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Kurdistan And Israel: Oil Purchases Veiled Behind “Humanitarian Interest”

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Kurdistan And Israel: Oil Purchases Veiled Behind "Humanitarian Interest"


“Kurdistan and Israel” is a historical piece, that moves towards present day events, explaining the relationship between Kurdistan and Israel. It was published by Tablet Magazine, back in November 14th, 2018 and was authored by Mardean Isaac.

The article predominantly relates to Sherzad Omer Mamsani, who appeared “out of nowhere” in the media limelight back in October 2015. He began claiming to be the Kurdish representative of Jewish affairs, as he was of mixed Jewish and Muslim heritage.

“He came here to do business; when I met him, he never mentioned he was Jewish,” said Mordechai Zaken, an Israeli of Kurdistani Jewish origin who is today a senior Israeli political figure dealing with minority relations.

Zaken explained that there was one issue in what Mamsani was saying:

“When he went to the U.S. he was saying we want to help the Jewish community of Kurdistan,” he explained. “There is no Jewish community of Kurdistan! There is none. And he kept claiming there was one.”

Mamsani staged a ceremony linking the expulsion of Jews from Iraq with the Holocaust, and invited the American consul to another at which Zaken says he set up a menorah with the wrong number of candles. “If you look at his Facebook page you can see references earlier to the Quran. He’s an opportunist.”

And for some reason, he was given a sort of approval by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to pursue his goals.

Then, following a lengthy explanation of what Mordechai went through, and some historical testimonies that showed that the Jewish community in Israel was predominantly imaginary, the real purpose of Mamsani’s activities and why Israel supports Kurdish independence is revealed.

“Until the recent Kurdish independence referendum, which led to the Iraqi government retaking the oil-rich city of Kirkuk, Israel purchased as much as three-quarters of its oil from the Iraqi KRG.”

Israel reportedly purchased 1/3rd of KRG oil exports, and it did so in quite the veiled manner – in unmarked tankers, or under a Maltese flag. These vessels discharge the oil at Ashkelon, the oil port in Israel near the Gaza Strip. The Israeli government denies every purchasing any oil from the KRG.

“The original reason that these deals were secret was that Israel was effectively buying ‘stolen’ oil, against Iraq’s wishes, at sub-OPEC prices,” said Idan Barir, journalist and researcher at the Forum for Regional Thinking. The opportunity to take advantage of Iraq’s nonrecognition of Israel coincided with economic benefit. “These prices were lucrative for Israel, as well as the KRG, because the oil was left over from their quota agreed with Iraq. Both sides enjoyed it, and the Turks enjoyed it as middlemen.”

In July 2014, Barir went to the Ashkelon port and asked around, and he was questioned by an unidentified security agent at the port.

Later on, a journalist friend of his asked and received an official response from the Israeli Infrastructure Ministry, stating that Israel is not part of any deal with the KRG. The Israeli version claims the following:  Even if oil was purchased from the KRG, it was from Israeli businessmen and the tanks that stored it were only leased by the state, not owned.

“Perhaps more significantly, Israel has provided the KRG with internal security assistance since the establishment of the no-fly zone.”

Colonel Amir Goren, who served in the IDF for over 30 years and is now 53, described himself as an “international anti-terrorism expert,” providing “tailored solutions” to “combat, physical and technological needs” for “public and private organizations” in several geographies.

He was the leader of a group of Israelis who trained Iraqi Kurdish security forces from 2004-2006.

Goren used a fake identity in Kurdistan, claiming to be born of a Turkish Muslim father and Bulgarian Christian mother, and—like the rest of the Israelis in his team—never revealed himself as a Jew or Israeli. Despite allegedly there being a Jewish-Kurdish community.

