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Large Blast Kills, Injures Dozens Of Syrian Soldiers In Eastern Daraa (Photos)

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On June 20, a large explosion targeted a bus carrying dozens of Syrian Arab Army soldiers in the eastern Daraa countryside.

A heavy improvised explosive device struck the bus as it was moving on the road between the towns of Kiheel and Busra al-Sham. The large explosion teared the bus apart, injuring or killing everyone aboard.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that nine service members were killed and 19 others were injured in the explosion. However, local sources place the death toll at 15.

The casualties were serving in the 8th Brigade of the Russian-backed 5th Corps. All of them were former rebels who joined the reconciliation process in mid-2018. The soldiers were reportedly on their way back from a military camp in northern Lattakia.

Last month, the 8th Brigade launched a security operation against ISIS-affiliated individuals in the northwestern Daraa countryside. Several suspects were apprehended.

There was no immediate claim for the bus attack. However, ISIS remains the main suspect. The terrorist group’s cells are known to be highly-active in eastern Daraa.


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Fog of War

There’s that magical ISIS again, forever supplied with man power and weapons. How did they know the bus was going to be passing through there ? Or do they blow up all buses ?

Damien C

The Israeli intercept and record mobile calls from these soldiers phoning home telling relatives when they will be back.
The Israeli proxies then have a few days to plant an explosive laden vehicle on the roadside and then GPS tracking of the phones identify when they are all together and moving south bound….. thus on a bus.
A simple trigger device and a pair of binnoculars does the rest

Free man

What a well-developed imagination you have.
Only that harm to the 5 th Corps, supported by Russia, is bad for Israel.


Let him, you can also see the deluded Richard commentating here with his regular BS.

Damien C


This is not bad for Israel at all. Israel prefers carnage occuring in all its Arab neighbours either militarily or economically. Whilst they suffer from fractions internally there is a vastly reduced threat against the State of Israel especially in any organised manner.
If this wasn’t the case why did Israeli military cross the border into Syria to retrieve injured ISIS fighters treat them in Israeli military hospitals then rearm them with updated intelligence and some money on the day of their discharge.

Free man

The simple truth is that Israel is interested in removing Iranian forces from Syria in general and from southern Syria in particular. Only Russia and its loyal forces in the SAA can do it, according to Israel. In addition, Israel will not risk harming Russian interest. The rest is irrelevant.

Lazy Gamer

Too many elements. Simplest explanation is there was a mole.

Damien C

Hi Lazy,

Not too many elements at all. Israel intelligence is running locations on all Syrian units at all times creating a military current state picture at all times 24/7

A simple phone call to the local ISIS commander with the info is all thats required. These commanders have worked with Israeli connections many times in the past. It ensures the commanders get to stay in leadership positions their underlings have no idea where the info came from and they can carry out effective attacks.
It also ensures these commanders never get a visit from a ninja bomb

Peter Jennings

Is this a new tactic for terrorists or is it revenge for leaving the cult?

Either way security needs to be stepped up. The locals can and should do their part and report the vermin when they see them.

Bobby Twoshoes

I think the latter more likely, I don’t see any tactical advantage in targeting soldiers who are already proven to be open to switching sides.


It’s highly likely that it’s state sponsored terrorism, probably involving the CIA, Mossad and the IDF.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

It is highly likely that it was Isis or ex FSA fighters that were responsible for the attack that’s true, but I’m not jumping to any conclusions yet [Isis usually claim responsibility], there is another group of factions that don’t like the Russian backed forces meddling in this area, and there’s a small chance they may have been responsible for the attack.
I know there’s absolutely no love lost at all between them, the ex rebels and ex Baathist that make up the Russian backed 5th army corps have already come to blows against the Iranian backed militias several times, in 2018 and 2019 in Deir ez Zor, and early in 2019 in western Aleppo, so even if the pro Russian meia never admit it, there have been huge tensions between the 2 groups.
All is not as it seems, I said a few days ago there had been unconfirmed reports on syrialiveuamaps that made claims that units from the Russian backed 5th army corps had some sort of trouble with other units of the SAA’s 1st 2nd and 3rd army corps, there were also reports of helicopter gunships and aircraft flying all over Damascus at the same time, so now I’m finding it hard not to link the 2 events together, but I really hope I’m wrong, this is the last think Assad needs to happen now.

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