.

People read in the archives Tudor Miron. You dont know what happend, and You also know too less about USA in it.

S Melanson

Well said. I also find it remarkable the propaganda tried to claim Russians would have been better off under Hitler. Most Russians are well aware of Hitlers plans for lebensraum – eradication of the “inferior” Slavs or at best, enslavement.


Yeah, nobody denies the so called Victory, but to then demonise people whom dont bite into why we had ww2, pity that people cant differentiate.
Again, why did Stalin the lord of peace and prosperity attack lord knows how many countrys, before 1940, tell me, why are you lying, threats and name calling dont bite on me, I dont care at all, but I know you are lying thru your theets about Sovjet, do notise the distiction, but I guess you cant, I am my self coming from an family the Peacelivong Stalin threw out, to get Nikel, one of the most prsperous mines in the Russians history, that land was ours, Rusike, but hey, let not facts and shit like that ruin your fairy tale about Sovjet, and I have family fighting against Sovjet, fighted for Tzaris Russia, and so on.
Why did Stalin attack Finland, justifyed thru bombing and slaughtering Finns in an town in Karelian, yeah, false flags sounds familiar, huh, Ruskies, slaughtered thousands, scorched earth tack was invented by the Russians and so on.
They attacked Romania, Iran, etc.
Stalingrad and Leningrad was totally unessesery and was deliberatly done by Stalin.
I end it there, since I dont bother to repeat my self.
So I am not acused of giving you an hart attack.

Second, since I am done with the Russians bullshit story about the Great patriotic war, another narrative that is 100% bullshit, and somehow, you never want to admit anything, other then echoing the standard gibberish, makes me wounder.
Like ISISrael, most of them are Russians, the sole reason for doing nothing.
Until now I was quiet, waited to see, and to be frank, Putin is an spineless amobea, and have been castarted by the Tribe that stil runs Russia.

And again Ruskies, I am holding back, dont provoce.
Just an friendly advice.
Because, I am from an nation that was the brithplace of the Russian empire, long before you have what we to day know as Russia, ancient Bjarmia, find any old map and we are there, Russia is not.
Apart fro another region bordering ours, that was Perm.
And so on.
Even Ivan the ugh…. crule, acknowledged us 500 years ago, its even documented and the original doc is stil existing, did you know that, and gave us the land with the comie bastards took, in the winter war, in 39 500 years, Ruskie, and THAT is what I am here for, nothing else, Ruskie.

So, Ruskies, everything you know is either lies, or simply, since we are dealing with one of the most corrupt countrys on the planet, Russia, faked, like the staggering level of bullshit that is been invented about the Jews, and I again dont bother to fill in the black hole you have, witch is obvious to me.

I have been in Russia, waded on the banks of Volga, in an city founded by Finnish tribes.
An ancient city, where the birth of Russia as we know it to day ocured, and I also know you dont know jack shit about what I talk about, do you.
I wounder what do people learn to day, huh.
It was Russia/Sovjet, France and Britain that started ww2, not Germany.
Tsk, tsk, tsk.
I am infact a bit disapointed by this stupid ignorants rants, and in the comentary field I dont bother, lett the pissants have their limelight, the smear isnt doing Russia any good, since we know whom was behind it all the way.
Poor scmucks.



Lot of garbage there, I’m not going to read your incomprehensive ranting, so just a few facts: Stalin attacked Finland because they took russian land near St.Petersbug after WW1, basically the city was in their artillery range. He offered them to return this peacefully and even offered land in Karelia in return, but they refused (they hoped UK/France would help them). Same with Poland, Poles supported Hitler from 1933-1939.. Stalin desperately tried to create buffer territory before impending german attack. Perfectly reasonable strategy, especially because western powers hoped Hitler would attack USSR not them. The truth is: if Hitler won he would enslave/exterminate every Slav east of Archangelsk-Astrakhan line. Poland, Ukraine, Moscow, nothing would exist in that scenario. Stalin was bad (Churchill was bad as well), but Hitler was a monster, especially in the east. American propaganda today support neonazi garbage revisionism.


This issue is somewhat complicated. One one hand I am convinced that the Soviet version of history (WW2 in particular) is full of holes, convenient interpretations, and unmodified war propaganda that has now become “established” history. On the other hand, the current attempts to undermine Russian patriotism are not honest attempts to examine history, but scurrilous attempts to create another shame culture among the goyim.

