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MAY 2022

Large Economic Protests Take Place In Iran

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Large Economic Protests Take Place In Iran

PHOTO: Protesters heckled shop owners and clashed with police. (AP: Iranian Labor News Agency )

Large protetss against rising prices and the plummeting value of the national currency have taken place in Iran.

Thousands of people took to the streets of the capital and marched towards parliament. Protesters also clashes with Police that used tear gas to disperse demonstrations.

According to estimates, it was the biggest protest in Tehran since 2012.

A dollar is currently worth as much as 90,000 rials,compared with 42,890 at the end of 2017.

The prices are growing and the national currency is dropping in Iran amid the increased tensions with the US and the expected collapse of the Iran nuclear deal. The administration of US President Donald Trump announced that Washington is leaving the deal in May. This decision triggered a new diplomatic crisis between the US and Iran.

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Fueled by (((the usual suspects))) of course.


Yes, John Bolton said that the Iranian government would fall THIS year. I would think that US ‘Agents Provacateur ‘ are stirring up trouble in Iran.

Most US plans fail, so with any luck this will as well :)


I would say THE BRITS are there, have an Embassy.. MI6 is even more effective than the CIA


” MI6 is even more effective than the CIA ”

That being the case it must have been an infantile dullard from MI5 who dreamed up the pantomime for the Scripal affair :)


Ask the Ukrainian people how attacking their country for the sake of the Empire worked out or better yet, check out the emigration status of Ukrainians to other countries since their successful ‘protests’ against their government….. You might also inquire as to their pensions, jobs living conditions etc.


of course, as a ukrainian living in europe after 2014 the economic situation in my country went from being poor but livable to very poor where people have salaries of max 40 euros at month, a part that salary also goes to finance the war in donbass. I hope iranians are not that dumb as ukrainians because it is for their good, if a puppet takes control of tehran iran would suffer like afghanistan does.


“I hope iranians are not that dumb as ukrainians..”

I would say ignorant rather than dumb. If people truly paid attention to world events, history, they wouldn’t have to repeat them; of course that’s why western media does it’s best to ensure that the populations remain ignorant of world events.


But we know the yankee dogs control the global media via their zionist lackies. So the Iranian people like all other people on earth only get the lies that New York spreads.

Harvey Swinestein

It’s the other way around: The Zionazis control the media via their brain-dead goy benefactors . .

You can call me Al

Exactly what the US wants and pays for. Please note however, that this is not a coup as they (the US) wanted, this is a protest with valid reasons. I hope Russia steps in and assists somehow.


China could help as well Al, or more than they are already doing :) It is not in China’s interests for Iran to become another Failed State.

You can call me Al

Of course, my apologies. You are spot on with your comment + maybe since India is maybe turning to the good side they could also assist.

PS Hope is a great thing.


The problem is that these coups start with a dash of valid reason and the are hijacked and accelerated to the point of violence and snipers shooting both sides of the synthetic conflict.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Color revolution 5.0

Wise Gandalf



Hoorrah, what? That you’ll FAIL again?

Wise Gandalf

ayatollahs must go!




Wise Gandalf

death for islam!


how can you kill an ideology you dumb jew?

Wise Gandalf

jew is your real father :DDD


Change your avatar to a piece of cheese.


“Large Economic Protests Take Place In Iran”

F*king greedy EGOISTIC US-lovers-sh*t, their only worries are their bellies, not that IRAN has YET to block new ECONOMICAL BLACKMAILS from the Western Pygs and has FIRST to look WHOM it sells its OIL => CHINA BUYS OR NOT?.. This is again some BRITISH organized sh*t.

Harvey Swinestein

Pathetic people who don’t even have the intelligence to understand why and what is happening. In spite of any fiscal failures by the Iranian government, the cause is easy to see; the stranglehold of sanctions on the nation ever since they fought their way out from under the Anglo-Zionist dictatorship that was imposed on them since the coup against Mossadegh. There will always be brainless idiots who blame the victim instead of the perpetrator . .

Ibrahim Mohammadzadeh

Unfortunately the US and Zionist lobby groups are constantly financing exile Iranian channels meant to change the mindset of the Iranians apart from the financial sanctions against the Iranian people, meant to force them to rise up against the government.


