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Kurdistan Region Parliament Approves Independence Referendum On September 25


Kurdistan Region Parliament Approves Independence Referendum On September 25

General view of the Kurdistan Parliament meeting in Erbil, Iraq September 15, 2107. REUTERS/Azad Lashkari

On September 15, an overwhelming majority of the members of the Kurdistan Region Parliament approved the Kurdistan Region independence referendum set to be held on September 25.

On September 12, the Iraqi Parliament had voted against the referendum making it illegal according to the Iraqi constitution.

Kurdistan President Masoud Barzani said earlier at a pro-referendum gathering in Amedi area that the people of Kurdistan do not take orders from the Iraqi parliament that has sidelined the Kurdish minority.

“We also tell them [the Iraqi Parliament] that your decision will not reach Kurdistan. So don’t even bother,” Barzani said at the gathering.

Barzani also said that no alternative has been offered that can replace the independence referendum. This means that the Kurdistan Region Government refused the alternative plane proposed the US, UN and the UK on September 14.

In a related development, Iraq Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi received a call from his Turkish counterpart Binali Yildirim. During the call Yildirim stated the Turkish rejection of the upcoming Kurdistan Region independence referendum, according to an official statement of the Iraqi Prime Minister Office.

Furthermore, Yildirim expressed concerns that the referendum is a danger to “the security of the region and the safety of its people,” during the call. Yildirim also “affirmed Turkey’s support for all the steps taken by the Iraqi government to preserve the unity of Iraq,” according to the official statement.

The Kurdistan Region independence referendum might force the region conflicting countries Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq to work together against the possible independent Kurdistan. In such case Kurdistan Region might find itself under a siege if it declares independence.



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  • BL
    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      They are the earlier members of the MOSSAD’s Mestarivem they were trained to create chaos in Muslim-Christian Arabs regions, PKK’s Ocalan has strong ties to them also as does his son.

      • Adam


        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          Afraid of the truth most Kurds are and some even ashamed they supported their likes.

  • Pete

    I think US needs to provide air support on this. Kurdish independence is a vital part of the peace, as most likely everywhere else everything will be the same. So just massive death toll, and nothing will be really changing. Assad remains, Iraq gov remains, everybody else can die.

    • Ole C G Olesen

      Pete is a JEWISH TROLL !

    • Adam

      If war break out then for sure we need air Support as it has to be fair game .otherwise millions of people might dies

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        There are not even a million Kurds in Syria , just a fact most left or were killed as ISIS members.That’s why ISIS was friendly to Kurds both share sectarian ideals.

        • Adam

          they are three million kurds in Syria fighting barrbarric ass holes ( isis)
          I feel sorry for you you are brainwashed ,you comment is no value to me or anyone who understand the reality . as your comment is imaginary

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Just not sure where you got your number from try going to the live world population clock they can break it down to ethnic groups if you want.They keep current with life and death that occur.

  • eric zweistein

    Zion-controlled Kurdish regions asking for trouble.

    • Adam

      yes for sure, why do not you just worry for your own troubles

  • MeMadMax

    This is so that the kurds can start openly attacking the iraqi government because of:
    1. Oil.
    2. Oil.
    3. Oil.
    (This was under heavy dispute before ISIS appeared)

    Also, the kurds silenced all opposition to independence within kurdistan with a mass arrest of opposing people just before the vote was held:

    • Adam

      We will never attack anyone but will defend to the last minute man walking in our beloved Kurdistan

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        What Kurdistan some tiny province which was barely a blip in the Middle East in Iraq, it won’t happen no legitimacy nor any support for it. Time to move and get on the bus back to where you came from, take the short yellow one.

        • Adam

          we have full support of our people who gives F about anyone support
          but as reminder nation rights are take and not given
          furthermore Israel support as and that is just enough we do not need you
          just go and support yourself
          Kurds are over over 50 million people

      • Deo Cass

        Your beloved Kurdistan does not exist, never did. It is a Western Zio/Nazi colonial creation to control the natural resources of the Middle East and dominate the region while putting its people under Zio/Nazi slavery. What exists is the beloved sovereign Iraq and Syria. So your land grab abomination is nothing more than theft, and thieves like you and the Zionists will be treated accordingly.

        • Adam

          hip hop hurray , we are working with Zionists in order to join southern Kurdistan with west Kurdistan and give it 10 to 20 years northern Kurdistan and then eastern Kurdistan shall join other two parts . Great Kurdistan would most certainly join Jewish state to dominate the world both economically and politicallty.
          all I can say I am positive to the bone
          as we shall see who would be slaves . time would tell we shall see who is going to have last laughter

    • Deo Cass

      Not mentioned here is the fact that the Kurds carried out a massive ethnic cleansing campaign in the areas they invaded and occupied to change the demographoc situation of the lands they invaded and occupied in order to get the result they want from the illegal farse of a referendum between invaders and settlers that these Zionist monsters intend to hold both in Iraq and Syria.