“In the beginning,” he said, “it was very hard to live there. It was just after the war and the local environment was not friendly and even hostile to foreigners, so I used to be accompanied by local security guards. In all daily routines—bathing, sleeping, and so on—I was always accompanied by a gun. It was a challenge to keep my identity under cover, because a lot of military forces were there: Turkish special forces, Iranian special forces and intelligence, al-Qaeda—and they all had an eye on foreigners. But I soon started feeling like a local and driving without guards to visit markets, restaurants and the countryside. I managed to establish good connections with the locals and I was invited several times for weekend hunting trips near Suleymania, Kirkuk, Sinjar, and the Nineveh Plain. When I lived in the Christian neighborhoods, I used to visit churches on Sundays. While living in the Muslim neighborhoods, I prayed in the mosque with the Muslims because I wanted to be integrated and accepted.”

The official version of support being provided was to combat terrorism, Islamism and extremism.

Israel, at least on the surface supports Kurdistan independence as part of a humanitarian justification, but in all reality, it is simply to receive oil, since Iraq is officially an enemy state.

“There is no Kurdistan: They aren’t an entity that you can trade with separately,” Yifa Segal, of the International Legal Forum, explained. “But it’s not unprecedented to create a legal framework that distinguishes between a state and a particular part of it. Legally, it’s a very simple amendment to make: You just define Kurdistan in a way that it’s clear enough technically. It will open up a whole different possibility regarding trade.” It remains unclear, of course, what practical difference the legislation would make given from the KRG’s end, given that it remains part of a country that does not recognize Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is “the only leader in the world who advocated the referendum,” an examination of the prime minister’s statements last September reveals recourse to generalities and abstractions.

Finally, people who have first-hand experience in Israeli support and their support for independence have the following to say:

Mardean Isaac cited, Kamal Chomani, a nonresident fellow at the Tahrir Institute for the Middle East Policy, “is a prominent and articulate critic of human rights abuses and political oppression in the KRG.” He is from Erbil and now based in Hamburg.

“Israel’s support for the KRG has not led to any positive changes so far, in fact, it has had an adverse impact,” he told me. “Barzani and the KDP (Kurdistan Democratic Party) have used Israel’s rhetoric to further persecute Kurds, stifling political dissent and voices critical of the KRG. Israel should have approached the Kurds as a nation—and not just certain parties and families who do not have much support among the Kurdish population.”

Israel’s leadership has little care for any of that, as long as it manages to receive its oil, under the pretense of humanitarian care and assistance.


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Kurdistan in our hearts, love from Israel <3

Rafik Chauhan

hypocrite. you only love money you don’t care about any people . all zioist israeli are devil worshipper. just use religion for benifit


take it easy man, he was just trolling around… I mean seriously , an Israeli zionist speaking warmly of any people emancipation ? that would be the richest posture ever on this Earth coming from them, when you know the “love” they show to the Palestinians, and Apartheid South African blacks, to name only few.


Come on man, that one is easy. Allow me to retort in kind : “Palestine in our hearts, love from Persia <3 :p". You cannot say you didn't ask for it ^^


well, we Israelis support Kurds because we share the same values in the Middle East and they are the only ones that never tried to hurt us. How did Palis ever helped Iran? Iranians use them just liek they use Lebanon and Iraq. But the people will figure it out in the end, I support Kurds in Iran too.


Ok, first things first : 1 – What “common values ?” the ones leading you to ethnically cleanse the rightful owners of British Palestine through terrorism , forced evictions, expropriation , Caterpillar-powered destruction and colonization? or was it when you were accused of war crimes and collective punishment against an impoverished enclave that you willingly starve, exhaust, of which you consciously destroy the vital infrastructure, bomb population centers disproportionately and indiscriminately at every occasion, doing everything you can to maintain a total maritime embargo on it and not even let it rebuild itself or its people feed themselves with basic food , torching them and tearing them up in droves with banned weapons as well every once in a while to add insult on injury ? packing millions of refugees in camps and eating away their chances even at free mouvement to work , school or a hospital and back by littering their every corner by checkpoints manned by ruthless thugs and their countless documented human right abuses happening near-daily, decried even by their closest allies in Western Europe, including conservatives like David Cameron a few years back calling your policies and practices “literally appalling ?” name me ONE such instance where the Kurds did that kind of stuff to anyone, and then only, we’ll talk “common values”. Please do not insult their national struggle by comparing it to your illegal land-grab endeavor that started with the fascistic Stern Brigade in 47.

