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Large ISIS Counter-Attack In Eastern Hama, Syrian Army Retreats From Uqayribat – Reports

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Large ISIS Counter-Attack In Eastern Hama, Syrian Army Retreats From Uqayribat - Reports

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ISIS has launched a large-scale counter-attack against the Syrian Arab army (SAA), the National Defense Forces (NDF) and the Qalamoun Shield Forces (QSF) in the Uqayribat area inside the ISIS-held pocket in eastern Hama.

According to some local sources and the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), ISIS units successfully overrun the government forces defense and entered into the town of Uqayribat. Reports suggest that the SAA and its allies withdrew from the area and the town fell into the hands of ISIS.

The ISIS reportedly achieved this success because the Syrian military had redeployed a significant force from eastern Hama to Deir Ezzor provice where the SAA was deeply involved in breaking the ISIS siege on Deir Ezzor city and Deir Ezzor airport.

So far, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq has not provided photos or videos confirming gains against the SAA, the NDF and the QSF in eastern Hama. A major part of the Amaq infrusstructure has been already destroyed as a result of clashes in the area.

If the reports are confirmed, this will further complicate the situation in eastern Hama where government forces are pushed to operate in a cross country with high number of ISIS fortified positions and hills. While it’s clear that ISIS is a no-win situation in eastern Hama, the ISIS-held pocket draws notable resources of the SAA and its allies that could be used on other frontlines.

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Richard Noel Hedditch

The US military finds some success with its ISIS proxies.


From what I’ve read the grand sounding Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is a mouthpiece for the “rebels”, & consists of one man based in a flat above a chip shop in Coventry.

Seriously, you need to research this joke/fake operation before giving it legitimacy by quoting it.


Dear friend, The article clearly says this info was provided by not pro-government sources (local sources and SOHR). SF Team includes people from different sides and with different attitudes. They use different sources. We are going to release a update on the issue later today when (if) more details appear.
Sincerely yours,
SF Team


Keep up the great work SF! ?✌


Thanks for your reply. :)

Charlie rad

Thank you SF team. You do an Excellent Job. No one can be perfect. At least you quote WHERE the Info came from. It’s always good to hear both sides of a story. Even that Jihadi clown from London.

Charlie rad

I think “Johnpd” was mearly pointing out how less credible & MORE Biased the Jihadi is than most other sources. He is your Fan as we all are. Great Video & graphics.

You can call me Al

I hope you don’t mind me butting in, but taking into account the “Charlie rad” comment, below, but keeping to the main comment from “Johnpd” ie “Seriously, you need to research this joke/fake operation before giving it legitimacy by quoting it.” ……. why don’t you do an article on the SOHR, because not everyone knows who he is and who funds him etc.

Here is a good start for you – https://www.globalresearch.ca/search?q=SOHR&x=0&y=0


Dear friend, there is nothing new in that the SOHR is a pro-militant media outlet. There are a lot of content about this online already as well as SF points this out in articles.
However, if you want to make an article about the SOHR that could provide some fresh insight in the activity of this media, feel free to submit it via info@southfront.org
Sincerely yours,
SF Team

You can call me Al

Thanks. My point was that not everybody knows who they are; nothing more, nothing else, but fair play. Cheers


They have claimed on jihadi-map to have captured it 5 times over the last week, who knows if they are right this time but if so SAA just has to sit in the hills and pound them while they are nice and concentrated.

Charlie rad

That is exactly who it is. But the Jihadi gets all his info from ISIS-Cia.

Trustin Judeau

Well , Well , Well . Look who SF is quoting . The ISIS mouthpiece Morrocan Baathist . His local sources who denied that Bishri was captured and it turned out that his info from local sources was wrong . And this is not the only case . SF is becoming like Al Masdar where unconfirmed and sometime fake info is posted here


Thank you for the feedback. The article clearly says this info was provided by anti-Assad sources. SF Team includes people from different sides and with different attitudes. They use different sources. We are going to release a update on the issue later today when (if) more info appear.

Gabriel Hollows

BTFO! Keep up the good work guys! You’re the only news network that I know of that can still be considered impartial.


I agree !! Mistakes could happen to anybody … Southfront is the best !

Charlie rad

There is always at least one idiot in the crowd. Will always find something to complain about.


Did a US plane drop by with aid for their proxies?

A greater effort from the Syrian allies is possibly going to be needed, as Lavrov yet again has had to remind the US terrorists that the US is supporting al-Qaeda, suggesting them to stop.

“Lavrov Blasts US-Led Coalition for Trying to Protect Nusra Front in Syria”

northerntruthseeker .

I saw a report that the US flew in some much needed supplies and weapons to their embattled proxies and mercenaries in the pocket and now they used those weapons in this counteroffensive..

BUT the facts are that the criminals locked up in the pocket are doomed and this “counteroffensive” is a wasted effort on their part….