      • Adam

        bullshit saddam expelled over half a million kurds from Kurkuk between 1963 onwards in the process or Arabization and all the Kurdish authorities had done engaraged those kurds to return home
        for your information arabis in mousel want to join join Kurdistan and participate in Kurdistan indpendance indpendace as that is only why to escape sectrain killing and join peaceful , westen value country ( Kurdistan0
        you can say what you like but I can assure smart reader know what I and you talking about and if some idiots belive you good luck to them as their opnions are not important like yours

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          Why do make up much of your nonsense, now I know you are definitely a troll can’t answer your nonsense with you fake pronouncements. Kurds in Iraq have been put on record for sectarian violence and murder and mayhem.

          Keep your lying up you only get shot down by the proof this leadership leaves behind trying to create a fake history and empathy.

          Just a heads up no country but Israel supports you because as they say birds of a feather flock together.

          • Adam

            your really funny guy ,
            there is no Mayhem whatsoever we are safer then London and Paris
            you talk shit you must be live on another planet and not earth
            long live Israel long live Kurdistan

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            That’s why people get killed an blown up in those areas because some Kurd is acting like a gangster.

          • Adam

            you must be fascist Turk or brainwashed by one

    • Adam

      give us figures and real information any name or source of information
      you think people are native they would believe your lies

  • Mickey Dee


    • Deo Cass


  • Ole C G Olesen

    The ” KURDISTAN ” PUSH is an ISRAELIAN PUSH ! Just as the JEWISH ” YOUNG TURKS ” used the KURDS to RAPE , KILL and EXTERMINATE the ARMENIANS , the ASSYRIANS and the ARAMAEC CHRISTIANS ( 2 ,5 million people KILLED ) .. the JEWS once more USE the KURDS as PROXIES in their STRUGGLE for GREATER ISRAEL

    • Adam

      Not true . We have been struggling for indpendance for decades Isreal just Support as as we hold west value s

      • Justin

        hahahaha what a load of horse shit!
        Israel supports because islamic state failed!
        So now Kurdish state must be implemented so the Israeli’s and US have a beach head full of bases nice and close to Iran and the Caspian Sea!

        Adam, seriously, stop talking shit!
        “because we hold western values” hahaha!
        Who do u think u are fooling with that statement?
        Do u think we are all idiots here?
        We all study geopolitics, why the fuck do u think we are on this site in the first place?

        Why don’t u read up a little more on Zbignew Brezinki’s plans for the Middle East, middle Asia and Ukraine and u will see why the creation of Kurdistan is so important!

        “Western values he says”, “thats why they support us” hahahahaha!
        U fuckin idiot!

        • Adam

          why you are been such a fucken asshole I replied in civilised you but you have lost it because your information are baseless
          tell the truce and I know for sure there are many fuckheads like u in the website geofucks or geobullsitness
          you Justine basically need reall knowledge big time you must visit Kurdistan to see things in reality as you look like living in fancy or probably you wrote your comments when you were drunk or stoned
          so get alive and get real you fucken piece of shit
          the ship sails without the liking of the wind
          keep looking for Kurdistan which hold all the values of western countries
          to the the highest standards

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            You are the the one acting like that not anyone else.

          • Adam

            yes mate for sure?1 for sure and not anyone else why you do not speak for yourself ,brainless

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            The Kurd state along with the US state are both doomed to fail.

          • Adam


          • Justin

            Adam, Christians, Sunni’s, Shiia, Jews have all lived together in Syria! The Middle East was divided up by the British and the French, we all know this! But your claim for your own land is merely geopolitical in the eyes of Israel and the USA!
            You may have a different and just reason for the want of an independent state, but THIS IS NOT WHY THE USA AND ISREAL WANT YOU TO HAVE IT!

            they have other reasons!

            If u want to believe they are good people, go ahead!
            look what they did to Iran and Iraq!

            They want oil and they want to control currency in which it is traded, the markets for energy and the routes for the transit of energy!

            They also want to contain other nations who may want to stop them from gaining total hegemonic rule!

            So I don’t give a shit about why u want your own country, I really don’t care! Because u don’t seem to care that u are a puppet being used! You are fighting with the country who sold chemical weapons TO THEIR ALLY and then used it on the Kurds! You have sold your soul to the devil!

            I don’t give a fuck if u live by east, west, north or south values! Why do u think its important to have western values?
            All we care about is that the USA and Israel stop invading countries!
            You want your own country… good!
            I want a billion dollars!
            But we can’t get what we want!
            U had a country to live in! You had Syria!

            Don’t forget Israel STOLE Palestine!
            Now they are doing the same with Syria!
            They steal its land “for the Kurds” but in reality they steal it for themselves! They steal it so they can attack Iran in future and run new pipelines!

            You think u can just take land away from a country because u fought against isis?
            The USA created isis when they funded the FSA and al-nusra! You remember all those US vehicles and weapons running over the border from Syria to Iraq?

