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JUNE 2020

Kurdistan Region’s Referendum Commission To Announce Result Of Referendum Within 72 Hours


Kurdistan Region’s Referendum Commission To Announce Result Of Referendum Within 72 Hours

A Kurdish man holds an Israeli and Kurdish flag during a rally to show their support for the upcoming September 25th independence referendum in Erbil, Iraq September 16, 2017.. (photo credit:REUTERS/AZAD LASHKARIG)

The Iraqi  Kurdistan Region’s Independent High Elections and Referendum Commission (IHERC) said on Tuesday that it will announce the result of independence referendum held in the region within 72 hours.

The IHERC added the turnout for the referendum was 72.16 percent (3,305,925 people). The Kurdistan Region held the independence referendum on Monday in the areas of noorthern Iraq controlled by Kurdish Peshmerga forces.

According to reports, 282.000 ballots were counted already and 93 percent of the voters supported independence.

Earlier, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) said that the “Yes” vote will not mean an immediate declaration of the Kurdistan Region’s independence. Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani argued that it will start negitiations with the Iraqi Federal Government over the issue.

However, late on Monday, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi officially announced in a televised address that Iraq rejects proposed negotiations with the KRG after the announcement of results of the referendum.

“Our forces are fighting on the ground and have never diverted to secondary issues like the referendum,” Abadi said adding “despite those sacrifices, some want to thrust the region in sedition”.

The prime minister added that the government is “not going to impose a status quo, and will rather resort to the constitution”.

Earlier at the same day, the Iraqi Parliament voted for deployment of troops to the areas contested between the fedral government and the KRG.

On Tuesday, Turkey and Iraq started joint military drills in Turkey’s Silopi region, on the border with Iraqi Kurdistan.



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  • Tudor Miron

    That picture (flags) says it all. Even US was shy to openly support this.

  • MD Ranix

    kurds’ doomsday has started with the total support from the supreme race/illegitimate entity in hell

  • EmilyEnso

    Antiwar is running this story.
    With 300,000 votes counted the Yes vote is 93%.
    Another war in the offing?
    The MIC will be delighted.
    Their share prices through the roof (sarc)

  • Zainab Ali

    zio satanic terrorists will be happy to see their total annihilation prophecy coming true .

  • Expo Marker

    Let the world ignore voter fraud going on in KRG, stuffing ballot boxes, and ignore how Kurds themselves have no idea what the proper borders to their glorious state are, because Kurds love democracy and human rights!

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      More eligible voters than actual Kurdish citizens in Iraq.

  • RichardD

    It’s 1948 all over again. The Jews trying to set up a state with no borders on stolen land using ethnic cleansing and secession, first from Palestine and now from Iraq.

    • Petrus Levelleri

      Spot on. And perfect timing (we’ve been brainwashed in the West for decades with the never-ending opression of the Kurds. They’re the new Jews), so sad the world will swallow the pill. But this time realities on the ground might change the end of the story. Let’s hope.

      • RichardD

        The Kurds may have some legitimate aspirations, but becoming Israeli stooges in the middle of a sea of anti Zionism, isn’t being well received by the neighbors for obvious reasons. Their oppression, to the extent that it happens, is no doubt a direct result of their secessionist attempts.

  • Petrus Levelleri

    I wonder what’s the future of the Kurds after their alignment with the Israel-US Middle East strategy. If they move a finger they’ll be surrounded by hostile Iran-Turkey-Iraq-Syria, which all agree upon the threat that US puppet Kurdistan on their borders would be. Is there any intelligence in the Kurdish leadership? They will be blocked and starved, or they will have war for many decades to come (if they are able to resist the first coordinated attack from their neighbours). The controlled chaos strategy of US and Israel in the Middle East at its best. The Kurdish circus is just a new chapter. May God punish these satanic plan for never-ending war.

    • RichardD

      The response to trying to set up Israelistan in north Syria is probably going to be military operations and arrests to reassert government control over this area just like all of the rest of the regime change areas.

      • Petrus Levelleri

        Indeed, but will the neighbours and affected states be able to reassert government control over the Kurdish-populated areas? And what will be the role of the US and Israel? The only way to succeed is overwhelming force and speed, otherwise another protracted conflict will emerge and that is precisely the goal of the US and Israel.

        • RichardD

          They’re dealing with the Kurds right now. If they weren’t the Kurds would already have overrun a lot more of east Syria than they have:

          “Breaking video: ISIS fighter admits that ISIS is forbidden to attack Kurdish forces in Deir Ezzor”


          There are intel and commando units ahead of the main force dealing with both Isis and the Kurdish advance. Once the main force reaches the Iraq border and stops Kurdish expansion. They will begin reasserting government control in Kurdish held areas just like all of the rest of Syria. The Jew world order isn’t going to get involved in a peer conflict to stop it.

          They’l use alternative methods to try to stop it. But that is unlikely to prevent the Syrians from reestablishing control in Kurdish held areas.

      • Barba_Papa

        They can try to setup another Israel, but since this is a landlocked country with hostile neighbors that can easily close off their borders and airspace, all they have succeeded in is in creating another Gaza strip instead.

        • dutchnational

          Gaza strip is 500kms2. KRG is 50.000 kms with abundant resources. They will survive an embargo, just like Northern Syria did for 5 years and they can always trade among themselves and with Assad and Erdogan : everything for a discount.

          • Barba_Papa

            I reckon those waters of the Nile are very warm. Either for me or for you.

            Of course the downside of trading at a discount is that you’re not making a whole lot of money. While importing will cost you a whole lot more. FIne if you’re ISIS and only need to import weapons. Not so good if you also need to import food (not everything can be grown locally), machinery, spare parts and medicines. You can ask the Iranians about that. There’s a reason they gave up on their nuclear weapons program in order to get those sanctions lifted.

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Barzani shot himself in the foot and in Iraqi law can’t exclude the local population as he did so it’s null, 5.25 million is the total Iraqi Kurd population. He wants to negotiate since Iraq gave him 3 days to turn over all borders and airports, not very likely will the US get involved with the military. The borders will be closed and in hands of Iraq how will they survive and the US will be asked to leave if they interfere, a lose for them.

            Keep dreaming about this globalist idea it’s coming to an end soon.

  • Alex

    Independence and freedom, funny, more like a leash IMHO

  • northerntruthseeker .

    The Kurdish “Independence” is a done deal by all the backroom dealings between the Kurdish leadership and the criminal US-Israel cabal….

    And with the formal “announcement” coming within the next two days, we will see the entire region in a new war, which is exactly what the psychos in Israel want.

  • Graeme Rymill

    The Kurds have thrown their lot with the children of Satan. No good will come of this for either Kurds or Syrians.

  • Rob

    They have taken votes from only Kurds and kept Iraqi arab nation away from votes. Therefore, they should not announce result because world already knows their tricks.

  • Rob

    Israeli conspiracy works in the Middle East countries because the members of their cabinet’s are all transgeders.

  • EmilyEnso
  • gustavo

    well, it looks like that we must consider Kurdistan as a fact, the only thing that temains are the borders and the resources. That is why USA-kurds in Syra wants Syria oil field of Omar, and they will get it, if Russia could say something different.