I do wonder if this “counteroffensive” was intended to try to draw some SAA forces away from the Deir Ez-Zor area to allow the criminals in the SDF to mount their offensive to seize as much land north of the Euphrates as possible…

MD Ranix

the russian air defence must be put in place quickly

You can call me Al

Maybe the Iranians can fire some of their missiles again and level the place ….. now if that doesn’t put the fear of God up Israel, nothing will.

MD Ranix

if iran does that, the zio satanic terrorists will take the opportunity to bring iran down … let big brother, russia, handle the bullies.

Richard M

Baseless propaganda from Amaq. Why dignify such bilge by reporting it?

Solomon Krupacek

the town has fallen, this is not propaganda

John Brown

Its a good thing when ISIS attacks like this if it is true as it serves them no military purpose and exposes them to Russian air power so they ca be wiped out with fewer SAA casualties.

Rüdiger Preiss

Occupying a city does the opposite from exposing them to air power. Best place to be and even better if there are civilians around.

John Brown

ISIS has to to go out in the open to attack, leaving well fortified positions making it easier to bomb them. As for the city it is empty and destroyed so its not much harder to bomb them there then where they were, just not as easy as when the leave cover.

Valery Grigoryev

As always: no Tigers+Hezbollah – no success…

Gregory Louis

You forgot the 5th legion and Republican Guard then yea no success

Valery Grigoryev

May be. I’ve meant that the regular SAA is weak. Only specially trained combatments are effective. While there are not a lot of them.

Solomon Krupacek

the 5th legion is far weaker then desert hawks or tigers,

Gregory Louis

No they aren’t they’re directly trained and supplied by Russia, and are known to have Russian PMC’s in there ranks, they’ve been liberating many parts of Central Syria before the Tigers where re-deployed there


The article is right in saying that at present the only purpose of IS in this pocket can be to draw SAA resources away from DeZ.

They cannot win, but SAA can indeed lose out somewhere else.

It also signals that SAA, even with the almost incredible amounts of help they get in terms of manpower from Iran, Iraq, Hezbollah, Afghans, is still stretched tightly if the impact of say 500 IS fighters is that large.

This shows too that US was fully right in not wanting an extra 300 to 600 IS fighters near DeZ.


Shut up kike


Unfortunately, you didn’t really understand the situation as it was. You will need to do a lot more reading from informed sources rather than msm disinformation. Please don’t take offence, I can see your heart is in the right place. You just need to differentiate between the subtle lies of Yankee backed media and what is really happening on the ground.

Peter Waine

What ever the case maybe the fact that Nutsinyahoo is running after Putin saying the sky is going to fall in…yeah now Israel and their ISIS friends are finished. Well done Syria and well done Putin. Israel can go f..k itself.

Solomon Krupacek

yeah now Israel and their ISIS friends are finished

unfortunately not. israel bgan to plan war with sysria

Carol Binkley

How strategically important can Uqayribat be to IS?
Hasn’t IS been retreating from all the small towns in that area?
If it is a pocket in Hama Province, it is poor planning on Baghdadi’s part, for it can be effectively sealed off from further supply and logistical operations of IS. It was a waste of effort on his part, I think.

I need a better map.

Solomon Krupacek

I need a better map.

buy iphone :)

Carol Binkley

What can iPhone do that my computer can’t?

Solomon Krupacek

i do not know. but you will inform us ;)

Carol Binkley

I will? When?

Kira, Russian Seer


It was their capital in eastern Hama.
It was a central transit hub to other areas.
Now, its not so important although because it is a big town, urban warfare is always harder to fight than in open terrain.
Preferably not to lose this town. It would be a confidence victory for Isis and morale booster. Thi she pocket could have been closed by now if it weren’t for the resources being sucked towards DeZ.
But to also make note, the SDF are milking manpower from the Raqqa city front in order to building up forces in DeZ.
DeZ has become the major battle now.
Proxy war 2 is about to start.

Carol Binkley

I’m not sure you know what you are talking about. Per Wikipedia, Uqayribat has a population of only 2,750.

Central transit hub? Seems to me, the small towns in eastern Hama province have now become only erstwhile haunts of The Ghost.

The battle is Deir es-Zor is over. But the “news” may keep him running.


Ummmm no!
what makes u think “population” is a factor in this?
ISIS is made up of mainly foreign militants / mercenaries!
Wikipedia does not include ISIS militants when its states the population of a city!

Central transit hub! YES!
Is this really so hard to figure out?
go to https://syria.liveuamap.com
then click on the top right link labelled “Time”
Use this Time link to see different maps over time during this war!
Then look at the City Uqayribat!
See what roads transit through it and where they lead too in relation to other isis areas!

Uqayribat is no different to DeZ, Raqqa, Mosul etc!
They have capitals for each region where logistic HQ’s are based!

