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Kurdistan Regional Government Welcomes Iraqi PM’s Call For Negotiations


Kurdistan Regional Government Welcomes Iraqi PM’s Call For Negotiations

On October 19, The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) welcomed in an official statement Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s call for dialogue. Moreover, the KRG’s Council of Ministers called on the international community to help Erbil and Baghdad to begin a talks.

“The Council of Ministers welcomes Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s call for negotiations to address the issues between the Kurdistan Regional Government and Iraqi Federal Government, within the framework of the federal constitution, and based on partnership and consensus,” the KRG said in its official statement.

Back on October 17, al-Abadi called for dialogue with the KRG within the “framework of the Iraqi Constitution” to solve all problems. Abad call for dialogue proves that the Iraqi Federal Government is not looking at the military solution as the only option to solve the Kurdish-Iraqi crisis.

Iraqi sources reported on October 20 that al-Abadi ordered the Iraqi Army stay out of the administrative borders of Erbil city, the capital of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. The order came hours after the Iraqi Army captured Altun Kupri town at the Erbil-Kirkuk highway.

Also on October 20, Shiite religious scholar Ali al-Husseini al-Sistani called the Iraqi Federal government during Friday prayer in Karbala city to protect the Iraqi Kurds in northern Iraq. Al-Sistani is known as the spiritual leader of Iraqi Shia Muslims, and he is one of the key founders of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU).

Al-Sistani statement came after many Iraqi and Kurdish outlets reported several clashes between the PMU and the Peshmerga north of Kirkuk city. The statement will likely ease the tension between the Peshmerga and the PMU, and boost the diplomatic effort of the Iraqi Federal Government.



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  • Kawa Asinger

    Ali Sistani is anti-Iranian. He isn’t the slave of Khamenei, he even refused to meet with a convoy of Khamenei from Iran. The Media is trying really hard to start a civil war. Especially Iranian and KDP owned media. But their wishes won’t come true.


    KRG is willing to talk, now that federal govt. controls Kirkuk and Altum Kubri.
    Cities that were outside of Kurdish administrative borders in the first place.
    Time for peaceful dialogue instead of media hype. GOOD NEWS FOR IRAQ :)

    • Kawa Asinger

      Settle the disputed areas through Article 140. But Barzani needs to step down from the presidency first, otherwise nothing will change.

    • Jonathan Cohen


  • goingbrokes

    KRG called for the international community to help talks…

    And who exactly is in this international community? Does US and Israel make an international community? Hope not.

    • TiredOfBsToo

      No International community needed. Discussions should be just between the Iraqis and the Kurds everyone else, butt out!

  • Mountains

    They have been legit betrayed to the point their supposed close allies ordered the Iraqi government to raid Kirkuk and their locations.

    Do anyone really think Abedi by himself? The answer is absolutely not