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Large Explosion At Sensitive Israeli Defense Factory

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Large Explosion At Sensitive Israeli Defense Factory

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On April 21st, a large explosion took place in a defense factory in Israel.

The explosion seems to have occurred during a routine test at the advanced weapons factory which houses various types of missiles.

Officials may have underestimated the collateral damage of the test, which led to the explosion.

The factory is located in central Israel, and in proximity to residential areas. Civilians documented the mushroom cloud.

Senior defense officials are now investigating what went wrong, and whether guidelines were adhered to. There are still no reports of casualties.

Regarding Iran, Israel appears to have resigned that the JCPOA, the Iran Nuclear Deal will be restored.

Israel is lobbying the United States to push for improved international oversight of Iran’s nuclear program, as Washington negotiates to reenter the 2015 nuclear deal between the Islamic Republic and world powers, Israeli television reported.

Jerusalem is pushing for International Atomic Energy Agency officials to have greater powers in inspecting the nuclear sites, the Kan public broadcaster said. The position was formulated after Israeli officials concluded there will not be significant changes to the treaty, but nonetheless sought to slightly improve the terms of the pact, the network said.

The Biden administration has repeatedly said it will return to the nuclear deal, if Iran first returns to compliance. Iran has taken a hardline approach, demanding the US lift all sanctions against it first, putting the two sides at a stalemate. Progress is evidently being made.

Meanwhile, the UAE received Zvi Heifetz, Israel’s special envoy to the GCC states, in Abu Dhabi as both countries reviewed the progress of their bilateral relations since signing a peace agreement last September 2020.

Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, welcomed the Israeli official to explore further UAE-Israeli relations and mutual cooperation in areas such as trade, investment and tourism.

In March, the UAE established a $10 billion fund to invest in strategic sectors in Israel that include energy, manufacturing and healthcare.

Since the signing of the Abraham Accords, both countries have established reciprocal diplomatic missions, launched direct flights and held several trade visits – with the UAE attracting over 50,000 Israeli tourists.


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  1. Lone Ranger says:

    Oy gevalt…

  2. Lone Ranger says:

    Wonder if it was really an accident…
    Probably not.

    1. viktor ziv says:

      Perhaps Iranian way of lex talionis. :)

    2. JIMI JAMES says:

      Likely a hit but as you know these khazars never have the guts to admit they are weaker.

      1. Be the biggest orgasm to see filth purge

    3. Ivan Freely says:

      Unlikely. It’s about time to be honest.

    4. Bobby Twoshoes says:

      I’ll put my money on Israeli arrogance and ineptitude.

      1. farbat says:

        wrong timing for such a thing to happen out of accident dont you thinks so?

        1. Bobby Twoshoes says:

          It’d be great if this were Iran hitting back but at the moment it’s all speculation. I don’t trust a word Israeli press says so until Iran claims responsibility I’m going to focus on what we know: The Empire took a hit and whatever made that happen advanced the cause of freedom.

          1. Remember that includes DIASPORA..close my eyes for the end

      2. farbat says:

        the issue even if its ineptitude it counts as damage either way so damage is taken for sure as it looks the entire complex might be gone by the look of the explosions size

    5. Arch Bungle says:

      Since the jews are supposedly 10th Dan geniuses, it couldn’t be an accident.
      Therefore it had to have been a Hezbollah strike.

    6. Liberal guy says:

      Something mysterious is going on ofcourse it’s a lose and lose situation for the zios and they don’t admit they lost and hide there every type of causality’s

  3. Selbstdenker says:

    Iran should refer to the terms and conditions stated in the

    Treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons.
    It allows Iran to enrich Uran fpr civilian use. No mentioning, that it prevents enrichment to a specific low grade whatsoever.

    1. paolinks says:

      Obviously. Medical grade radiomaterials require enrichment of 60% and more. The part about “if it is civilian it must be low grade” is just bullshit concocted by the UsnakeofA for the JCPOA.

    2. Arch Bungle says:

      “Terms and Conditions” are for countries without a credible nuclear deterrent.

  4. johnny rotten says:

    I would have preferred that to explode had been a troll factory, you know those who disturb the day here to SF, but I am also satisfied with a weapon factory, and the victims that there will be but surely they will them hide, to protect the fake myth Zionist.

  5. Blas de Lezo says:

    Fake news. If it were true, Haaretz, Jpost, Ynetnews Times of Israel, CNN, Yahoo, Hayom, liveuamap, NYT, WST. Wapo etc, etc, etc would have already reported it.

