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Large Russian Convoy Arrives In Syria’s Qamishli (Photos, Video)

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On January 15, a large Russian convoy arrived in the northeastern Syria city of Qamishli near the border with Turkey, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

“The convoy departed from the area of Manbij to Ain Issa, and from there to Derbasiyah, on the way to Qamishli,” the SOHR said in a report.

The London-based monitoring group released several photos of the convoy, which consisted of 42 vehicles and trucks carrying troops, weapons and equipment.

Furthermore, a video showing a part of the Russian convoy arriving in Qamishli was share by the North Press Agency (NPA).

Last year, Russia deployed helicopters and air-defense systems in the Qamishli Airport. The Syrian military kept the airport under its control throughout the war, maintain a strategic foothold in Syria’s northeastern region.

Observers claimed that Russian troops will establish a new base around Qamishli. However, the troops will most likely help to reinforce the Russian base within the Qamishli airport.

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Zionist Internet Warrior

You guys want to have lots of fun? Visit World Israel News disqus site. JewDmins don’t allow links or swear words though, keep that in mind. Otherwise, enjoy triggering some brain-dead Zionists! :D


Wrote a post for the HellAviv of it ,where the young and naive Kimia Alizadeh is under the impression that the west is free from lies, hypocrisy, corruption and injustice. In fact, these are only a few of the attributes which make the West a cess-pit of debauchery and injustice. Flattery is accepted by the many and their naivety is mined for every scintilla of it. Hope she manages to get out of here before she is turned into an out and out lacky.


People have basic need to believe in somebody or something to the point of being totally naive. Unfortunately for them that “something” is sometimes the (rotten) West.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

It is akin to a former co-worker of mine who was a big Leftist, Democrat. He actually said the FBI is made up of honorable men and women. All the usual bs about Putin being a billionaire, whatever corruption slander they throw around as if they know anything about Russia or their president! I did challenge him to accept a different viewpoint but he probably remedied that later with more propaganda from wherever he sources it from. I believed him to be a free thinking person, considering he has used psychedelic mushrooms and uses Cannabis. Perhaps he uses too much of either substance, that it began to damage his brain?!



If anyone is still around on this thread you can see my comment was Removed. Presume it was politically incorrect to the extreem. My oh my, what is this old world comming to?

John Wallace

You are upsetting people on there .. and they are calling you nasty names you nasty Russian KGB antisemtic moronic Muslim troll you.

Zionist Internet Warrior

Oh man, my feelings are so hurt. I need to ask Rabbi Rabinowitz to forgive me for my muslim, antisemitic, pro mullah, nazi, russkie racism :(

John Wallace

Can;t help myself laughing at some of the replies. I haven’t got time at the moment but later. :-))

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

They act as if they are native to our civilization and traditions, ways of life. It is cute and weird all the same.

Zionist Internet Warrior

lol even the jewdmins are starting to remove posts XD


My comment about the Zionist supporting kikes on that site already has been removed xD

John Wallace

Yes mine are now getting stopped as they can’t handle the truth..,, no it was b.. sh..t that triggered the stop.. Man have you seen some of those replies. The mentality behind them is childish . unbelievable. They even hate democrats who have been amongst their biggest supporters , There are some sick budgies on that. Death to all Muslims as they are not fit for Universal Human rights..

Toni Liu

Nah ask your forgiveness to rabbi wohl, he usually came to this kind post

Mehmet Aslanak

Kurdish Komunist Party (PKK/YPG/PYD/SDF/blah blah) will send little kids to stone Russian vehicles. Russians don’t like communist Kurds who collaborates with the oil stealers, the US army.

Jonathan Cohen

As far as I know, that only happened once, to a joint turkish/Russian convoy, and they apologized; so I very much doubt it will happen to a purely Russian convoy.


Hello Jonathan. If I remember correctly, it happened a few times. the apology came after an incident with some of the kurds, where a gasoline bomb was thrown onto a patrol vehicle. It was after that one that the behind the scenes hammer appeared to come down and the Kurds offered a public apology. The attacks pretty much petered out after that one.


You can’t be possibly sure about that. Kurds are not friends with Russians at all. Kurds are accusing Russia not to protect them in Afrin even though they were guilty by refusing SAA & Russian offer for help… Kurds are perfectly capable to even kill Russians and put the blame on ISIS ( if they could pull something like that) only to receive reward from U.S.

They don’t like Russian presence and their agreement with Turks that has squeezed US than them – Kurds out of their border region. They are sleazy stabbers in the back (never to be trusted just like Turks)

Zionist Internet Warrior

There’s a video where a kurd monkey jumps onto a russian GAZ tigr and just bounces off sent flying. It was the funniest shit. I wish I can find it otherwise I’d share it

Free man

All foreign forces should leave Syria, and let the Russians rebuild Syria. Russia is Syria’s only hope.

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