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Kurdistan Region PM: We Know There Are “Hands” Behind Protests

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Kurdistan Region PM: We Know There Are "Hands" Behind Protests

Rudaw TV, click to see the full-size image

Kurdistan Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani said during a press conference on December 21, that the Kurdistan Region Government (KRG) knows that there are “hands” behind the ongoing protests against it. The Kurdish PM also vowed to put an end what he called the “chaos”.

“We know there is incitement. We know there are people who support it so there will be more riots in the Kurdistan Region … Protesting is the just right of everyone, but the course [of the protests] has changed from making demands to burning offices and making problems. As the KRG, we have the legal duty to limit this chaos; the KRG is serious about containing the chaos and to put an end to it,” Nechirvan said during the press conference in the city of Erbil, according to the Kurdish Rudaw TV.

Nechirvan also announced that the KRG is now ready to work with the Iraqi Federal Government to form a joint administration at border crossings and airports in the Kurdistan Region. He urged Baghdad to lift the ban imposed on Kurdistan’s airports. The announcement was seen by many observers as a direct result of the current pressure on the KRG.

“The Kurdistan Region is fully prepared from this day to form that joint administration at the airports, the border crossings, and solve that problem, according to the Iraqi constitution,” Nechirvan said.

Regarding the Movement for Change (Gorran), and the Kurdistan Islamic Group (Komal) decision to withdraw their ministers from the KRG, Nechirvan said that the KRG “can’t force unity on anyone.” However, the Kurdish PM said that he respects the Gorran and Komal decision, although he was not personally informed of it.

“I believe that they should have called for a meeting of the Kurdistan Regional Government to explain their reasons for their withdrawal … We respect their decision. But given the fact that we are asking for elections three months from now, we do not indeed see there exists any justification,” Nechirvan said.

The Nechirvan statement is a clear attempt to calm down the tense situation in the Kurdistan Region as the protests continue for the fourth day in a row. Kurdish activists reported on December 21, that 5 protestors had been killed, and 200 other were injured by the KRG’s security forces.

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Wise move, Kurds, inevitable and an dead fact, is, Kurds, neither you nor the neighbors, is not going anywhere, the imposers, must be eradicated, because, as the truth is dawning in among the Kurds, is going to be an problem, and why, when Kurds can have something they haven’t had for an long time, peace, an autonomy (in any way or form as long its constitutionally within the Iraqi state, and thereby will the law incl anyone, with no exceptions what so ever, there should be no second class, one people, in one land) and some cash, and dont forget, its the Iraqi Border you Gard, not Kurdistan, if thats the name, not, as in the Nordic should not be an problem, and have an seamless way of conducting it, and trade will prosper, etc, etc, I hate paperwork before going anywhere, its an f…… idiotic ancient system, should have died along with the dinosaurs,, just an hint, it should be clear, and of course, since its border security, the locals are usually the best tool you have.
I am from an border region my self, and I know I could smuggle an jumbo over it, preparation, timing, discipline and bad weather, yeehaa, or penetrate so deep you want, speed is an good thing, but local knowledge is priceless, you could also use the Horses of the Apostles, aka your own feets, it make no noise.

Justice, should also imply the Kurds, and when thats said, the rest, with no regard of background, and I have no doubt the future, will be bright, have faith and it will come thru, peace prospers everybody.

This is good news, and hopefully we see an better new year, and let the wounds close.
Blessed be the peacemakers.



We also know there are (((hands))) behind the Barzani dictatorship in Iraqi Kurdistan.



So the new great Barzani believes this is another color revolution (hidden hands)? Gee, who would be behind that? Is this the price of failure for independence? More likely this is a preamble to a new leader arising? God forbid that actual thinking people would attempt to overthrow a criminal government. Whatever the plan or direction of this movement, we’ll know if it’s ‘kosher’ or not in a month or so.


yeah.. we also know the hands behind the unsuccessful independent vote recently headed by your stupid ungrateful uncle..!


Gee, who would be behind that..?
For all you know.. it’s he’s stupid and ungrateful uncle..! Wonder why did he picked you the nephew..?!

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