    1. JIMI JAMES says:

      The devil never reveals itself,nor if copped it up de ass,using logic, media hides truths.
      Come to think of it you reaffirmed general suspicion,time will tell it as it is i guess.
      stay safe:

      1. Blas de Lezo says:

        Have they changed the rules? If I type ass my post gets deleted.

    2. FlorianGeyer says:


    3. Arch Bungle says:

      You forgot the “The Sun”. That’s our standard for integrity here in the West.

  6. JIMI JAMES says:

    Makes up for the blast in lebanon,the irony.

    1. verner says:

      nah for that they will need say 5000 tonnes of ammonium nitrate and a couple of tanker loads of diesel and a couple of detonators and place it right in the middle of tel aviv – the world would cheer endlessly.

  7. Brother Ma says:

    Get someone to find a recent satellite pic or get human intel off the village people. They will tell you if a bomb went off at all.

    1. farbat says:

      what century do you think we are living in?

      1. Brother Ma says:

        We have moved on . The Israelis have admitted it happened.

      2. Brother Ma says:

        The century where satellite pics are already provided for the site….

  8. Accidents don’t exist

  9. Simon Ndiritu says:

    Could be Hezb, Syria or Iran returning a favor. When you go around making enemies, you wont know who hit you.

    1. Arch Bungle says:

      Persian Lightning!

    1. Arch Bungle says:

      The guy on the left looks like me right now.

      1. FlorianGeyer says:

        White and unashamed to be so, as I am :)

        I have less hair than you.

    1. Arch Bungle says:

      Whoo-wee! That’s going to put a dent in the national population growth …

  10. tzatz says:

    There is NO REPORT on this topic anywhere … hello?

    SF doesn’t give a news source for the story … hello?

    Mushroom cloud? C’mon Man!


    1. gryzor84 says:

      How about your own daily LOL.
      There is also a video of the blast. Huge stuff xD


    2. Selbstdenker says:

      Your are the role modell of bright people in Israel, I asume?

      1. tzatz says:

        Canadian … don’t assume

        1. LRcaptain says:

          not really you’re an grateful colonial wank

      2. farbat says:

        they are not going to be able to retaliate for this even if this imbecile thinks that the zionist usurper entity is tough it really isnt and it wont be able to sustain such things for long

    3. LRcaptain says:

      you’re the fake here.

      1. tzatz says:

        Already answered …

    4. Ewan says:

      Zio Scrubber army scrubbing all news links

  11. SOF says:

    ‘No casualties reported’ probably because no one was left to count the corpses.

    1. Arch Bungle says:

      sub-humans don’t count as casualties.
      They’re simply gas oven fuel.

  12. tzatz says:

    Show the news agency that reported this ‘news’?

    I’m prepared to accept it … if true BUT I can’t find it … eh?

    Hello …

    1. LRcaptain says:

      SF reported it wich is a fully creditable news site

      by here is the Jerusalem post https://www.jpost.com/middle-east/iran-media-celebrates-explosion-at-sensitive-israel-missile-factory-665875

      the article says that this story is simular to the one Haaretz reported on.

      1. tzatz says:

        Cool … I’ve already answered … it’s a story on Times of Israel … Iranians hoping it was a terror attack … lol


  13. Blue In Green says:

    Ouch, well people, that is how the game is played. You cannot expect to be completely immune to exact same style of sabotage you dish out.

    1. tzatz says:

      Same style sabotage? Says who?

      1. Ahson says:

        Semitic gypsy got it no?……lol…..shysters died no?……lol

        1. tzatz says:

          Seems that Iran fired at Israel’s Dimona this morning …. the launch site in Damascus was hit … no harm done in Israel … eh?

          The vile IRGC want revenge but can’t get it up … I M P O T E N T is what it’s called … eh?

          Iran … the toothless paper tiger !

          Sucks to be YOU …

          May it ever be thus …


          1. Ewan says:

            IRGC will be in Jerusalem in 1 week after real hostilities begin. Thank you Soleimani

          2. tzatz says:

            Thanks Soleimani for bringing the vile MULLAH POLICE STATE closer to its end …


        2. tzatz says:

          There will be blood …

          The Jews / Zionists / Israelis will not rest until the Nuke Program is destroyed … full stop

          The Future is About to Land ….

          1. Ahson says:

            lol…..come on doc you crack me up……..here we’re goin full on Zoro as a society and you’ve got the hots for camel jockey shyster?…..lol……stop making me laugh. Jew below the Persian……Always remember what Koroush Kabir said 2,500 years ago.

