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JUNE 2021

Large Convoy Of Tiger Forces Arrive In Northern Hama (Video)

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On August 10, a large convoy of the Tiger Forces, carrying hundreds of fighters and loads of heavy weapons, arrived in the government-held area in the northern Hama countryside, according to the Syrian pro-government outlet Muraselon.

The pro-government news outlet said that the Tiger Forces will soon launch a military operation against the militants in the region. The upcoming operation will likely be aimed at capturing the remaining positions of the militants in the northern and northwestern Hama countryside.

Two days ago, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that the SAA deployed several units and heavy weapons in the northern Lattakia countryside and the northwestern Hama countryside. This means that the upcoming operation will not be limited to the central governorate of Hama.

Since the beginning of this year, militants of radical groups like Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), Horas al-Din and the Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) launched several attacks on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) from their positions in Hama and Lattakia. The militants also attempted to attack Hmeimim airbase with rockets and armed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) on several occasions.

Some opposition activists believe that the Turkish observation posts in Hama, which were established earlier this year, will prevent the SAA and its allies from launching any military operation. However, others warned that Turkey would not intervene against the SAA, which is backed by the Russian Aerospace Forces.

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Idlib your time is coming very soon.


Looks like Hama and Latakia first. My guess is West Aleppo will be next after to tighten the rope on Idlib. Tensions will grow there


West Idlib is also going now.


Brave protectors of Idlib are waiting for you :) Our enemies are coming, they want to take from us, steal from us, destroy what we built, take our freedom and faith. But the United caliphate army is prepared and trained for this moment to happen, and has enough manpower to stop all invading forces. https://youtu.be/LO5jMzCj_2Q?t=10m38s Most of the people here are too stupid to realize what is going on, they see enemy where isn’t and fail to spot the real one. This is probably my last comment here, good bye.


U r a brainwashed idiot, I guess?


The US and Israeli propaganda, bs.


bye dumbass

Promitheas Apollonious


Feudalism Victory

Damn isis and their fucking caliphate to hell.

Brother Ma

Good meeting with the bullet that kills you!

Smith Ricky

Cant f*uck with the SAA?


Dark clouds of US and Israel are hurling over Syria and whole Middle East. Syria must be vigilant and red alert. They have left ISIS in Al-Swada and Homs Deir Ezzor, which is not good. These ISIS are US, NATO and Israel spies hires free local elements for butchering Syrian nation.


Holland is Blaming Iran for Murdering for this Man….Keep Playing Your Games Holland….




Syria rescue Operation from Trump and Co.

1. in August and September, 2018 Idlib/Aleppo,

2. in October / November, 2018 Deir Ezzor/ Hasakah/ Raqqah,

3. in December, 2018 Jawlan Heights, ISIS cells and Al-Tanf in Homs,4. December, 2018 to March, 2019 all Palestine will be liberated from US backed terrorists Israel.

Promitheas Apollonious

god speed guys, best of luck.

S Melanson

The plan seems to be taking shape now. Syria and allies will target a limited area that has been a source of terrorist actions and so is a legitimate military target. The two observation posts manned by Turkey would, under the Astana agreement, be expected to assist Syria in eliminating the terrorists since it has become clear that Turkey has been incapable (unwilling) of doing so.

This puts Turkey in a difficult position having reaffirmed commitment to recognizing Syria’s territorial integrity and a party to the deescalation agreement which have provisions that sanction the coming military operation. I can imagine Erdogan and Putin sitting down to chat and Putin states that any hostile actions from the Turkish outposts will see a swift response which is several Kalibre Cruise missiles paying a visit to each of the two outposts.

I do not expect Turkey to intervene in the coming operation in Hama and Latakia. While Syria and allies beat up the terrorists, the terrorists outside the operational area can watch the carnage and do some soul searching as in – time to cut losses and run.

One interesting note, the US proxies in Eastern Syria are clearing Isis from the area which is removing the reason for the US presence in Syria. The operations began shortly after the Putin/Trump summit so was this part of some deal/understanding between Putin and Trump? Have to wait and see.

Feudalism Victory

TRUMP 2020


Indeed, an other correct assesment from your part. It will intresting to see what the Turks in their OP’s will do, when the SAA attack will begin in earnst.

S Melanson

Definitely something to watch closely. The preliminary stages of the operation seem to have begun and the Turkish response so far quite muted – but will this continue to be the case?

When South Front posts the next article/update on northern Syria, I will discuss my suspicion that not all the terrorists shipped to Idlib were terrorists. Syria too can play the false flag, disinformation and destabilization game.

The policy of giving terrorists safe passage to Idlib provided, by its design, an excellent infiltration opportunity. The high numbers of militants from many factions and geographies over a lengthy time period makes it fairly easy to insert operatives into the Idlib region.

Having operatives can ensure provocations in each region in turn to be liberated – the provocations justify military action. Operatives can also feed disinformation to mislead and ferment dissent and encourage reconciliation. Operatives can also provide intel to the SAA.

Brother Ma

Hopefully act tough and the Syrian army shoots them.

Brother Ma

So what is the endgame for Turkey? Can you see him giving up Afrin and going home with his tail between his legs?

Turkey was one of main proxies of Syrian war ,to go back to the Turkish nation with nothing to show would make him look like an idiot. What will Turkey do? Will it fight Syria and Russia to keep what it has already occupied?

My take? It will fight with Russia and Syria to kill off Turco rebels and isis but only if is allowed to keep Afrin. Russia and Syria will allow him to do this. Then when Erdogan is dead or out of office Syria will retake Afrin or Turkish incoming gov will gift it back to Syria.

What do you think?

S Melanson

The problem is Assad made it clear that all Syrian territory is to be liberated regardless of who is occupying the stolen lands. Turkey, along with Russia and Iran, has also committed to Astana which backs Assad’s intent to regain all that was lost. But your points are compelling enough that they must be offering Erdogan something – what could it be?

Alan Foo

Not an inch of land.

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