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Large Explosion Rocks US Base In Northeastern Syria Amid Reports Of New Rocket Attack (Photos)

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Large Explosion Rocks US Base In Northeastern Syria Amid Reports Of New Rocket Attack (Photos)

Illustrative image.

On September 30, a large explosion rocked a base of the US-led coalition located near the town of al-Shaddadi in the southern countryside of al-Hasakah in northeastern Syria.

Sputnik’s reporter in Syria said that the explosion was the result of a rocket attack that targeted the administration building of al-Jbsah oil fields. US troops are known to be deployed there. A large cloud of smoke was seen rising from the fields.

Some local sources dismissed Sputink’s report. The sources claimed that the US-led coalition carried out a controlled explosion near al-Shaddadi to destroy mines, improvised explosive devices and other war remnants.

The Hawar News Agency, which is affiliated with the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, reported the explosion without elaborating. This suggests that the explosion was not planned.

If Sputnik’s report is confirmed, this will be the second attack on US troops in northeastern Syria this month. On September 8, precision-guided munitions struck a US-led coalition base in the outskirts of al-Shaddadi. The attack caused material losses. Nevertheless, no casualties were reported.

Iranian-backed Syrian and Iraqi forces were likely behind the September 8 attack. In July, the forces launched a series of attacks with drones and rockets on coalition bases in Deir Ezzor.


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Good US has no right there.

proud Ukrop "SS"

well its definitely not russia cause theyre too scared of the US retaliation

Tommy Jensen

All our boys returned safely home to their base without a single scratch on their uniform after hitting all targets in a precision strike.


and all of them have brain damage


we hit all their transport capabilities they probably even today use civilian cars because its so messed up for them


we even destroy all their maintenance capabilities to make it hard for them to repair vehicles and surely the americans are sweating


they were riding on donkeys?

Last edited 17 days ago by farbat

america is pretty much soon out of capabilities to boost them with any fast transport so still to this day america might be able to fly choppers around but this will be changing already before the year 2022 has begun america will be almost completely out of west asia moving most of it towards asean region but specially all around australia they seek to bring all their fleets there soon which means zionists saudis and co are delusional to depend on america there wont be any troops left in this region the centcom cant even support a serious drone force they are just bluffing even about this issue because even if they would move to jordan they would be surrounded by the resistance armies and many more capabilities will be in the hands of the resistance by that point than today so america cant help the zionists nor anyone else it must deal with china now til 2025 and if it fails to win it will be the end of the usa

Last edited 17 days ago by farbat
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