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Landslide Approval Of Constitutional Amendments Following Russian Referendum

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Landslide Approval Of Constitutional Amendments Following Russian Referendum

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On July 2nd, 100% of the vote on the referendum in Russian for amendments on the constitution was counted.

  • The results are: 77.92% in favor, 21.27% against.
  • The voter turnout was 67.97%.

There was not a single district that voted against, with the closest being in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), which had a turnout of 50.4% and results 58.34% in favor and 40.65% against.

In the week beginning on July 6th, Russian parliament will begin work on implementing the amendments to the constitution, the chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Constitutional Law Andrei Klishas said.

“Parliament will begin work on laws next week to enforce the constitution,” Klishas said.

He noted the convincing support by the Russians of amendments to the Basic Law.

“A convincing victory for supporters of a strong social sovereign state. Voting took place without serious violations,” the senator said.

The Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that the vote was considered a triumph.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that the result of the vote posed new challenges for the government. According to him, results of the vote on amendments to the Constitution confirmed the support of the country’s development course proposed by the president. This, in itself, poses new challenges for the government and strengthens the responsibility of each member of the Cabinet, the Russian Prime Minister said.

In a direct appeal to Russians just before the final day of the vote – July 1st, Russian President Vladimir Putin said they were voting for “stability, safety, wellbeing and a decent life”. He also did not mention that the vote would allow him to return to power for a fifth and sixth term, if he chooses.

Western media wasted no time in reporting that the vote was, basically, a sham, such as the Guardian’s report on the matter:

“The results will allow the Kremlin to say that a vast majority of Russians back Putin’s continued rule beyond 2024, the year that until now marked the end of his fourth and final term as president. Ads for the vote barely mentioned that it would reset term limits for Putin.

In a single up-or-down vote, Russians also chose to support a package of amendments that include pension and minimum wage boosts, a modest reorganisation of government, a constitutional mention of “faith in God”, a ban on gay marriage, exhortations to preserve Russian language and history, and a ban on top officials holding dual citizenship.”

According to the outlet, the vote was also with “made up” rules:

“Meanwhile, officials appeared to make up the voting rules as they went along. Hours before polls closed on Wednesday, Russia’s elections committee released preliminary results for the vote, showing that 73% of Russians had supported the amendments.”

A lot of criticism is aimed at the online part of the vote and that it lasted an entire week, which meant that there was a limited paper trail and this alone created various possibilities for abuses.

One of the main concerns of the mainstream propaganda is the ‘conservative turn’, which is now officially ongoing in Russia thanks to the successful vote on the amendments to the constitution. The accepted amendments not only strengthened the Russian system of the governance, but also secured the traditional values of the Russian society. Russia has just publicly become an official alternative to the neo-liberal, minorities-ruled West. At least, somewhere in Europe families committed to traditional values can feel themselves safe.


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Jan Lavicka

A great pro-human president always deserves to stay in an office….. The limitaiton is just a nazi global corporate tool to expel great presidents.


It is a way to put puppets on the chair, while the masonic oligarchies have real power.

Jim Bim

Most western MSM only mention 1 amendment of 46 in the Russian referendum…Putin can stay in office until 2036, that the voting was a sham and there where widespread cheating……no facts to back it up. Putin has not even mentioned that he would seek another term after 2024.


To me ( I mean by hearing what he has been saying recently, even the last speech at the memorial of the unknown soldier ) it looks like he wants to quit. Maybe he will take the next term. But this will be the last one.

This constitutional reform is a good indication in regard. Less power for the President, more power to the Duma and to the national security commission. Dual citizenship fifth columnists out of the window. And the abolition of a lot of the american made articles in the Constitution.

He has rebuilt Russia, put it on its feet stably, now he is planning for his own succession.

Jim Bim



Idiots must pay attention to some of those reforms because their countries’ future depend on it but it’s for 10-15 years into future, so who gives a hoot?

What I understand from it, Russia is turning into a very attractive and safe place for people who value family, religion and honest work, I hope this includes safe food and clean air and water too. It currently has not enough population to utilize even %10 of its potential. I know what I’d do: make immigration easy for the people who agree with my values and have the least cultural and racial clash with my own people, in other word, drain Europe from working men and women and working means real work not paper pushing, I wouldn’t want more mouth for my big cities.