          2. Ahson says:

            The IRGC has been modeled after the Persian Immortals. One dies, he’s immediately replaced. You think Iran is a dream?……how do you think doc we’s still here no?…….Jew below the Aryan……

          3. tzatz says:

            Your dreams of ‘Persian history’ are laughable …

            Go see ‘300’ remind me who won … who lost?

            Was Alexander the Great … like the Greeks of today?

            Aryan? A believer in racism … ? A Nazi? Wow … ya f/kn slug

            I hope the Israelis Nuke y’all then get rid of that race for good …


          4. Ahson says:

            The Persians killed those 300 Greeks with ease. They got cornered and were worn down. Iran ruled the Greeks for hundreds of years during the Achaemenid and humiliated them, culminating in the Alexander saga. 50 years after Alexanders victory, the Parthian rose to power till the Sassanians another millennium no?……lol

          5. tzatz says:

            Iran is a modern country of YESTERDAY … and yesterday’s gone!

            The millennium of the Sassanians was over millennia ago …. hello?

            They’re a spent force … Islam has rendered them midgets

            C’mon Man … you’re a ’civilizational culture’ guy … eh?

            Your ‘civilization’ is a spent force …


          6. Ahson says:

            No it ain’t…….and you’re seeing the results of a resurrection. Soon the Tata’s, Godrej, Poonawala’s, Avaris, Mistry’s, Petit’s, jeejibhoy’s and tens of others will line up to invest and possibly move back home. It will have to start at Persa (Shiraz) where it will be reestablished as a Vatican of sorts.The population is totally nostalgic as it stands fool, hates the camel jockey aspect, but can’t admit it in public. Wake up!

          7. tzatz says:

            You know I liked Xerxes … in 300

            Frankly I liked Darius and Cyrus too

            I took Greek history at a University level … Herodotus thrilled me

            But … you’re a jerk

          8. Ahson says:

            You left 500 years ago during Qajar era……don’t blame us now. We’re coming up with a resurrection all on our own and sadly you’re not involved…….only the ones in the know are aware.

          9. tzatz says:


            YER like the Greeks of today … they ain’t the ancient Greeks


          10. Ahson says:

            yeah and you keep rescindin your future foo. Get real no? You ain’t got a way out without us. Talk sense man.

          11. tzatz says:

            F/k the Mullahs …

          12. Ahson says:

            only you lose in the end……good luck tryin to work with the scraps.

          13. Ewan says:

            Yeah, Israel’s Nuke program will be destroyed. Israel had 30 years to take out Iran’s Nuke program. It doesn’t have much time left – 3 years max before Israel is History.

            The future has landed, on the weapons factory Roof LMAO

          14. tzatz says:

            So I’ve got you down … 3 years

  14. gryzor84 says:

    To the retarded zio-troll horde out there calling it “fake news” : A damn basic google search was all it took for me to find this.

    How about Israel’s own daily LOL.
    First indexed result for Christ’s sake xD
    There is also a video of the blast. Huge mushroom fail indeed ahahah!


    1. tzatz says:

      Mushroom cloud … oh my

  15. Arch Bungle says:

    Mazel-tov, mother**ckers.

  16. Roy Sonman says:

    Probably and accident, as if it were another of Urban Moving Systems false-flag, it would rap[idly shown up in the propaganda-media (mainstream-media).

    That doesn’t mean the owners of Urban Moving Systems will not spin or outright lie so as to make more of it to benefit them.

  17. johnny rotten says:

    I have just visited zero hedge, where this news is resumed with the reference to SF, this raises a question in me: why can ZH reproduce news from SF and the Saker says it can’t do it?

    1. tzatz says:

      Johnny Rotten smells something is rotten ?

    2. Ivan Freely says:

      If I recall, the Saker worked for the US government in the past. He’s probably thinking that it might be getting too hot for him to continue.

  18. verner says:

    cross my fingers and hope it’s the Iranians that is giving back a little bit of which they’ve been on the receiving end from the jews. moreover, hope this is the first part repayment and that much much more and gorier will follow!

    1. farbat says:

      haifa and tel aviv will not get away spared so most probably there will be fires and explosions still to come

  19. Tommy Jensen says:

    Putin? Passports found??

    1. NirKon says:

      tommy don’t release that intel, please!