Well that’s a fair bit of inflation and they are quite right to complain! So what’s the best option in those circumstances? How does the average person get by?

paul ( original )

It is a bit glib to say this but the usual solution is to suggest ‘economic reform’ . I do not know very much about the Iranian economy but what little I do know indicates that there are structural problems relating to state intervention and the like. For years the Supreme Leader has been urging the formation of what he calls a’ resistance economy’ . I fear that this has been little more than rhetoric .

paul ( original )

In a sense this indicates that the American strategy is beginning to work. Creating instability and street disturbances is what the US is trying to accomplish. I think the Iranians are in a difficult situation. The JCPOA was intended to bring economic benefits to Iran. Not only did these largely fail to materialize, but the situation is probably worse than before and deteriorating. I see little room for manoeuvre for the Iranian other than to ride out the storm and try to dig themselves out of a dire situation. I would like to say something positive but is difficult.

John Brown

Its about the economy, normal demonstrations, with the racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire trying to stir up trouble. It won’t work. Iranians will never fall for the Libya, Syria, Iraq trick. Iran is a paradise compared to those countries and Iranians don’t want to become Libya, Syria or Iraq.


Iran is surviving by a much narrower margin than it may look like, such as in this article there is discontent over the chronic economic and social problems. Also there are the expensive proxy wars, the remaining embargos could at any moment turn back in to the heavy US lead sanctions and dirty war before the nuclear deal was signed, there are anti-regime forces working in Iran supported by foreign powers, and their nuclear program is both expensive and causing diplomatic problems. . How this all ends is anyone’s guess, there are to many forces at work to predict anything.

Pave Way IV

Tsk.. tsk.. All the negativity. Where’s Garga for some perspective?

Persians civilization has been around for about 12,000 years. Persians don’t need any lectures on government or democracy or rights. They had those codified centuries before the Greeks, remember? Well, of course you don’t. That part was intentionally written out of history – by the Greeks, who were constantly attacking Persia. When the Greeks got tired of attacking them (unsuccessfully), the Romans took over – for the next seven centuries (unsuccessfully). The Romans needed gold to finance their wars everywhere else and the Persians had plenty of it. Sound familiar, US? When the Roman Empire collapsed, the Persians thought they could finally take it easy and rebuild their advanced civilization the barbaric Greeks and Romans had nearly destroyed. But no… the f’king Arab jihadi head-choppers showed up in the sixth century and destroyed what was left of and exhausted Persia, turning it into part of their Caliphate. See why the Iranians don’t care much for the Saudis? Then the f’king Mongols… It just never ends for the Persians.

People have been fucking with Persians rulers and government for the last two thousand years. Iranians don’t need any outsider’s advice or warnings about what they should do or not do. Honestly, just leave it to them. They are not going to get ‘fooled’ again by the US or a Soros-funded NGO, for fuck’s sake. What the US wants to happen and what the Iranians will actually do (or not do) are completely unrelated – except in the pitifully small simian brains of the Israeli-firster treasonous neocon US deep state: “Seven genocides in seven years!”

Hisham Saber

Pathetic. Islam was the best thing that happened to the Persians. If not, they would be hosting enormous Gay Pride Parades and singing to the tune of the west.

Iran is called ‘ The Islamic Republic of Iran’. However, Saudi Wahabism doesn’t speak for Islam. And right now, and into the future, Iran offers the best civilizational model for the Islamic world to follow.

Fuckin Mongols? The Mongols soon adapted Islam as their religion, then the Muslim Mongolian Golden Horde conquered the Khazar barbarians giving much relief to the Slavic Russ, who were besieged by said Khazar warmongers. And the Mongols, led by Burke Khan-grandson of Genghis , had a deep respect for the Orthodox, and allowed the Slavic Russ ‘Russians’ rule and govern themselves, even giving back land to the Slavic Orthodox princes known as the ‘ muskovites’. Iran is strong because of its correct implementation of Islam, and the Slavs owe a lot to Islam for having saved them from multiple enemies, that the Muslim Mongols vanquished.

Pave Way IV

“F’king Mongols” is not a statement about the people, but a sarcastic observation about the rather unfortunate succession of invasions that Persia (in whatever form) had to contend with – they returned the favor on many occasions as well. You make a good point about Khan’s rule.

“Iran is strong because of its correct implementation of Islam”

I’m nobody to judge what Iranians think today or what they value. Point is that Persia was the most advanced, enlightened society and civilization in the Middle East region for centuries. Iranians were not hunter/gatherers living in caves until the 1950’s.The US or ‘west’ lecturing Iran on human rights, democracy, equality and government as if we invented those concepts is just laughable.

