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Large Drone Attack Hits Saudi Arabia Amid Reports Of Near Peace Talks With Houthis (Video, Photos)

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Large Drone Attack Hits Saudi Arabia Amid Reports Of Near Peace Talks With Houthis (Video, Photos)

Illustrative image. Source: the Houthis Military Media.

Late on March 19, a large-scale attack with suicide drones targeted vital facilities in the southern region of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi-led coalition said that the attack targeted a water desalination plant in the city of al-Shuqaiq and an oil facility of Aramco near the city of Jizan.

The coalition didn’t provide any details on the damaged caused by the large attack. However, it claimed in two separate statements shared by the Saudi Press Agency that five suicide drones were intercepted over the Kingdom’s southern region by its air defense means.

According to the coalition, the drones were launched by the Houthis (Ansar Allah) from the international airport of the Yemeni capital, Sanaa.

“A [new] escalation by the [Houthis] military with hostile attacks on economic facilities and civilian infrastructure,” the coalition said in one of its statements.

The Houthis have not commented on the coalition’s accusations, so far. The Yemeni group launch drone and missiles attacks on Saudi Arabia on a regular basis.

The new drone attack came following reports of a near Saudi-led initiative to hold direct talks with the Houthis in the Riyadh. The group welcomed the initiative, but refused to send representatives to the Saudi capital. The group said that the talks should be held in a neutral Gulf state.

The Saudi-led coalition will likely respond to the drone attack by resuming its airstrikes on Houthi-held areas in Yemen. This may put end the Saudi-led initiative before it starts.


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NLAWs on Elastic

I have heard that more than a few of the British NLAWS and the old German MANPADS supplied to Ukraine recently may have been taken to the UK and Germany by a few Ukrainian “Refugees”.

Rumours, just rumours, but even if true I am sure that none of the “Refugees” would even think about using lightweight missiles to make a mess of the NATO radar stations in Germany and Poland (and then the UK), and certainly not threaten flights into / out of the dozens of US military and CIA bases throughout Europe.

I am also certain they would never think to shoot an anti-tank missile into pressure valves at an oil refinery, or put holes in critical parts of a power station, damage the electrical grid, or send an amour piecing warhead through the side of any number of other nodes of infrastructure that are very (VERY!) vulnerable to behind the lines attacks.

Handing out advanced portable missile systems like candy to various fanatics, psychos, and head chopers of all types, and then not watching closely where it all ends up is not very smart. Doing it whilst having a long, vulnerable, chaotic and poreous border between multiple states is not condusive with national security either.

Its a good job that there are no angry Ukrainian “Refugees” or angry Middle Eastern headchoppers travelling accross Germany and along the rat lines to France and then the UK, who may think about moving weapons instead of drugs and kids. It is such a good job that each and every anti-tank missile and manpad can only ever enter Ukraine, never to be returned to sender, such a good job they are all accounted for……………

Ashok Varma

Iran is now producing both the Javelin and NLAW captured or sold by the fleeing Ukrainians. It already cloned the Stinger by obtaining it from Qatar in the 90’s. Russia has also captured thousands of NATO criminals NLAW and has passed them on to Hezbollah and other allies. This whole NATO dumb operation is in fact arming enemies of the US losers. American m0rons have scored another home goal after Afghanistan defeat.

Pedo Andy from Fcukingham Palace

Saudis need to stop this war, they can never win, they are born LOSERS like NATO cowards. SLAVA ROSSIYA! SLAVA ANSARALLAH!

hate nazicanadians

this is very dangerous for Europe, Americunts did this, they are not your friends Europe.

Peppe il Sicario

I’ll take anything that is necessary to depose the NWO EU-globalist tyrants currently running the show in Europe!!! To illustrate, the MSM papers in my country Italy are constantly pasting headlines how Russia is now warning and threatening EU defense ministers over their anti-Russia policies and that they will soon be feeling the consequences. Interpret that threat as you want.


America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests. — Henry Kissinger


I bet the Azovites are going to make it onto a terrorist list after their utility to the US is over. They were fanatical to begin with and now it seems they’ve developed a taste for false flag attacks on their own civilians. US still has not learned not to use extremists in its dirty wars. 9/11 not that long ago.


9/11 was an inside job between the U.S, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Truth Hurts



You can’t spell 911 without lie


The deaf, dumb and blind lying Jew main stream media is displaying their usual tunnel vision with 24/7 coverage of the Ukraine war while their cheerleaders in the US congress and senate make bombastic pronouncements expressing their moral outrage about the need to stop Russian aggression. While ignoring talking about every other war on this planet that they’ve been fueling for years in Syria, Yemen, Libya and elsewhere. And allowing the US border to be overrun with millions of illegal aliens that they could easily stop but refuse to.

As far as sanctions against Saudi Arabia, there aren’t any that I’m aware of:

“In short, there are no formal international sanctions implemented against Saudi Arabia.”