2 – How did Ahrar Al Sham, and Harakat Nouridin Al Zinki or even ISIS ever helped Israel ? all different flavor or Salafist extremism, and Israelis used them in their occupied part of the Golan , covered them with their air force, gave them weapons, ammo, intel and medical aid for years during the unrest, just as they use the Kurds today to make Syrian partition drag on and on. These are all proxy forces they don’t give a damn about outside of the scope of their destabilization efforts against their enemies. You have a taste of your own medicine with Hezbollah, deal with it. But at least, they didn’t start the occupation or invasion of their Southern water-rich lands.

Oh, and people of the world have already “figured out” what to think,thank you very much. And besides Trump’s US of A, not a SINGLE country in the world actually backs Israel’s current borders and annexed lands, or its associated policies, get a grip and for christ sake get down from your high horse, you make a joke of yourself with that tone and posture, I swear.

3 – Despite all of the above, I too, support the Kurds, in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, wherever they live, they are a proud people, and they proved it when they decided to start fighting for their lands against overwhelming odds decades ago.Their ancestor lives there for centuries and got their livelihood stolen from them just like Palestinians, so I respect their fight equally. Unlike you, I do not base my support upon my own territorial and national bias from one theater to another, depending on their ethnicity or political color. Justice is justice, and basic rights are basic right, whoever they may concern.


We don’t view Kurds as Palis like you mention, In the Kurdish areas men and women have equal rights just like here. They don’t do terror like the Muslims and they fight them like us. Your Palis are using suicide bombers like ISIS, so you are the one that supports ISIS and HTS, not us. I don’t support the Kurds for just interests like you wrote, they are an old people with alot of history like us jews, both were murdered in Arab coutries. We have a state, they deserve one too.


You don’t “have a state” and you weren’t the rightful owners of that land, last time you were there was millenias ago as a people, nothing was the same on the planet at that time, and by your rationale Iran can ask for the whole of the middle-east back to its Persian Empire borders, that spans in modern China and Russia as well in some provincial region. You only have the Thora as the bunch of religious extremists that you are, just like your fundamentalist muslim enemis, different sides of the same coin. They shout Allah over the Earth, you shout Zion over the same and created the founding of your”state” with mass terror, namely the bombing of the King David hotel that killed hundreds instantly.

You openly supported the aforementioned Salafi groups and bombed the SAA every time they got close to their positions at the Golan in the Quneitra governorate, you should read more, it was all over the news several times. Mosheh Yaalon even admitted overtly on the Jpost that he prefers ISIS and other sunni thugs at the border rather than Iran, Hezbollah and the SAA, so they did whatever they could to bolster and maintain anti-Chiite zealots there. Only Russian pressure finally forced you hands at giving up that “jihadi bufferzone” in 2015-16. Iranians stopped ISIS dead in its tracks during their initial onslaught racing towards Baghdad, it was taped by major news outlets, and their support included the Iraqi Kurdish area for which Barzani officially thanked Tehran, did you live in a cave during the past 5 years or something ?

These are not “My Palis”, you have Sunni jihadi darlings. Besides, in the West Bank institutions and law are utterly secular, you didn’t even know that, that is exactly why Mossad and Shin Beit did their utmost to helped spawn Hamas in the late 80s to create a rift within the PLO’s nationalistic struggle that was once totally devoid of the Faith element. Under PA-controlled jurisdiction, women don’t have to wear veils or niqab, no compulsory directive on that, men and women are viewed as equal, and their universities are well-known for the quality of their outgoing students and scientist in Western and specially European academies that enjoy bilateral programs with them, which Israel regularly tries to impede by raiding their universities and usually destroying years of academic research in the process under the guise of non-existing “security threats” that were not ONCE proven afterwards. Even renowned French zionist Bernard Henri-Levy publicly attacked that unfair and unjustified practice a few years back. Get your facts right and stop spitting cheap bullocks. the PA accepted to claim only a mere 22% of their historical lands and relinquished their armed struggle, gave their weapons back and fully cooperated with Israeli security services as a show of good faith after the Oslo accord. Israeli responded by resuming a campaign of systematic destruction of Palestinian property and overt expansion of their settlements. You reap what you sow. Again, deal with it.