This capital was to lay siege against the populated regions of western Syria!
Also to the roads that transit to Raqqa and other regions!

In war, Roads are what u want to liberate!
Logistics wins wars!

So in terms of what I am talking about, I research history and wars! I understand them from their basics to a geopolitical level!

When we tell u answer to what u started as a question, maybe u should read more than just wikipedia! Don’t get me wrong, its a great source of info, but did u read the wiki page that says “how to fight and win wars”?! lol

I mean come on!!!!
u referenced wikipedia because of its population? hahaha
Its has ZERO to do with why isis chose this town! locations are chosen for tactical reasons! Sometimes for its height (hill / mountain), sometimes for its roads, sometimes for its surrounding geography!

If China invaded a small town in the USA somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, would wikipedias information on Rocky Mountain population have anything to do with why the Chinese chose that location to set a Base? NO!!!

Its the same logic!

Study the map more, study a terrain map, study the other cities and locations and terrain. Study where oil and gas reservoirs are! Study where pipelines, Dams, Power stations are, study roads!

Then come back and say “do u know what u are talking about, because I just checked wikipedia on my lunch break at work and it says the population of that city is 2.750, therefore my highly researched conclusions tell me you don’t know what u are talking about but I do because I took 15 minutes to read about it on wikipedia”

Yes I am belittling u, because of the way u tried to belittle me!
Dont u hate it when u tell someone they are wrong, but then they come back and show u how much u don’t know! A proud person won’t accept being wrong after attacking someone! They just counter attack and look stupid!

But lets just say it is you who has no idea, none!
I assume thats why u asked ur question.
If wikipedia satisfies u then why bother asking in the first place!

FACT Uqayribat was ISIS Capital and HQ in Hama!
Now try to figure out why!
U can ask, no problem there! Just don’t be an idiot and say someone is wrong when u HAVE NO IDEA WHY!

1. roads
2. logistics,
3. geograpghy and terrain
4. Their goals
5. What do they threaten to gain geopolitical success
6. oil and gas
7. control of Communications, Power plants, dams!
8. many, many, many, many more reasons!

population of the town HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!

Yes, u are a Moron!
Back to the kitchen!

Carol Binkley

You replied to me today, Justin, but I can’t find the comment now. However, I agree, you made some good points.
The central problem I see with occupying Uqayribat, for IS, was that there was no cover, no way of defending the town, whether occupied by militants/mercenaries or whatever.
And I have often wondered how many militants actually are mercenaries. I hadn’t thought there would be many who would fight for money. They fight for a cause.


Syria is 70% sunni!
ISIS is mainly made up of Sunni Wahhabi’s (those who wish to be ruled by Sharia law)
Therefore many of Syria’s Sunni population joined isis especially those of this more extreme ideology!

So once again, this portion of ISIS that is of this ideology and were also Syrian nationals were spread all over the place!
They could have originally been from a capital city like Hama, Homs, Aleppo, Idlib, Raqqa, Damascus!

So again, the population of this town u are focussing on has no importance!

ISIS is made up of Iraqi sunni (those perhaps who were once apart of the Saddam regimes army “the republican guard”) also Syrian Sunni’s, and of course paid mercenaries!

It has been said that it was common for militants from the “rebels” FSA to suddenly go an join Al-Nusra or ISIS! They were just after the highest paid job!

Keep in mind isis had a lot of oil and were allowing their fighters to have female slaves that they could rape, kill or trade under the rules of Jihad (holy war).

So of course, many men flocked to ISIS for these “benefits” that they could enjoy! Highest pay plus female slaves and martyrdom! Thats part of why they became so big! Lets not forget the funding they had from the richest nations in the world, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and even the CIA!

Carol Binkley

You are crazy.

And definitely not a military thinker.



I literally told u 100% truth here!
Show anyone on this site what I wrote and u will see they agree!

What amazes me is that u seemed so shocked by this info, that u label me as “crazy”!
This whole war is crazy!
Americans HAVE NO IDEA what is going on! Nothing!
Their own govt is collaborating with terrorists! And when u prove it to them with pictures and videos, they still don’t believe it!

Then u tell them the details of the war, how isis began etc, and again, they can’t believe it!

It’s nit even denied by the US that ISIS was birthed by the US and its support for Syrian rebels! How in the hell do u think isis rolled into Iraq with US humvees and armour!

Carol Binkley

Don’t try to tell me things I may already know. But my knowledge, my information, is more perfect than yours. That is why I call you crazy.


Educate me then Carol! Explain to me why the Hama cities population was so important as to why the SAA were able to take it so easily!

Im waiting to learn from you!

Tell me YOUR REASONS why u can’t understand the importance of this city since my opinion seems to be so stupid and “Crazy”!