– Sanctions against Saudi Arabia –


Last edited 1 year ago by RichardD

inferior amerikant hillbilly inferior to jews


why is Israel such a shi’itehole, then?


You’re the one supporting an evil cult that institutionally rapes 1,000 children worldwide every week with their bizarre blood sucking rituals, not me. So who’s the miscreant miscreant?


“US sanctions affect a third of humanity with more than 8,000 measures impacting 39 countries….

Countries facing economic sanctions include: 1. Afghanistan, 2. Belarus, 3. Bosnia and Herzegovina, 4. Burundi, 5. Central African Republic, 6. China (PR), 7. Comoros 8. Crimea Region of Ukraine> 9. Cuba, 10. Cyprus, 11. Democratic Republic of the Congo, 12. Guinea, 13. Guinea Bissau, 14. Haiti, 15. Iran, 16. Iraq, 17. Kyrgyzstan, 18. Laos, 19. Lebanon, 20. Libya, 21. Mali 22. Mauritania 23. Moldova 24. Montenegro 25. Myanmar, 26. Nicaragua, 27. North Korea – DPRK, 28. Palestinian Territories, 29. Russia, 30. Rwanda, 31. Serbia 32. Somalia, 33. South Sudan, 34. Sudan, 35. Syria, 36. Tunisia 37. Venezuela, 38. Yemen, 39. Zimbabwe.”

– List of 39 countries targeted by economic sanctions –


Last edited 1 year ago by RichardD
Yamil Perez

When you sanction the whole planet you are basically sanctioning yourself.

Simon Ndiritu

A very sound policy of containment by the US. All sanctioned countries are outside the white west Europe, so the sanctions are racist. The the US should trade with itself or with fellow racists and let the rest of us be. I salute Russia for taking the stand for the rest of us, through the last century and during this war.


amerikants have less individuality than drones


you’re a bit of a drone, yourself.

Yamil Perez

Shut up ukrotrash.

Harry Weaver

This has as much potential to be an American/British attack as one of the Houthis. They are the ones who have no interest in stopping this conflict, and nothing to lose in maintaining it.


𝙎­𝙩­𝙖­𝙧­𝙩 𝙣­𝙤­𝙬 𝙚­𝙖­𝙧­𝙣­𝙞­𝙣­𝙜 𝙘­𝙖­𝙨­𝙝 𝙚­𝙫­𝙚­𝙧­𝙮 𝙢­𝙤­𝙣­𝙩­𝙝 𝙤­𝙣­𝙡­𝙞­𝙣­𝙚 𝙛­𝙧­𝙤­𝙢 𝙝­𝙤­𝙢­𝙚­. 𝙂­𝙚­𝙩­𝙩­𝙞­𝙣­𝙜 𝙥­𝙖­𝙞­𝙙 𝙢­𝙤­𝙧­𝙚 𝙩­𝙝­𝙖­𝙣 $­1­5­𝙠 𝙗­𝙮 𝙙­𝙤­𝙞­𝙣­𝙜 𝙖­𝙣 𝙚­𝙖­𝙨­𝙮 𝙟­𝙤­𝙗 𝙤­𝙣­𝙡­𝙞­𝙣­𝙚­. ­𝙄 𝙝­𝙖­𝙫­𝙚 𝙢­𝙖­𝙙­𝙚 $­1­9­7­1­5 𝙞­𝙣 𝙡­𝙖­𝙨­𝙩 ­4 𝙬­𝙚­𝙚­𝙠­𝙨 𝙛­𝙧­𝙤­𝙢 𝙩­𝙝­𝙞­𝙨 𝙟­𝙤­𝙗­. 𝙀­𝙖­𝙨­𝙮 𝙩­𝙤 𝙟­𝙤­𝙞­𝙣 𝙖­𝙣­𝙙 𝙚­𝙖­𝙧­𝙣­𝙞­𝙣­𝙜 𝙛­𝙧­𝙤­𝙢 𝙩­𝙝­𝙞­𝙨 𝙖­𝙧­𝙚 𝙟­𝙪­𝙨­𝙩 𝙖­𝙬­𝙚­𝙨­𝙤­𝙢­𝙚­. 𝙅­𝙤­𝙞­𝙣 𝙩­𝙝­𝙞­𝙨 𝙧­𝙞­𝙜­𝙝­𝙩 𝙣­𝙤­𝙬 𝙗­𝙮 𝙛­𝙤­𝙡­𝙡­𝙤­𝙬 𝙞­𝙣­𝙨­𝙩­𝙧­𝙪­𝙘­𝙩­𝙞­𝙤­𝙣­𝙨 𝙝­𝙚­𝙧­𝙚­.­.­.­.­.http://Profit21.cf/

Last edited 1 year ago by SamuelWatts
Peter Jennings

It seems the more the Houthis develop their missile tech, the more the suadi admin want to talk. The suadi admin are finding that invading other countries isn’t as straight forward as was imagined.

Soon the saudis will be attacked by the US and nato, for ditching the petrodollar. They will need all the support they can get from their neighbours.

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