      1. farbat says:

        this was probably a grenade size explosion which caused a chain reaction or a cyberattack on a manufacturing facility not some tactical nuke so please

    2. farbat says:

      hahahaha sure because that was a nuke strike XD

    3. Ewan says:

      Ya giving the Hasbara trolls nightmares. Iran’s been having the West, playing the No Nukes, No WMD Fatwa card. It needs sanctions relief and uses the no nukes as a bargaining chip. Persians supremely confidant that they can wipe out Israel, Why?

  20. klove and light says:

    payback time………..

    thank god the almighty, payback time…..

    44 You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

    death to america death to israel curse on the jews…the houthi slogan, the bravest of the brave

    1. tzatz says:

      A real live Persian slug …

  21. tzatz says:

    BUT … on another ‘Front’ …

    The Jew … Jim Steinman passed away at 73 … a huge career as a songwriter … #1 hits and albums


    1. LRcaptain says:

      loo late people already seen this post

  22. Supreme Blyat says:

    Yahoo got bored on Iran lack of response and showed how it’s done.

    1. farbat says:

      so the mileikowsky imbecile hit himself where it actually hurts the most ?

    2. farbat says:

      mikeikowsky basically castrated himself?

    3. farbat says:

      i doubt that

  23. Bobby Twoshoes says:

    If there’s an explosion in Syria the ultimate responsibility probably lies with an Israeli. If there’s an explosion in Iran the ultimate responsibility probably lies with an Israeli. If there’s an explosion in Israel the ultimate responsibility probably lies with an Israeli.

    1. NirKon says:

      The Choose, big mouth and very very little cojones!

  24. NirKon says:

    Somebody slip on a bagel?

  25. Erik Ziel says:

    Any one there vaccinated???

    1. Arch Bungle says:

      Definitely vaccinated now …

  26. catalin zt says:

    Finally a moment of joy for myself with big hope many others to follow! Amen!

  27. Black Waters says:

    Self inflicted?

  28. verner says:

    they lie through their teeth the jews and thus in all probability it was a sabotage by some unfriendly force but the jews would never ever confirm that to be the case since it would have them down as weak – the dumbed out jews, worthy of extinction due to their repeated war crimes and crimes against humanity- will pretend to the day they are red listed that they are fine and dandy and nothing un-towards is afoot. who are they kidding?

    1. tzatz says:

      There would have been a very heavy targeted response …

      It was a ‘non-event’ except by y’all

      The Iranian and pro-Iranian or simply the anti-Judaism haters … eh?

      Who are you kidding?

      1. Ewan says:

        Non Event my Ass:
        1. When Zio planes gets shot down, its mechanical failure
        2. When Zio terrorists from IDF get whacked its friendly fire
        3. When the Hezb blows up a Zio weapons factory, its a controlled explosion

        Y’all got fried b1tch

        1. tzatz says:


          1. 1 plane … ONLY

          2. When / Where ? Their bodies would be paraded and torn to shreds on live TV … hello?

          3. Where’s the boasting in Iran’s press saying it was an IRGC ‘special forces team’ infiltrating the zio-enemy? lol

          The real war is coming …

          The Future is About to Land …

  29. SwordOfLight says:

    It was an accident…sure, sure and all pigs are fueled and ready for flight.

  30. Dicksonrp says:

    I hope that there are a few men in the UAE who have not been zio terrorist castigated and BOMB ANY WHERE THE JEW IS WITH HIS SURROGATE ARAB.

  31. Raptar Driver says:

    Something is going on. RT says that the missile defense systems have been turned on. Why would that happen for an accident?

    1. Ivan Freely says:

      Reports of a missile attack from Syria or Yemen. Time will tell.

  32. FigoTino says:



  33. FigoTino says:

    All of this is leading up to the great tribulation that Jesus spoke of,
    and then climaxes to Jehovah’s great day Armageddon (Matthew24:21
    Revelation 16:14-16). Now is the time to reconcile yourselves to our
    father and creator Jehovah God Almighty (Psalm83:18 Exodus6:3
    Revelation 4:11 John17:3).Jehovah (YHWH)
    God has promised everlasting life on a paradise earth (a new righteous
    society of people) for all who obey Him and His son Jesus Christ
    (John17:3 Psalm37:9-11,29 Matthew5:5 Matthew 7:21).Give your allegiance
    to Jehovah’s Kingdom (theocratic heavenly government) the one that Jesus
    told us to pray for, because very soon it’s going to destroy Satan’s
    system and all who support it! (Matthew 6:10 Daniel 2:44 Revelation
    16:14-16) please read the scriptures.

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