Educate me Carol! Dont wimp out on me like I’m some lost cause! Put your money where your mouth is and tell me your “perfect” and “brilliant” opinions on why the cities population has EVERYTHING to do with your opinion!

Carol Binkley

Give me one good reason why I should.


Carol Binkley

I wonder how much of the IS army was redeployed to that area. Taking pressure from areas really needed by President Assad.

Carol Binkley

Looks to me like a very successful, planned trap of IS fighters.
Even, maybe, a rat trap.


MI6-Syrian Observatory for Human Rights if you please.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

MI6 is actually called Secret Intelligence Service they refer to themselves as that on all letterheads and stationary. This is a morale booster for the losing terrorists as they are starting to fall apart everywhere and have attacked the power plant in Daraa damaging it and the electrical supply. The locals, police and engineers are trying to clear them out and repair it.

DJ Double D

I predicted this already before. East Hama pockets won’t be cleared that fast. Expect a lot of difficulties down the road. There is a tremendous amount of cooperation between east Hama bandits and Idlib bandits. Enhanced Tunnel linkages. My source mentioned about tunnels as wide as courts and fields. Constant to and fro flow of weapons and bandits.

Graeme Rymill

From Idlib to east Hama!!?? That’s what I call a tunnel!! lol

Carol Binkley

Fortified positions and hills can be bombed, can they not?

Carol Binkley

We’ll see just how well IS enjoys being an “…island in the ocean..”

Brother Ma

Kerrys plan B: Bleed Syria slowly to death.Russia needs to support more shiites in Saud.That would force saud and nato to spend more time and effort in Saud allowing Syria breathing space to win and rebuild.

Solomon Krupacek


Manuel Flores Escobar

Coming soon SOHR will be unemployed….

Carol Binkley

“Unchained Melody”
There is great grief.


Only watched this video a few nights ago.a super big hit when I was kid

Carol Binkley

The song “Unchained Melody” WAS a big hit in the ’50’s in America. I didn’t know till recently that it was from a movie about being in prison.

It never had that connotation to me, when I was a girl. I always thought the phrase: “…a long, lonely time…” was similar to a “…long, lonely road…”. That I had a long road to walk before…certain events were to happen.


Carol Binkley, Your words fit better, I bet the words really fit well in YOUR life story. Sooooo, Carol has life worked it out for YOU ?
I remember one of those, ‘my words fit better than the Official songs words’ . I’ll write my words , You see if you can figure out the song, (clearing throat for those high notes)
” I’m married and I just ain’t got the time, I am wasted and I ………….”
Whatcha think Pilgrim ?

Carol Binkley

I’m thinking you are borderline psycho.
Watch your back.


So, we have an unconfirmed counter attack and SAA tactical withdrawal. If this is the case then we would have to presuppose it was an SAA snare to contain “the pocket” and its increased numbers. Unfortunately, we also have to presuppose that this is a Yankee battlefield ploy designed to inhibit SAA advance to Euphrates thereby thwarting SAA capability to cross it and encircle the city. We have no idea how large the original pocket was nor its increased capability now, assuming of course it has actually happened. The SAA could be keeping quite because it has already crossed the Euphrates and has begun its encirclement, if this isn’t the case, then we have to believe that “the pocket” is a serious threat and has to be dealt with. 22 battle-hardned ISIS commanders were airlifted out of here only 5 days ago by US Choppers, i presumed at the time that they would have been redeployed within SDF/fsa. Maybe some were tasked with leading the rumoured counter offensive. If so, that pocket almost certainly has battalion strength but probably twice that. They will now need significant supplies, including ATGMs along with launchers, would expect up to 3 MANPAD Patriot systems with at least 100 missiles per pad if not more. Russia may be forced into doing something it really does not want to, unless SAA can deploy Elite forces to root out these yankee supported snake pits fast. This would of course allow the Yankee proxies a clear-run into northern Dyar As Sur as ISIS forces led by those other air-lifted commanders race ahead of them to reinforce the snake pits………

Carol Binkley

Someone has an idea. Kira Mia.


Kira Mia has an idea!, that I might appreciate? Or?

Carol Binkley

Just might depend on WHO you are.


Sorry for delayed reply, daughter visit with her daughter. Doing the grandad thing, was under strict orders to stay off social media and to focus on baba. Which I did. Email me: red.admiral@rocketmail.com


Thought I posted my email address here a day or two ago, seems not, so, here it is. red.admiral@rocketmail.com

Carol Binkley

I sent you an email, Red. I’ll look for it, and resend.


I do not understand why not Russia just send caliber missile there and blow terrorists up, or send two night visions helicopters and kill them all.

Carol Binkley

Diplomacy. And accusations of carrying out a “proxy war”.

Baudouin Jérusalem

Russia should send a couple of Tu-22M3 Backfire to destroy IS scum in eastern Hamah countryside.

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