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Land Of Freedom And Democracy: After Shutting Down Opposition TV Channels, Kiev Regime Issues ‘Treason’ Accusation Against Opposition Blogger

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Land Of Freedom And Democracy: After Shutting Down Opposition TV Channels, Kiev Regime Issues ‘Treason’ Accusation Against Opposition Blogger

Anatoly Shariy

The Kiev regime continues to demonstrate that it has successfully learnt lessons of its Washington puppets and is widely employ censorship, political persecutions and intelligence services to suppress the opposition and persecute Ukrainian citizens.

After shutting down opposition TV channels by imposing sanctions (on a Ukrainian citizen and a member of the Ukrainian Parliament (!), the Zelensky government moved forward in burning the weak vestiges of freedom of speech in Ukraine.

On February 16, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) released a video accusing the prominent political blogger and opposition politician in exile, Anatoly Shariy. Expectedly, according to the SBU, Shariy works in the interests of the Kremlin.

Shariy received asylum in the European Union in 2012 as he was reportedly persecuted by Ukrainian law enforcement bodies related to his journalist work. Then, Viktor Yanukovich was the president of Ukraine. Therefore, it is hard to consider Shariy to be a supporter of the ‘bloody Yanukovich regime’.

Since 2014, Shariy has gained a wide popularity in Ukraine due to his regular video blogs revealing fakes of Ukrainian and Western propaganda and the permanent state of chaos and corruption of the ‘new democratic Ukrainian state’ under the rule of its ‘Western partners’.

For years, Shariy was a vocal critic of Petro Poroshenko and was actively supporting Volodymyr Zelensky (that then promised to support the peace settlement in Eastern Ukraine, fight the corruption and restore the order in the government) during the 2019 presidential campaign. However, then, it appeared that Zelensky is just Poroshenko 2.0 and his government is not interested in protecting the real Ukrainian national interests but rather employs various illegal tools, including funding of neo-Nazi radical militant groups, to secure the power. Thus, the focus of work of Shariy and his political party that he established in 2019 turned to be to oppose both Zelensky and Poroshenko.

Activists and members of the Party of Shariy were repeatedly attacked by government-backed radicals and militants.

I thank the SBU for raising suspicion by publishing a propaganda video in telegrams on the article “High treason”.

Now I don’t need to prove to the EU once again that all cases against me – pure politics.

Shariy and his party have little presence within the government bodies. For example, in the 2020 Ukrainian local elections the party gained 52 deputies. However, they achieved a significant success in Ukraine as the opposition media phenomenon – mostly due to the fact that the government was not able to detain or kill Shariy, who remains in the European Union.

Therefore, the media work of Shariy and his circle cause a permanent concern among the Ukrainian leadership as it reveals the sad reality of the modern Ukraine that goes contrary to MSM propaganda and loud statements of representatives and sponsors of the Kiev regime.


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This is what happens in a Nazi state masquerading as a Democracy.

Harry Smith

This is what can happen in the USA in nearest future.


Your meaningless words … truly Orwellian


The zio terrorist gay jewboy shitting everywhere again


Again … nothing but puke punk

Jens Holm

Thats no comment

Concrete Mike

Do you honestly support these pukes in Kiev?


Yes …

I support them in facing off against Putin …

Jihadi Colin

They’re facing off against Putin? Where? How?

Jens Holm

They try to be their own and just as bad as them:(


Donetsk … Putin’s dirty tricks FSB

Jihadi Colin

Care to expand on what you’re talking about? Including evidence?


No … lol

I’m not writing a treatise … hello?

Care to expound on the wonderful Putin? Or on his policy vis a vis Ukraine?


Jihadi Colin

You brought up the topic. It’s for you to prove your hypothesis or shut up.


Huh … prove?

Why ? Does anyone else prove anything?

Jihadi Colin


Because if you say something you’d better prove it.

Jens Holm

I think Im with Tzatz in this. I makes no sense to tryto support Yourself by collpased people which even are agressive to You.

I see the nationalisme weven with nazis as no new thing. It was very c´visible, when the Boilsjivics took Ukriane even there was hard resistenace after the 1917 event.