            So the USA funds militants to fight against Assad, those militants sell those arms to terrorirts, then that terrorist group becomes ISIS! Now because the USA created ISIS, Syria must lose its land?


            Go FUCK YOURSELF!
            Why should Syria lose land after fighting a war against isis THAT THE USA CREATED!

            So fuck you!
            Get fucked!
            You can live in syria IN PEACE!
            Thats the reward u get for fighting isis!
            You get to live IN SYRIA in peace!


            Oh its not good enough??
            u want land?
            u want oil??
            u want your own country???
            Well what the fuck does Syria get after 6 years of fighting??
            They get half a fucking country??

            Go fuck yourself!

            U want your own country, go fight and die for it!
            Go fight and die!
            And if u lose the war, then u will be dead and still have no country!
            u can shut the fuck up and live in peace IN SYRIA!!!!!!

            DO YOU UNDERSTAND????


            Wake the fuck up!!!!!

            “the Grand Chess board”
            Read it!
            then learn
            Then shut the fuck up!

          • Justin

            and one more thing Adam…
            The Kurds participated in the Armenian Genocide!
            Any group of people who are involved in the genocide of another people or culture DOES NOT GET TO HAVE A COUNTRY OF THEIR OWN!

            If you pride yourself on western values, then why the fuck did you kill millions of Armenians?

            You trued to steal there land too!

            This is written in the history books!

            Many Kurds admit to doing this! They have tried to Atone for what they did (apologise)

            Kurds do not get their own country!
            You can be forgiven for your past crimes but you will not get your own land!

            You tried to steal it from the Armenians and u WILL NOT STEAL IT FROM SYRIA!

            Kurds are no different to Nazi’s! You committed genocide!!!! THATS A FACT!


            GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

  • The Farney Fontenoy

    Enjoy your shekels while they last ‘Kurdistan’.

  • Adam

    It is moral duty of allied forces to protect Kurdistan as apay back for fighting islamists barbaric ISIS . Kurdistan is the only place next to Isreal where can live happy Christians,yazidis,Armenians , Muslims and Jews can live happy side by side .
    So we better not lose that to Arabic,Turkish,p, Persians islamists

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      None of those people live happy where they are always terrorized by the zionists and Kurds and no one lives safe in Israel not unless your a white Jew.

      • Adam

        who we have been greedy
        do you mean gready because we want our land back
        or because we ask for indpendance as we want to stop
        horrible human right abuses and genocides against kurds
        we have lost 5 thousands kurds during Halaja gas attack
        180,000 kurds bared alive in the desserts
        80% of those were women and kids
        4 thousands villages destroyed by saddam
        in Syria
        kurds did not get citizenship even thought they were borne and breed in Syria for centries
        well in Turkey
        do not ask how kurds got treated
        all I can say Turks killed
        2 million armenians
        I million Greek pontons
        hunderds of thousands of Yazidi kurds
        expelled the rest to Armenia and Georgia
        while in Ayatollah Iran
        it is laughting matter
        almost everyday one Kurd get Hanged by cranes
        and kurds are considered third degree citzens
        we are vey Greedy to get Killed ?!

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          Much of your claims are false and you are just spouting empty propaganda that was created by the media while not being entirely truthful. Yazidis are not even Kurds ,so in the future don’t steal their history and land claim it as yours. Many tribes were not even Kurds until they were forced by them to join as some recreation of a mongol horde.

          The Ottoman Empire was run by it’s Janissaries whom held the positions of authority and in the military. Trying to pass it off as Turks only seems to tar the Kurds and the upper command as the author of all that misery and genocide.

          The ethnic cleansing you secretly admit to ,so you don’t want to create a humanitarian crisis like they did a century ago. Seems very pathetic attempt to include those not even Kurds.

          • Adam

            that is your opnion
            if you want to double check your information
            you better to talk to Armenian ,Greek . Yazidi we would not say Kurds because because if does not have anyone to hold rocket science to understand what is happening to Kurds from all sort of atrocities
            furthermore Yazidis are defiantly Kurds and very original Kurds as you might not be aware they do not speak except Kurdish

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Why do you openly admit you assimilate tribes to your Kurdish group of mongrels, this is called cultural genocide and actually a crime.

  • Adam

    Referendum for Kurdish independence is a just call to let the international community know their desire for a peaceful divorce from Iraq, a country that is no longer legitimate, a country that does not respect the rule of law and does not protect its citizens. The past one hundred years of forced coexistence of Arabs and Kurds has been full of war and hostility, burning of Kurdish villages and towns, imprisonment and killing of Kurdish citizens and chemical bombing has been what the Baghdad regime brought to the Kurds. Now the Iraqi regime says, but wait, we can do better, really? It is time to go for referendum of independence and no more waste of time. The United States and some of the Europeans have helped the Kurds militarily in the war of terror, now is the time to support morally toward a lasting and genuine democracy that guarantees the end of genocide, napalm bombs and chemical weapons and destructions. After all, what the Kurds go through now is what the Americans went through in 1776.