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Kurds Seize 2 Villages in North Aleppo amid ISIS Withdrawal

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The Kurdish YPG under the brand of the Syrian Democractic Forces have seized 2 villages in North Aleppo, Syria: Hrbul and Tall Malid. Kurdish units were able to made these advances because of the ISIS withdrawal from the region.

On June 7, ISIS units withdrew from the areas near the strategic cities of Marea and Azaz. No clashes between ISIS and other militants were observed. The terrorist group just passed the areas to the so-called “moderate opposition”, proving the fact of the cooperation with it.

Experts believe that the ISIS redeploys forces from North Aleppo to the areas of Raqqa and Deir Ezzor. The goals are to strengthen the defenses near Raqqa and to prepare an advance on the Syrian government forces, besieged in the city of Deir Ezzor.

Kurds Seize 2 Villages in North Aleppo amid ISIS Withdrawal

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The SDF has to start taking the offensive to Harbul and beyond as there is a string of kurdish villages almost all the way to Manbij.

Once they have taken this string, the corridor between Kobani and Afrin is realised.

Forget about Jarablus. If they really want it, the FSA can have their small enclaves of Azaz and Jarablus. The SDF will just have to prevent those enclaves to joins as there are some kurdish villages right on the border in between the two cities.


Not just Kurdish; al-Rai is predominantly Turkmen. Al-Bab is mostly Arab. But you’re right, most of the villages in between seem to be Kurdish.

Lasse Riise

The SDF must strongly fortify their positions in the area between Harbul and Tall Malid to make shure this liberated area remain in the hands of SDF and stays permanently as part of Rojava.

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