After that the only opposition choise was those people. They only can be moderated by the people there are treated nice. The agressions are there because of the Russians still thinking they has rights there and are masters of the universe.

Concrete Mike

Your an idiot so of course youll support the resident waffen SS representative.

Can you speak german in danemark?

Because in ukraine, the russian language is verbotten now.

You get what im saying dumbass? Or do you need drawing

Jens Holm

I think I and we support people in Ukraine support themself better. I dont think we have made it as it is.

We as manyu others do understand the past and partly also today. Very strange You even can write we support nazis. We support they shopuld not go back to communisme and they all are alowed to choose and not choose collapsed communisme as well as collapsed nazisme.

So we try to mild things supporting the ones, which are not as those extremes but unfortunatly people there well assisted by the Bolsjevics – Very well descriebed from before Germany won of Russia in WW1 and next won over the Bolsjevics in WW1 as well – And eáfter that the Ukrainian nationalists tryed to defend themselkf and was pu nished very hard by the Communists after that.

Its even well descriebed that when Hitler arrived there were 2 Ukraine infantery division ready for him but they were slaves no good and it was denied them to help – a big mistake by Hitler.

But in the late WW2 Hitler actually used Ukrainians as second class waffen SS and even mainly armed with Russian weapons. They felt themself very motivated for very good reasons.

And next Germans was the devellopers in the whole Eastern Europe. Thats a very old thing. Maps show they not only came with all kind of people and also leftover. They actually came with technology. They created jobs where none was taking in better farming, better forresting and better mining all the way from Yugoslavia to Estonia.

So by that German was a common first language a lot of places and certainly not russian. People there knew where the good stuff came from and they still do.

I allow med to add Jiddish and the trade Jews among them, which were a minority, Ypu alwauys uides as ghreedy grabbers. Well, they educated themself and connected the locals to each other with the Jewish Law suytems, which all could rely on and was trusted.

By their internationalisme, You could trade with Spain and America and it was the same conditions all over. You could make marrige contracts by them and they were with no strange gabs and traps and was used very much by any.

In the Russian and for that matter communist You should trust God or Stalin even most things were normal sekularisme and by that was destroyed and inspired many for uprise and authors too.

Jews and Germans were the traders and devellopers as well and had a language somewhere in the middle of everything, which were un derstod by most germans too.

By that its no strange at all to go back to German as norma language and communication as second choise. They do see Merkel and great parts of the west can help them and improved contacts can help thjem. They for the moment see the opposit by Russia.

And yes all danes learn at least a little english in school, but we mainly learn english but german is just as close to danish. We have choosen English as main EU language. Even the Germans comming here speak german with us unless we speak our second class german to them.

I wil remind You Dansih Kings until a voting in 1920 was owners and “fursts” in the German Union and Germany was not one county but a hat for many almost independent nations nased on big town, Bishop possitions, Kings, landlkords and trade unions.

By that its not strange Ukrainia many Ukrainians was same kind of green grass. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dee4649b998faef4dec41b458c845c22e2db122322617f172ed65f470fdeb229.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8acd233d8b0862efcc8953ffd0ab6e91680109d9a9922fa93ef7a2d63ea89051.png


Over 80% ukranians are orthodoxy,live and bear it,how does that harmonise with ukraine,well it did but for some diabolical ideologys,the whole world come to learn is of incestry,you faile to admit hitler was born of incestry yet you prevail to try to subvert the former khararian neo-liberal protestant variant whom infact were the ones whom murdered royalty,yet you accuse lenin because there was always and understanding in the event anything happens was best preparared to take the helm to lead russia out of the rut!

Lenin did a reasonable job more than not insomuch as how he countered the vile,reptilian,germanic,khazar evil paganic satanic pharisee,orthodoxy murderous clan of then deep state whom were then enemys of lenin too,because they were simply out ,muscled and out numbered back then just like the same dummy spit between putin and soros whom you obviously support!