Maybe this is the whole plan, time will tell. Right now one can immigrate to Russia given they have a certain qualification and immediately start farming, Russian government helps them a good deal. I wait to see if they make their laws more lenient for Europeans.

If it’s the plan, Europe as we know it may finish. But not quite finish, they should keep buying Russian gas!

Harry Smith

I know what I’d do: make immigration easy for the people who agree with my values

Most of Russians are imperial nationalists. If any president will easy the immigration laws for those who’s first language is not Russian it will be the last decision he will make.


Immigration without assimilation is out of question. I wouldn’t want to create a big Marseille.

Harry Smith

I think that assimilation will be a major problem.


I can’t understand why it should be a problem, Harry. Russians (as nationality, not ethnicity) consist of hundreds of different ethnicity, language, culture and tradition across 11 time zones. Why would accepting a few others (considering only people with similar culture/skin tone/whatever, let’s call “certain qualities”, are invited) who then assimilate into local population will be a major problem.

I heard many of ethnic Russians are a bit of racists towards other ethnics or look at them from above so to speak (except maybe Ukrainians or Belorussians) and call them Chornyi or something similar). I haven’t witness it first hand yet. Is assimilation problem related to this?

Anyway, time will tell about softening immigration laws -if ever going to happen- I guess we have to wait and see about this one.

Harry Smith

Oh yeah? Try to find statistics about immigrants in Chechnya IE. Or google about anti immigrant clashes in Yakutia. Not only ethnic Russians are nationalists.

Jim Bim

Russia has a low population rate like all western countries. Thats why the top priority is better living standard, higher child pay, more help for young families, better and more housing Russia has not recovered the loss of 26 million deaths from WW2.

Tommy Jensen

Turn out 67,97%. Im speaking for the human rights of the 32,03% who dared NOT to express their free opinion. Further the free and civilised world were banned from supervising the Stalin elections. Same tits as Crimea.


What about USA elections who are never supervised? Last time, they threatened to arrest foreign observers. Oh democracy! Hypocritical democracy.

But hey, if you have proofs show them. The burden of proof is upon you.

cechas vodobenikov

“amerikan election laws are only found I according to their own election officialsn dictatorships like azerbijian”. Seth Ackerman 28 million US ballots cannot be accounted for in the US in the past decade, or perhaps it was 15 years…the USA is a procedural republic, less civilized than N Korea as Sandel at Harvard writes

cechas vodobenikov

will the CIA pay me to post your propaganda? how many bindles of meth do they feed you?

S Melanson

Tommy I have found has a tendency to post satirical comments that are intentionally absurd. The delivery is dry which gives the impression he is serious, but some are so over the top it is obviously satire and they can be hilariously entertaining.

Regarding Americans, I am Canadian but I grew up in the States so I have first hand experience. The biggest problem is ignorance of the world beyond the borders of the US. The school system indoctrinates students with a US hyper-centric worldview that elevates the US to be the one and only exceptional and indispensable Nation in the world, lowering all other nations to a subordinate position.

Indoctrination also presents the US as a benevolent force in the world and given US exceptionalism, it normalizes in the public subconscious that only the US is qualified to lead the world. So effective is indoctrination, hegemonic policies that impose US dominance in the world are viewed by the public as natural and appropriate because the world needs US leadership as it is the US that knows what is best for the nations of the world.

When I moved back to Canada I eventually deprogrammed this worldview and replaced it with reality.

cechas vodobenikov

this was my experience when I attended graduate school in the USA….there is a reason why many amerikans place the Canadian maple leaf on their day packs when visiting other nations….your observations were written about by the British anthropologist, Geoffrey Gorer in1947, and his updated version in the 1960’s….prior this he wrote an ethnography, “the great Russian people”. he observed amerikans to be extraordinarily insecure—Russians free of insecurity and anxiety….after examining curriculum in Soviet schools and soviet media he described the censorship in US media and schools as “ludicrous”….the Us Supreme Court justice Potter Stewart wrote, “censorship reflects a society that has no confidence in itself”. Recently Georgi Derlugian wrote in the Jacobin: :amerikan academia is far more effectively censored than was soviet academia”

S Melanson

I do not fully agree with the observations that Americans are extraordinarily insecure in contrast to Russians who are free of insecurity and anxiety.

