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Kurds: Al-Nusra Terrorists Fight at Side of Turkey in Syria

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According to a Syrian Kurdish representative, supporters of other radical groups fight at the Turkish side and participate in the attack on the Syrian city of Jarabulus.

Kurds: Al-Nusra Terrorists Fight at Side of Turkey in Syria

Photo: AFP 2016 / Bulent Kilic

As a head of the Syrian Kurdish representation in Moscow, Rodi Osman, told to the RIA Novosti news agency, there were supporters of other radical groups at the Turkish side, attacking the Syrian city of Jarabulus, which had been under control of Islamic State (IS) terrorists.

On Wednesday morning, the Turkish army, backed by tanks, artillery, and aircraft of the international coalition, launched an operation to liberate Jarabulus of IS terrorists. Earlier, Turkish media reported, citing military sources, that it is not a ground operation, and the purpose of the Turkish and coalition forces is to open a corridor for the Syrian ‘moderate’ opposition forces for stripping Jarabulus from terrorists.

“In the morning, 25 tanks entered in the village of Al-Heselie, 6 kilometers to the west of the city of Jarabulus. The city was fired by tanks, artillery and aircraft… Members of radical Islamist groups, such as the Jabhat al-Nusra, the Ahrar al-Sham, the Sultan Murad, the Nour al-Din al-Zenki and the Jaish al-Fateh, also participated in this attack,” Osman said.

According to him, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan‘s plan is to “take a land in the north of Syria, where his radical supporters will be placed.”

“This attack is a part of Erdogan’s plan to revive the Ottoman Empire,” the head of the representation said.

In March, a creation of the federal region of Rojava was declared in the north of Syria. Damascus called this initiative illegal, the international community, including Russia and the US, also called the move premature. Minister for National Reconciliation, Ali Haidar, stressed that a federal structure would not allow to restore unity in Syria.

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Ivan Kumar

nice. turds want to rebuild ottoman empire, kurds want to build kurdistan. lets them kill each other in the process.

Jens Holm

Turks probatly already could have removed all kurds fromthe map just by crosing along their longe borderline.

It must be bigger than just remove some kurds west of Eufrat even if its some stubborn ones.


Let us hope this is not the beginning of a bigger land assault by the US via Turkish troops, to grab as much land as they can before China lands its troops.

George King

If China lands its troops any land grabs will be reverted and possibly then some. China has committed to helping Syria, just one of the many coalition nations now recognizing that the criminal cabal Empire buck stops here.

Although the Geo Political reality has taken a ground shaping tectonic movement in opting out of NWO uni-lateral rule there now exist a new enlightenment that is changing the landscape to a multi-polar world.

NWO is in the throes of death and will engage in violent reaction to only collapse as all Babylonian type rule has before.

Jens Holm

That could be one of my visions too. Türks making a buffer zone to protect themseklves – for ever. Im sure USA dont like Türks doing this as it seems to.

To me an ISIS operation would go straight from AL RAI cutting AL BAB and the heart if its so many troops as it seems to be. Then they could reduce Kurds as a hobby afterwards.

Well I`m no military expert but turks has a lot of tanks, heavy artillery and aeroplanes.


Should have thought of the consequences of stabbing assad in the back, especially with only 4 months left of the obama regime…



Jens Holm

Hope You have got it totally wrong. Rebel-nusras real problem is liberating Aleppo and remove Assad.


Yea, keep drinking the koolaid about rebels are gonna make syria better, or that assad was bad… I actually did some research on the assad family… Bashar assad, the current president of syria, was actually not the first pick. Why? Because he’s a pussy…. He had an older brother that died back in the 90’s and since Bashar was next in line, he went up as president when old man Assad died. Since Bashar came to power, he made sweeping reforms on how minorities were treated, including the kurds. He also united warring tribes within syria, Peacefully. He also expanded syria’s industrial base on a huge scale which dropped unemployment to low digits and MADE ALEPPO the size it is today… If you want someone to blame for the initial BS from the muslim spring crap, which was nothing but a Obama/CIA invented operation that started all this crap, blame Maher Assad. Maher was in charge of northern syria before he was injured back in 2012, and he’s a REAL PRICK. He’s got youngest sibling syndrome and acts like a little 2 year old about everything…

Ram Aryal

Russia stayed Quiet when turkish jets entered syria it proves there is an agreement. i guess its fatal to trust turkey at any time turkey may take America’s side.


They prematurely broke away from Syria … now cry to your US pimps


The foolish Putin government enabled this by starting a totally unneeded, fake “rapprochement” with the criminal Islamist regime of Erdogan, instead of doubling down on helping Russia’s Syrian ally crush the jihadis.

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