You see, the Soviet Union in the first half of the 20th Century was dominated by jewish communists, which we now know were aligned with globalist banking interests. The rule of these communist jews was extremely violent and fundamentally anti-Russian. They destroyed much that was good about the Russian Empire. WW2 was the turning point for the ethnic Russians who now developed a strong sense of national unity and started to become less and less jewish dominated. I believe in huge part this development is thanks to Stalin. Eventually the lessening of jewish control of Soviet Union led to its collapse as a system. After the ending of communism the global bankers still wanted to get as much out of Russia as possible and ransacked the country as much as possible in the 90s. This only stopped when Russia stopped cooperating with IMF plans and finally Putin changed the dynamic for good.

Russia today is no more jewish controlled than many a western country, arguably less so, and that is what the globalists and bankers don’t like. So a huge mass media campaign is going on to try to discredit Russian patriotism. It’s actually the same in the West. So while I don’t agree with Soviet propaganda history, I also don’t agree with the anti-patriotic propaganda in the liberal press. Both are a product of the leftist liberal jewish interests that run contrary to national interest. I love patriots, including Russian patriots, but I prefer those whose patriotism is based on reality, and not just a blind allegiance to war-time propaganda and mass-media manipulations.

art poirot

I live in Russia and I haven’t seen nothing.. The whole damn country is shutdown and everybody is downtown watching the parade.. If they’re are a few unpatriotic blogs up I doubt anyone is reading them)

Zeljko Dakic

I don’t know what this articles say, but it was a tragedy and soviet troops were sent without good weapons to be slaughtered by germans. So if their point is to criticize that, I agree with them. You just can’t afford to have this happen to you ever again.


Don’t watch dumb Hollywood movies (EnemA at Gates/propaganda garbage), Soviet troops were never send without weapons or ammo.

Astrid Watanabe

That is not from any Hollywood movies. It happened in the beginning of the war.


Part of the history:
Meanwhile french girls were sleeping with american, english, and others in Paris celebrating the victory, Russia was in Berlin destroying German nazis. Who defeated Germany ?
Meanwhile USA was lunching atomic bombs in Japan, Russia was destroying Japan army and weapons industry in Manchuria. Who defeated Japan ?

Neo Onh

Liberal traitors should be educated, persuaded or neutralised…


I thought it was a punishable offense in Russia to criticize the actions of the Red Army during world war two?