Everyone has some form of insecurity – did I invest wisely or will I retire in poverty? Is my wife having an affair? NATO is building up at our doorstep, Is this to intimidate us into submission?

The fall of the Soviet Union and the period of instability and chaos that followed was a time of heightened anxiety among Russians. The rise of Putin was fortuitous as it has gone a long way to restore Russia’s stature as a great power. While insecurity and anxiety have eased greatly among Russians, anxiety over sovereignty and national identity persist.

The amendments codify the gains as a signal that Russia is committed to charting an independent course, there will be no turning back. The West is having a hard time accepting that They cannot control Russia.

As for Americans, they are often too ignorant to be insecure. ;-)

cechas vodobenikov

the functional illiteracy and ignorance of amerikans has made us an international joke: Morris Berman

Lone Ranger

You should do a stand up routine with that :)

Harry Smith

Please give those 30% Green cards so they can immigrate to the beacon of freedom- USA. I think the 70% remained even will buy tickets for those 30%. ROFL. In fact summer is the most unfavorable time for voting in Russia because many Russians are at their “dacha”. I wanted to vote in the village I leave and where I have legal propriety but had to go to vote in the town where I am officially registered. They denied me to vote in the village. :)


The fun fact is that a majority of those 30% wanted something tougher. Don’t forget that a good number of russians are nationalists to the bone. They are the ones who see Putin as an atlanticist traitor and zionist asset.

They were very disappointed by the bland response after the Kiev coup. They wanted to go all in and invade Ukraine, no questions asked.

Harry Smith

It’s not the case now, I think. Russian commies made a huge propaganda against the amendments because their leader make money by selling parliament membership to rich people. The CPRF has the biggest density of millionaires in their fraction in Russian parliament. The amendments deny parliament membership to those who has foreign permanent resident status, money in foreign banks and foreign real estate. So the commie business is ruined. All commies I know voted against amendments.


Crimea River.

Concrete Mike

Lol good one!

cechas vodobenikov

amerikan peasant are aware voting is irrelevant in their police state dictatorship of inverted —only 51% ever bother to vote–the true idiots….while Putin is not as brilliant as Stalin, his advisors are certainly talented…clearly amerikans r unable to trust their experience—they r green w envy…the only people to consider a color in this fashion—for Goethe green was the ordinary: for amerikans it is ordinary to mistrust their experience and be envious

johnny rotten

This is good but it is not enough to earn respect from Westerners, until this respect is definitively restored, Russia will be condemned to live waiting for a total war, with the pro-Western oligarchy always ready to betray the Russian people, all this Putin will leave it as a legacy to those who come after him.

Concrete Mike

Who needs the respect of the fascist west?

We dont deserve respect, as to how we now treat our fellow human beings.

Lone Ranger

Glory to Mother Russia. Good job Comrades. Russia is a strong independent country. King of the North. Protector of Mankind. Forever and ever. Amen.

M.A. Lamett

Only time will show the outcome of this referendum. I am afraid it may be just a disguise to grab more power for the infamous zionist powered oligarchy ruling Russia. The results should not be interpreted as a support to Mr. Putin, as his support is dropping fast compared to a few years back. Also it seems to be that there is a growing opposition which are Euroasianists integrists, socialist, communist and nationalist. I wonder for how long Mr.Putin will be able to balance between these powers in Russia. This is all he did so far. Alexander Dugin calls Putin the greatest neo-liberal. Russian media such as RT and Sputnik banned him. We will see how Russia will evolve. An autocratic and more despot state continuing to advance the ominous agenda of the oligarchy or a fair, patriotic, law-abiding and democratic one which works for the real interest of its people.


“The results are: 77.92% in favor, 21.27% against.”

Am I the only one who noticed it’s a total 99.19%? was there a third option other than Yes or No?

Peter Williams

Invalid votes.

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