But that’s ok,because in the end truth insomuch as knowledge has power where as you severely lacketh seens you never defended the truth only unless it suits your narrative,albiet never in the position to ever change anything as you live to see infact whom has the attributes to counter all your fake millions and billions,fake heros to fake zeros,societys of unrest seens experience comes to nought,yet you proclaim to defend democracy where in reality the Commonwealth and anzacs fought against you fascists and nazis and their jap poodles,which is why along with russia paved the way towards democracy and communist developments to the point you begotten satanic incest like culteds had to resort to all kinds of crimes against humanitys much in the same spirit of nazis,now we are all to believe your pledge towards understand traditions brings upon valour in conquests,for the love of christ reject the bullsht,harden the fk up and don’t be a no good isis loving,facistic worshipping utterly irrelevant human being without the right attitude because you know 30 lawmen were murdered in kiev,you know the mother holding the baby shot dead by the drug addicted lowlife homosexiual parasite towards east,you know they went at gunpoint and raided a bus in crimea forcing them to east glass and you have the audacity to try to justify rabid cia/nwo payed fascists?

Don’t insult valour,you know we Australians in the real know have no time of day for immoral (if not hijacked) danish kings try to live off other nations wealth,in short fk covert sly paris accord too,wealth belongs to the peoples not nwo ideologists and frankly yous need to be more carefull because in the end it will not help your cause one little bit or could it be you don’t give a rats arse about anything but you next trip to bahamas?

Did russia invade you home? They never invaded ours nor ever will,yet how is it once Russia decided to counter most profficient and humane without blood shed,crimea has been better ever since?Check it out now!

Hilter is a liar,dumb as sht,he could have taken most of europe not greece nor russia nor yugoslavia though,but this is what happened ORTHODOXY FAITH WITH WORKS was far too much for you lower b grade swastika human beings to say the very least,see prudence,even the words of the more prudent accounts to nought compared to wizdom,try it some day! Believe in a big lie once,forget it,you lose power just like hitler+ now usa!

Think I’m kidding? now why the heck would i lie,to live like a sly coward? Rather let go of the steering wheel,but if they pay you well,good luck! Certainly gonna need it more than me,Stay safe:

Concrete Mike

Support right sectorr is mild to you?

Dang i gotta take out for some hot wings then, the dogg is crazy!

Jens Holm

Knowing things in Your world is being a dumbass. Thats how Your are underdevelloped and will remain so.

Concrete Mike


I own 2 honda crv, how is that for underdevelopped.

Triggered much ya euro trash ?

Concrete Mike

Also lol, your defending ftaz.

Whats a matter biotch?


Ukraine was only independant when they had soviet nukes + powerplants,nowdays=kepoot!

Jens Holm

It was USSR nukes and Ukraine was a part of it. Thats why they got the ones meant against Russia.

A funy scenaria could be they still had them and was able to fire against Moscow and Leningrad:).



Jens Holm

Bolsjevics made it https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/60808da8871853a0653e43cd25c0ad9de8ed3d29faa61822757325e17ac7db75.jpg


That make the cia decoup like biden legit? What 13 billion stolen from ukr$ too? Call that progressive? Nato hens,genocide yugoslavia tried donbass but failed, tried syria but failed,like the rest of the demonic nazi/cia fkfests 31 trillion debts? You have the making for one very problematic human being,chances are betrayed!

Jens Holm

I hope You are no cook:(

Lone Ranger

Neo-trotskyite DNC/Soros/CIA running braindead neo-nazis calling it building a democracy… More like demoncrazy… You can’t make this s… up.

Hasbara Hunter



thomas malthaus

https://www.moonofalabama.org/ The UK undermining Russian society and institutions.

Jens Holm

Thats not needed. They are doing it very well themself.


Chutzpah …

Coming from a vile Russian Police State

There is no freedom in Russia … peaceful protesters are being jailed


There are no men in gay boy land, squatters in Palestine, aka isrealhell


No squatters … that’s what Turks do in their out houses

Concrete Mike

Go fuck yourself dickweed, we give you the privilege of free speech and you use it to spit in our face everyday.

Your nazism is coming out more and more, you cant hide it anymore.

You dont even deny it anymore either. Your just like them ostland crusaders in june of 1941. Whats your argument?? Nazis fight putin so their good? Is that your excuse?

Heil shithead!


