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Large Convoy Of Russian PMCs Spotted On Central African Republic Border With Sudan (Photos)

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Large Convoy Of Russian PMCs Spotted On Central African Republic Border With Sudan (Photos)

Click to see full-size image, Source: facebook.com/Birao-info-pages-officiel-1871004046335034

On March 29, a large convoy transporting Russian private military contractors (PMS) arrived at the Central African Republic (CAR).

The convoy entered the country through the Amdafock border crossing with Sudan. It was last spotted in the town of Birao. The convoy’s final destination is reportedly the northern town of Bamingui.

The Briao Info Facebook page shared several photos of the convoy, which consists of more than 50 pickups, trucks, armored personnel carriers and engineering vehicles.

Russian forces have been present in the CAR for a few years. Military advisors are currently training the Central African Armed Forces. Meanwhile, the PMCs are supporting government forces and guarding the country’s top officials.

A coalition of major rebel groups in the CAR, dubbed the Coalition of Patriots for Change, is now engaged in a rebellion against the country’s legitimate authorities. The rebels have been attempting to capture the capital, Bangui, in order to overthrow President Faustin-Archange Touadéra, who was re-elected last December.

In spite of the efforts of Russia and a number of regional and international powers, the situation in the CAR remains far from being stable. The country’s civil war, which has been ongoing since 2012, will not likely end soon.


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Lone Ranger

It seems Russia had enough of CIAisis, they are playing hardball now. Was about time…


Yes. This year is the start of a new Russian relationship with the US/UK and NATO.

This is the year when Russia and China will no longer tolerate the petulance and double standards of the most indebted nations in the world.

Jihadi Colin

Far more than about time. Every display of Russian restraint is taken by the Amerikastani Empire as a sign of weakness, emboldens it, weakens Russia’s long term security position, and leads to the Amerikastani Empire trying even more provocations.

Jens Holm

Actually its The French being the mainplayers in that inland kindly assisted by other from Europe Mr Stanly-Livingstone.

Thats why we dont see them and Makron very much about Syria.

Colleen Crouse

Thanks for letting us know.

Their insurance was cancelled today. And the Sudan does not owe this to the U.S. Whatever those “payments” were supposed to be were acquired in bad faith. I now know that the hack did in fact occur in relation to the Fire Department, which was intentionally sabotaged via its efforts at a lawsuit in 2017 in Texas. The mayor should already have been repudiated for what he did; he unfortunately has not and unfortunately again, he was aided and abetted by the governor. It was a painful confirmation of what was already understood to be a potential peril, and now that the conditions have been confirmed we can take steps to eliminate the discrepancy.

Colleen Crouse


I believe there is another article discussing these matters more poignantly. But there is also this:


8:27 pm CST March 31, 2021

Jens Holm

If the Russians are well organized as they sometimes are, they probatly bring in their own terrorists as well:(

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