Hisham Saber

The Arabs I believe you are implying at didn’t live in caves and huts, gatherers/hunters either. Wiki or Google ‘the Islamic Golden Age’, and you will see that it was the Persians and Arabs, both Muslim that brought about the Renaissance, or age of enlightenment. Arabs and Persians took what little the Greeks had, corrected it, added on to it, and came up with newer sciences that are still the base of what is used today.

Before Arabic and Persian texts of all the sciences were finally translated to Latin, and reached the Europeans, they were the ones hunting/gathering, living in dirty squalor of peasenthood and serfhood. Some were even recycling their own feces. This is true.

Places like Baghdad, Damascus, Al-Andulus (Spain under Islamic rule, Al-Hambra, Malaga, Cordoba, Toledo, Seville, Catalan, had universities that far overreached their western counterparts. Even Cairo was a center of advanced knowledge.

The Sultan Al-Rashid sent an automatic clock, a very developed one, with knights popping out, birds swaying, and such, to the Queen of England at that time, forgot who exactly, and she and her wise elder council, religious authorities could not understand how it worked all by itself, with water and mechanics of course. So finally they had the extraordinary piece of tech and art burned because they had come to the conclusion it was possessed by the devil himself. This is a true chronicle.

Take a look at the magnificent minds that the Arabs, Persian Islamic world produced, until the coming of disunity, subversion and war brought the Islamic world down, the Ottomans were the nail in the coffin as well.

Pave Way IV

That’s my point, Hisham Saber. Sorry I wasn’t clear.

By “… Iranians were not hunter/gatherers living in caves until the 1950’s.The US or ‘west’ lecturing Iran on human rights, democracy, equality and government as if we invented those concepts is just laughable…” I meant that Persians/Iranians are not some kind of recently civilized peoples that need to be taught those concepts by the U.S.

“…Before Arabic and Persian texts of all the sciences were finally translated to Latin, and reached the Europeans, they were the ones hunting/gathering, living in dirty squalor of peasenthood and serfhood…”

Due to the efforts of the Caliph al-Hakam II who amassed a great library in Cordoba from his extensive translation project. Texts that his successor, Almanzor, later burned for being ‘ancient science’ and considered heresy to Islam. No matter – the Christian Reconquista armies would have probably burned it down for similar reasons.


Iran is doing wrong what Russia was doing right when it was hit by a combination of sanctions and a sinking oil price.

Russia swallowed the bitter pill and let its currency fall until it bottomed out. Soon enough a situation was reached where speculators found out painfully that the ruble could rise too.

Iran on the other hand is fighting the consequences. Now it has an official exchange rate that it higher than the “street value”. The consequence has been massive capital flight that has seriously harmed the country.

Sure, Iran is in a harder position than Russia. It is more dependent on imports and it is still not clear how painful the sanctions will be: just today that were reports that the US is heavily pressuring countries not to import Iranian oil. Yet that doesn’t take away that ignoring economic reality will carry a heavy price later on.

Ibrahim Mohammadzadeh

As the color fabricated revolution failed back in 2009 and make briandead people in Iran woke up so will this one become a failed scenario that will make the nation even more immune, stronger than ever before. Iran is not Ukraine or Egypt. The Iranian people have seen what it has become of Iraq and Afghanistan under the US and its NATO.


WSJ: Inside Israel’s Raid to Seize Nuclear Documents in Iran Agents infiltrated Tehran warehouse, extracted trove including partial warhead designs, officials say



Reports Detail Mossad Raid on Iranian Nuclear Documents

By The Associated Press

July 15, 2018

JERUSALEM — New details have been leaked of how the Israeli spy agency Mossad smuggled out Iranian nuclear documents earlier this year, but the material does not appear to provide evidence that Iran failed to abide by its 2015 nuclear agreement with world powers.

The information reported Sunday shed more light on the daring Mossad operation but offered few other details beyond what Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed in April, when he unveiled what he said was a trove of secret Iranian nuclear documents dating back to 2003 seized by Israeli intelligence.

The Israeli leader argued that the 55,000 pages of documents and 183 CDs of the Iranian program dubbed “Project Amad” provided more reason for President Donald Trump to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal with world powers… The New York Times reported Sunday that Israeli agents had six hours and 29 minutes to break into the nondescript nuclear facility in a commercial district of the Iranian capital, Tehran, before the guards arrived in the morning. In that time, they infiltrated the facility, disabled alarms and cut through safes to remove the secret documents before leaving undetected. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/250286318cf615b5b8757fff0bbc246db266ab182b113faf388013909ef529d8.png

But the trolls at southfront are to dumb to actually comprehend actual news.


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