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Kuwait And Bahrain Urge Citizens To Leave Lebanon Immediately

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Kuwait And Bahrain Urge Citizens To Leave Lebanon Immediately

Kuwait’s foreign ministry

Following Saudi Arabia’s decision to order its citizens to leave Lebanon immediately, Kuwait’s Foreign Ministry made a similar announcement.

The Kuwait News Agency quoted the foreign ministry’s statement saying that the move “contributed the step to circumstances experienced by Lebanon at the moment, as well as a precautionary measure against any negative imapct that might take place.”

The statement also urged citizens to avoid traveling to Lebanon.

A similar decision was made by Bahrain. The country’s foreign ministry added that its citizens were banned from traveling to Lebanon, as well.

This might be another sign of the upcoming conflict between Hezbollah and Israel, which would likely be backed up by the Saudi-led block.

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Brad Isherwood

“The US is trying to tease Hezbollah’s high ground through its recent wave of sanctions against its funders and members, and pressuring the Lebanese financial establishment to fully comply with the sanctions strategy,” he said. http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/11/lebanon-caught-saudi-iran-regional-power-play-171107075704436.html

Jens Holm

Pure nonsense. More like a build up as countarattack Saudis lost ISIS and therefore go for fighting Hesbollah.

Your base is wrong. US is not responsable for that exept asking Saudis not to support ISIS. The result is, they escalate against Hesbollah by more agressiveness in Lebanon(end yemen). US has asked Saudis to calm down in Yemen,but saudis seemes not to listen there as well.


Banned from travel? I wonder if they sentence anybody into 15 years of imprisonment if dares to question that as well.


If Israel dares aggression on Lebanon, may a storm of Hezbollah missiles rain on Israel, and may all Israelis harvest the fear of death which they have sown on themselves.

Solomon Krupacek

yes, kill several hundred civilians and the whole hezbollah will undergo total extinction level.


That’s what you kikes said in 2006.

Solomon Krupacek

i said nothing. but i know, in 2006 hezbollah was so much destroyed, that until now dont dare to atack israel.

moreover, isaw also in syria, that hazbollah TOGETHER with saa AND irgc ran before isis like rabbits. so boy, hezbollah was not enoug tough against jehadists without heavy weapons and air forc. would be zero against idf+iaf. be realistic and domnt want war, in which will die thousands of innocent lebanese civilians.


Hezbollah never attacked Israel kike, Israel was the one who started the war claiming they were going to destroy Hezbollah in two weeks. It’s now over 10 years later and Hezbollah is as strong as ever.

You Jews are cowards and won’t fight anyone who is capable of defending itself which is why Israel won’t dare attack Lebanon again but if you’re stupid enough to make the same mistake again it will be your last.

Solomon Krupacek

hezbollah atatcked. also kidnapped israeli soldiers form israel. sometimes also now shoot missile on israel. but no massive attacks before they were kicked in ass.

you are fascist, but i am not jew.

Moussa Saab

Hezbollah kidnapped the soldiers to gain a bargaining chip for many, many Lebanese and Hezbollah captives in Israel. Israel was craving for war, and the pretext for 2 kidnapped israeli soldiers is a bad cover up too. 120 IDF soldiers who died to save 2 kidnapped Israeli soldiers. That is stupid.

Solomon Krupacek

the reason is unimportant. BL, the nazi wrote, hezbollah NEVER attacked israel. BL, the meganazi is liar. only this is important.


die dirty Zionist rat


Sure. Raining missiles on Israeli civilians is not attacking like Hamas also never attacked Israel.

Israel is unlikely to attack Hezbollah without provocation. On the other hand, Hezbollah is very eager to provoke Israel into attacking them.

Likely Israel will ignore almost anything from Hezbollah with three exceptions : missile attacks on Israeli civilians, transfer of high tech weapons to Hezbollah and positioning of Hezbollah forces on the divide between Syria and Israel.


As Shlomo said : Thousands of innocent lebanese civilians will die. Everyone is goingto die (innocents and guilty all around the world).

hezbollah fleeing like rabits??? you are so cute. maybe you did not follow the war in Siria. Shall we make a list of all Hezb victories and quote the two times they had to retreat (to make glorious victories somewhere else)?


