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Kurdistan Region President May Resign Following Region’s Failed Attempt To Secede From Iraq


Kurdistan Region President May Resign Following Region's Failed Attempt To Secede From Iraq

The Kurdistan Region Parliament is set to meet and hear a statement from Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani on October 29 according to the Iraqi-Kurdish Rudaw news TV.

The media outlet added that during the meeting the legislatures will discuss the Kurdistan Region’s presidency.

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) and even the Gorran Movement will attend the Kurdistan Region Parliament meeting according to Rudaw.

Dler Mawati a PUK member told Rudaw that the meeting will be “special “, and that a “national question” will be discussed during the meeting.

Meanwhile, an official of the Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) told Reuters Agency Barzani will not extend his presidential term beyond November 1. The official also revealed that the Barzani letter include a plan to divide up the Kurdistan Region president’s powers. According to this, the Kurdistan Region Parliament will likely discuss Brazani’s plan during its upcoming meeting.

In a separated development, the Iraqi Communication and Media Commission (CMC) banned the Rudaw news TV channel from working in Iraq or broadcasting from it on October 29. The CMC also ordered the Iraqi authorities to size the equipment of Rudaw. The commission accused Rudaw of reporting fake news, and spreading hatred and sectarianism.

From its side, Rudaw said that it didn’t receive any official letter from the CMC. Moreover, the Iraqi-Kurdish news TV stressed that its work is legal according to the KRG that’s part of the Iraqi federal system.

Numerous Iraqi and Kurdish sources refer to Rudaw news TV as a “propaganda machine” for Barzani’s KDP party. Iraqi sources even claim that Rudaw Media Network -that’s own Rudaw news TV- is owned by relatives of Barzani.



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  • Brother Ma

    Barzani is already illegally occupying the presidency by his own regions laws so who cares if he wont want to be president after november 1st.

  • Kennethllindsy

    It would be fair if Barzani was arrested, tried and executed by the Kurdish people for gross misconduct, theft and other crimes.
    It is time Democracy returned to KRG.

  • Jim Bim

    Barzani presidency expired in 2015.

    • Garga

      To be precise, his legal presidential term ended in August, 2013. The KRG parliament extended it by 2 more years but I guess that too, was not enough to satisfy his greed.

      He and his ilk looted the KAR. Stolen oil’s money aside, based on the KRG’s reports, about %30 of the KAR population live under poverty line while there are about 9000 millionaires, almost all connected to his government.
      For example, he privatized the health system WITHOUT any kind of regulations and oversight. Guess who bought the hospitals.

      • farhang siyan

        what do you mean by KAR

        • Tudor Miron

          Kurdish autonomy in Iraq

        • Garga

          Kurdistan Autonomous Region.

  • Garga

    “The official also revealed that the Barzani letter include a plan to divide up the Kurdistan Region president’s powers”

    If that’s true, Barzani plans to turn the presidency into something powerless, now that he can’t hold the power anymore and there’s high possibility that someone from PUK get elected as president after the mess he created. It’s some kind of damage control and a scheme to not loose all the power and creating a way for their “comeback”.

  • Jim Bim

    Barzani made sure that Israel got the stolen oil very very cheap….and made his family rich.

  • Lex

    This spells the end of any viability for “Rojava” or “Federal Syria” fantasies. Good to see the Iraqi Army wake up and squash the notion of sending oil to Zionists and Americans for the next century. Anyone who take the Yankee dollars or Zionist shekels is a traitor to the Muslim world – your day will come.

  • hhabana

    Directive from CIA (my assumption) is back off or you and your family will be eliminated.