A tovarich … lol

Putin the FSB slug in charge of your Police State today is the head of a criminal kleptocracy

Concrete Mike

Im in the same state you claim to be in morron.

You didnt even rebuke me, you just threw more shit on the wall.

Once again, what has Putin done to YOU? What has Putin done to Canada, your so called “home”.

You cant even answer me, your so pathetic. How do you feel about french canadians eh??

Did Putin give you covid or something?

What the fuck is your problem crusader?

How about helpibg your fellow canadians instead of bejng a web crusader?

Grosse tapette!


I just came from Roncessvalles for a walkabout … the Poles and Ukrainians in that neighbourhood might have something to say about the Putin thug … eh?

How about helping my fellow Canadians? I’m paying my taxes and following Covid protocols … full stop

I don’t live in a state sluggo … I live in a province and a country …


Concrete Mike

You didnt answer a single question…

Not everybody is a Putin agent. We have a saying, dont paint everything with the same brush.

Can you figure that one out? And of course your pandering to a small special interest group. These people do NOT represent the interests of the whole canadian people do they?

What you call.helping out fellow canadians, we call that doing the bare minimum.

I also live in a province, with lots of french people!!!

Your “arguments” are on very thin ice.


You implied you lived in a state … cementhead

‘We have a saying?’

Concrete Mike

Canada is still a nation state dumbass. Instead of playing semantics , answer my questions.

Oh wait you cant because its not in your script.

All you can do is insult me or…lol putin.

Anything else Mr(s) racist supremacist?


What has Putin done to me?

What has Putin done to Canada?

Those questions are VERY SELFISH … as if Canada / Canadians aren’t part of the World … hello?

Just because Putin hasn’t used a Novichok nerve agent to poison a Canadian doesn’t mean in doesn’t affect ME or Canada/ Canadians … cementhead

Concrete Mike

Nonsense. We have our own skeletons in our closet.

Your just advocating for special interests group, pathetic.

Since when does the world give a crap about canada? How about never

Your the selfish one here not me. You are the one pandering to special interest groups not me. Your the one advocating for more war not me. Your the one cheering on our deployed boys in latvia, wasting our fucking money to shut up peices of crap like you!

The globe dont give a crap about canada, your delusional.

Get off freyland’s tit, your an adult, your too old for breast milk!


You’re not in Quebec cementhead!

You were in a state … remember?

That slip up points YOU as a Moscow warrior in the bowels of the FSB … ya f/kn lout

I could give a sh Xt about Russia … eh?


Concrete Mike

Your right im not in quebec.

You stupidly assumed all french canadians are in quebec.

TThre are 3/4 of a million, just in ontario.

Your keeping score now? Canada is still a state dumbass.

You cant answer my questions still. Canada aint the world police. We are in no standing whatsoever to pontificate to other countries.

Have you seen how we treat our native brothers and sisters?

You dont care, you just care about you. You would rather look good than do any good.

Your just an ugly parrot reading a script.


Save it for your comrades … you got ‘outed’ cementhead

Concrete Mike

When will you come out of the closet, mr waffeN SS.

You never outed me. i gave plenty of hints where im at.

Im wworkin on a lobster processing plant.

If you cant figure that out, god help you.

Hate will destroy you. Beware fool!




Bonard Maciel

A mídia ocidental é sionista, portanto, não presta!

Black Waters

Insane… they arent far from going fully retarded.

Trap Is Not Gay

If they are obligated to shut it down they’re losing.

Ukraine must be instable as fuck.

(the usual)

They’re slowly waking up.

Jihadi Colin

This is what fascist states do. The gibbering globetrotting genocidal gangster Gujarati government of Narendrabhai Damodardasbhai Modi in India is now arresting people for tweeting against the regime.

Jens Holm

Navalnev dont live there and also not in Krasnodar


There is an arabic proverb: Don’t let you tongue mention other’s faults. You are also full of faults and others have toungues too.

Jens Holm

Haha. And some even are able to write with their tails:)

Tommy Jensen

Shariy is part of Kremlins comprehensive regime change operations where Putin via colour revolutions undermine the free and civilised world to gobble more landmasses with rich resources, leaving only soup kitchens with free Chinese noodles to an American.

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