I agree partially with you. Imo an average SAA unit will run sooner then most Hezbollah units.

Solomon Krupacek

childrens are everywhere innocent

Jens Holm

I take it again: This is among Saudis and Hesbollah. By changig the top in Syria as well as some in Saudiarabia its the plan to make the groups against Hesbollah stronger and more active.

You might delete some of Your most sick nightymares and You will see Israel does dirty things apporting to Your oppinion, but many things there are not made by Israel att all.


Don’t be surprised they will attack Lebanon as most Hez fighters are in Syria.

Attack now will also draw Hez back to Syria and affect Assad’s war against their proxies.

Very likely indeed to see an attack on Lebanon as Isreal 100 planes drill which can be a cover up for war preparations.

All adds up

Floyd Hazzard

Al this aggression sure looks like they feel they have bought out Russia or it will do nothing.

Solomon Krupacek

russia is friend of israel.

888mladen .

To what other conclusion could you have come to? RU fights ISIS and remember Trump said “it needs to be wiped from the face of the Earth”. It’s sort of partnership isn’t it? Everybody gets its share.

Solomon Krupacek

facts, simply facts

Jens Holm

Hard again to see one, which dont see the vital well descriebed alliances after many years.

Russia dont like Hesbollah and accept Israel to to most things against Hesbollah even happening at the Syrian territory and even with Syrian soldiers or airforce in it.

In Syria its mainly weapontransports.


Israel got a bloody nose last time they attacked Lebanon. Are they now gearing up to send a proxy army to do their dirty work? Hezbollah will make mincemeat of any Saudi soldier, or proxy, if Yemen is anything to go by.

Mase fah

saudi dont have troop only paid mercenries from south amercia


From Sudan too.


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Jens Holm

Nothing to do with israel.


Everything to do with Israel

Jens Holm

Its not. Some billion muslims cant handle a dot like Israel exist and also deny to be strong and blame others for it.

That has nothig to do with Israel, but Your own culture and religion. Economy is exact same thing by keeping unproductive systems keeping Your poor but keeping You united in blaming others for it.


I’ll go with the vote, Jens

Jens Holm

Its 2 things and should be handled like that.

Real Anti-Racist Action

What you said is equivalent to saying ‘Lucifer has nothing to do with Israel’ when in fact he has everything to do with Israel. In the Bible the ten tribes that made up Israel were evil. And the 2 tribes of Hebrews to the south the Lion of Judah were the good guys. Judah will crush Israel when Immanuel returns!

Jens Holm

Thats how it is. After that Islam was invented and arabs arrived arabified it. Here it was added that Christians was bad too, but Baals from Baalbeek was and others in not written religions was worse.

Jews had jihadists too as well as keeping all their families to stay alive in power themselves.

888mladen .

It sounds like we’ve heard a similar story once. Qatar.


Saudi’s ISIS , have been done in Syria , in part by Hezbollah , so revenge on Lebanon is coming . With the recent air force exercises in Israel , my guess is an air assault on Lebanon . Israel , in between , is almost certain to get involved . Normally people are more interested in self preservation , this is madness . God protect us all .

888mladen .

Creation of the illegal state of Israhell has been inspired by Hegelian dialectics with purpose to create a problem in ME in order to offer a “desired solution” later on. There is no other way you could explain why would somebody create Jewish state in the most hostile environment without any legal justification.


Lebanon is the most secular country in all of middle east. If Saudi Arabia destroys it (the same thing they did with Syria) then there’s no hope for middle east anymore.


I had the impression Lebanon is highly sectarian within a disfunctioning political system. All politial movements are based upon sectarian political parties and alliances. As there are no completely dominant parties or segments, the people themselves have a relative freedom, that much is correct though.


I am surprised by Kuwayt folloowing the KSA example as I had the impression of Kuways being more or less neutral between Iran and KSA.


I urge all citizens of both countries to stay in Secular Lebanon and Ignore their Country of Origin to help their brothers and sisters fight the occupation!

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