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Large Explosion Rocks Syrian Army Base In Homs City Outskirt (Videos)

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On May 1 morning, a large explosion rocked a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) base in the eastern suburbs of Homs city in the country’s central region.

Ammunition stored inside the base, known as “Ibn al-Haytham Barracks,” began blowing up as a result of the explosion. Shrapnel and debris from the ammunition explosions fell on populated areas in Homs’ city center.

Large Explosion Rocks Syrian Army Base In Homs City Outskirt (Videos)

Click to see full-size image. Source: shamfm.fm

Dr. Hassan Al-Jundi, Health Director of Homs, told the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) that ten civilians were injured with falling debris.

Initially, Homs Governor Talal al-Barrazi said the explosion may have been the result of an attack. However, the Defense Ministry of Syria later dismissed the possibility of an attack, attributing the explosion to a “human error.”

“At 9:25 of 1-5-2020, successive explosions were heard at one of our military positions in the city of Homs, after investigations, it was revealed that the explosions occurred due to a human error during the transportation of some ammunition, which resulted in material and human losses,” the MoD said in an official statement.

Per usual, opposition sources questioned the government’s story, claiming that Israel was behind the explosion. A day earlier, Israeli helicopters targeted several positions in southern Syria. Nevertheless, there is no evidence indicating that a strike caused the explosion in the Ibn al-Haytham Barracks in Homs.

During the last few years, several similar accidents took place in military bases in different parts of Syria as a result of poor safety measures.

A series of large explosions resulting from an uncontrolled fire wiped out several ammo depots in the Hama Air Base in May of 2018. In August of 2019, more than 28 Syrian service members were killed in an ammo handling accident in the al-Sha’irat Air Base.


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Damien C

Israel normally set their sabotage timers for early morning detonation 2am-6am not to ensure less casualties but to ensure everybody knows it was them, when it comes to Israeli sabotage strikes they like to world to know.

If there is nobody around it’s harder to explain away as an accident so 9.25 am I would imagine it was just a transport blunder

Rhodium 10

Not needed Israeli sabotage…sometimes SAA are incompetent as usual in all Arab armies…thats why Israel dont want Hezbollah and IRGC deployed in Syria because Israel army could never defeat them!


Your reasoning is the incompetent here. You just contradicted the goals of a 10 year old war and you have never even been to Syria.
The precise goal of the Syrian war was to eliminate the major threat around Israel,which is the Syrian army. Who is responsible for the creation of hizbollah.
It’s so stupid to compare a literal army of a country to a resistance front that doesn’t have an actual base. Hizbollah doesn’t even have tanks, like, what are you trying to say ?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️
I’m not undermining hizbollah’s strength but they are no match for an actual army, they cant invade a country, infact, without Syrian support, they wouldn’t exist, that’s precisely why they joined our war.

Rhodium 10

We are in 2020…tanks are useless in modern war vs ATGM…Israel fear a war vs Hezbollah in Syria as they can have the support of air defense systems…while Hezbollah platoon armed with ATGM, suicide drones, Manpads and Snipers can inflict serious damage to Israeli army….

Zionism = EVIL

Actually, Hezbollah does have tanks, but they are useless in modern asymmetrical warfare. Hezbollah is a Lebanese political movement that was born due to the Zionist invasion and occupation of Lebanon in 1982. Its forerunner was AMAL. Iranian support for the Shia in the South predated the 1979 revolution as after the Zionist invasion in 1978 to the Litani river led to the UN deployment of an Iranian battalion on the ceasefire line and the shah authorized the Iranians to arm the local Shia and the driving force was Imam Musa Sadr. After the revolution, the same policies continued and Hezbollah was born after Iran deployed 1500 IRGC in Bekaa. Hafiz al Assad was against Hezbollah, only after Bashar took over in 2000, that Iranian weapons in large numbers started flowing through. Hafez al Assad kept the Golan quiet for 30 years and also suppressed the PLO. Hezbollah today is stronger than most NATO faggot armies and BTW, Hezbollah saved SAA from total collapse in 2012 when the headchoppers were on the verge of entering Damascus. Hezbollah has sacrificed over a 1400 men to save Syria.


We don’t want them in Syria because we don’t want to launch a full scale invasion against Syria itself, only against Iran and Hezbollah that use the territory to try and hurt us. You still think in terms of 2006, what you don’t get is that all of their rockets won’t stop the IDF against both Lebanon and Syria if it comes to that, on the contrary those missiles will be their own graveyards because we will carpet bomb everything. Assad should think twice if it’s wise to risk our national security.

Zionism = EVIL

You are just a cunt PUNK and keep on posting canned hasbara crap that gets downvoted everyday despite your multiple accounts Jake 123, Freeman, Azrael etc shithead. What is wrong with you kiddo?


the friggin jews and no one else to blame – thus, clear out the jews in palestine from palestine for good, once and for all. don’t need any evidence so even if they’re not to blame in this particular instance they are to blame for so much more that there should be no peace ever for the fuckers.

In Exile

Indeed they are and they owe me as well for ruining my country those sons of bitches.

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