Gary Sellars

Jews write checks…. traitors cash them…

Jean de Peyrelongue

The URSS’s victory over Germany has been achieved with a huge sacrifice from all the people of the union and the victory’s day deserved to be commemorate. But to understand the cause of this war, it is worth to read from the west, John Beaty’s book, “Iron curtain over America”, from Douglas Reed, “The controversy of Zion” and from the Russian’s side, Victor Suvorov, “The chief culprit”.
Douglas Reed’s book is a powerful key to understand what is happening to the Western and Christian world since the end of the eighteenth century. It shows how a sect coming from Russia managed by talmudits, the guardians of the written and oral Torah launched them selves to the world conquest at the end of the nineteenth century, what this sect has achieved and its next objective. I made a résumé of what I have understood and have been adding the results of the 62 years following this book’s completion.
The revolution and the Zionism are like the left and the right arm of one entity whose objective is the fulfilment of the messianic promise: the Messiah’s comeback to Jerusalem and the destruction and enslavement of the gentiles. The Zionism is in charge of gathering the dispersed community, of fighting assimilation and digging a trench between them and the gentiles; using antisemitism as a tool to achieve its goal. The revolution is the weapon to destroy the strutures of the nation-states to be able to enslave their population.
The arm of the revolution was the first one to become active, but in the underground, and thus no one can say whether it is the father or the son of the Illumnati from Weishaupt. The Zionism’s arm became active when the entity took notice that the assimilation processus in the West could jeopardize their objective.
Since the first world war, the USA public services have been infiltrated by the agents of the revolution coming from Russia. Thus the President Roosevelt worked with Stalin to trigger the war to expand the revolution to the all world, to insure its sustainability. With material and financial support from the USA, Stalin was to take over all Europe, the British isles included and Roosevelt was supposed to crush the Japan Empire which was not compatible with the revolution.
The plan was the following : Trigger a war in Europe involving the major nations which were supposed to exhaust them selves to facilitate Stalin’s intervention, to impose peace and turn those nations into the soviet system. To initiate the war, Hitler and Germany with all its woes resulting from the Versailles treaty, was the easiest candidate, identified by Stalin, to push to war. Roosevelt was put in charge of freezing all negotiations between Germany and all others european countries and after Munich, he ordered Beck, Chamberlain and Daladier to cut all relationships with Berlin. Then Stalin went to proposed Hitler some help to solve the Dantzig corridor issue by making another partition of Poland, and Hitler fell into the trap
As said before to Roosevelt, England declared war to Germany and France followed, but both closed their eyes about the USSR having taken half of Poland, the Baltic states and parts of Finland and Romania. In this plan, Poland was used as fuse, Germany was trapped and France and England went to war without understanding that behind Germany,the real ennemy was hidding : the revolution with the USSR on one side and Roosevelt on the other side both working on behalf of the talmudic entity.
Actually, the plan did not worked as forecast. France and Britain were supposed to be able to carry a war of attrition against Germany and their early collapse came as a bad surprise. Furthermore, Hitler having understood as soon as december 1940 that he had been trapped and watching Stalin’s war preparations, realized that if he was not anticipating the coming russian’s invasion, Germany would be crushed by the russian steamroller in few weeks. Stalin underestimated Hitler’s daring and he lost the first leg between June 1941 and July 1942, and with it around 5 millions men. The overall picture was changed, Roosevelt would have to send to Europe some soldiers to allow Stalin to eliminate Hitler. Stalin could no more fulfil the objective of the revolution. He woud have to share with Roosevelt Europe and this was the beginning of the end of the Communism.
Then the cold war period was a time when the way to drive the world revolution had to be revisited. The talmudic entity which had triggered the world revolution had choosen in 1917 the Bolcheviks with the Communism. The experience and the failure of Staline with its brute force and the exposure that Stalin, in the same way as Constantin took control over the Christianism, could take the control of the revolution, led them to understand that a world revolution on the type of a Menchevik socialism could yield better results.
The Bolchevik method relied on gathering the masses and turn them in a sort of a steamroller to crush everything in front. The Menchevik method uses poisons to divide people, to ruin the middle class, to corrupt and pervert everyone, to blackmail everybody using spying and denouncement, to plunge people into confusion by cutting their roots. That is the method used today.
I don’t believe that the connivance between the talmudistes from the URSS and the USA broke at the end of the second world war. It was a transit period for the revolution from the bolcheviks from Russia to the mencheviks in the USA and the revolution changed its name to become “the new world order” and the poison replaced the terror. This change did allow also to erase the apparent contradiction between the two arms of the talmudic entity; the communism being universal when the zionism is sectarian and exclusive. This contradiction was becoming an issue with Israel terrorist behavior.
Douglas Reed did not saw this transition but before 2000, it was probably hard to notice it. The exposure of the war to become hot was not real since the URSS had already the atom bomb and could turn Europe into ashes and no-one in Europe could find any motivation to commit suicide. All these howls and criminal incitements to trigger upheavals in the East were just tricks to speed-up the end of communism since it was no more useful for the talmudits.
This period also gave the time necessary for some of the URSS’s nomenclature to understand that the end of communism could be an opportunity to becomme billionaires while in the US their collegues were using the military-industrial-complex to rob the US taxpayers with the threat and fear of the URSS artificialy induced by the media. Today the menchevik revolution or ” the New world order” has been able to poison and enslave the western world including New-Zealand and Australia. Russia has been trying to get rid of its talmudic chains but is not yet free and the grandchildren of Ibn Saoud totally corrupted by their wealth have naively thought that by betraying Islam and the Arab world, they would be accepted by the talmudists but they will meet the same fate as Belshazzar king of Babylon.
Today the quarrel between Trump and the Democrats is a quarrel between the Zionism and the “New world order” (ex. menchevik revolution). For the “New world order”, the cart must not be put before the horse and the nation-states have to be destroyed and their population enslaved to allow the comeback of the Messiah to Jerusalem. The Zionism’s role is to weld the jewish community together, to fight assimilation and segregate the Jews from the gentiles. The Zionism have to be the Doctrine’s guardian, it is not to the Zionists to submit or destroy the gentiles.
Today the Zionists are impatient and they want to coerce God to fulfil his commitment now. They are betting that by triggering an apocalyptic war, the Messiah will have to come to Jerusalem and that at last, they will be the world masters. But the “New world order” is afraid that trying to coerce God may induce Him, in the contrary , to trigger the “Jewish catastrophe”. This the rationale of the fight of the democrats from Wall Street against Trump the Zionists’ champion.
I agree with Douglas Reed that we may be heading towards the “Jewish catastrophe”. The Zionists war madness or the foul perversion of the leaders of the “New world order” is calling for their auto-destruction. Yet it may also be a sign that the world is becoming sterile and can no more produce someone at the Creator’s image and therefore with the “Jewish catastrophe” , there could be un unprecedented hecatomb among the gentiles unable to reach the apotheosis.

Rabbi High Comma

Interesting the author lacked the courage to sign their name to this.

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