Concrete Mike

Wow a verbal bitch slap for the ages, well done sir!!

Concrete Mike

Just like israel used america?

Tell me this, why is the isotopic dust found in NYC match the same isotopes in the israeli nuclear weapons stockpile?

You dont support vassals, you lord over them for your own benefit.

Wich is the entire point of the article.


How should I know? you act like you were there and collected all the evidence from ground zero. Try to blame someone else, maybe your Islamo-fascists friends.


Nah, we have enough fascistic nostalgics of the Haganah, Irgun and Stern paramilitaries terrorist triumph of the late 40s,still desperately trying to portray their widely documented and condemned criminal ethnic cleansing project as something gorgeous endorsed by the whole world. Leave the Islamo-fascists where they belonged before they died, like in Israeli-Occupied Golan back in the good ‘ol days of IDF cover and support.

John Wallace

How do you know the Holocaust really happened unless you were there as per the same basis of your argument . Did they give you a box of ashes for you to do a taste test ?? , A school yard bully beats the hell out of some kid who comes back and hits him over the head with a stick. The bully accuses the victim of being a terrorist. Same basis for your argument on claiming Palestinians are terrorists just because your people chased them out of their homes , stole their land and they are trying to survive squashed into a ghetto where you cut their water off 4 days a week and stop them from getting anything in or out. What a piece of shit you are. In the US people are not allowed by law too criticise Israel or boycott their products but can too Americans and their products. What the fuck is all that about. I think I might go to Auschwitz and have a wank in the showers so I feel better. Pity your grandparents didn’t go their and have a shower.


Wrong comment, you’re blocked.

John Wallace

What’s the matter ??. It is OK for you to throw the shit around but it is not fair some of it comes back in your direction. Just shows what a weak gutless piece of shit you are. Stir the pot , expect to get some back.


indeed John, typical double standards, always coming from the same kind of pseudo-ideologues with no real culture to back up their rhetoric beyond mere arbitrary nad intellectually bankrupt statements. These people must all be huge fans of one timeless mantra : “Do as I say, not as I do”. Hundreds of years of imperial and colonial policies can be summed up like this. It’s ok when I literally walk over you, but don’t you dare try the same with me !

John Wallace

Exactly . Seem to think there is some law that says they can say as they like but no one is allowed to disagree . Thinks by blocking me that I am blocked from the site , thinking he has the right to decide who can or can’t comment on here . That only blocks him from seeing what I write. By his comments most are just to wind people up so looks like I wound him up a little more. :-))

J Ramirez

You seem to know everything else.


When it comes to facts- I do.

J Ramirez

Fuck Jew ;}


and the rest on these threads support syria/turkey/iraq/iran/hezbollah since they together can wipe the occupiers of palestine, the squatters or israelis, from the face of earth, once and for all. and that is all.

J Ramirez

Go suck their nuts


And now ……. all of this garbage is out in the wide open. It doesn’t pay to play around.


isolation of israel is the only way forward – in the same manner as the world strangled the south african apartheid regime can the world strangle the israeli nazi-regime which excels in its ethnical cleansing program, its lebensraum program and the operation of its gaza concentration camp -whats to like – nothing.

Hide Behind

I do not make moral judgements each nation does that for own conscience or by lack there of. This is not realy news the oil process was set in place from beginning of US victory, granting Kurds autonomy over vast Iraq oil blocks but buisness of transactions go through US/Israel, with and NATO representing Euro financials Sovereign Green Zone. The division of oil blocks but victors helped insure that IZraqs government was kept scrambling for revenue and completely under foreign dependency in order to exist. Question:? How many remember the huge Enron Financial scandal, and did you know that ENRON owned vast oil rights in IRA; who got those Rights when ENRON went Bankrupt and its assets taken over by Federal Authority? Question:? Does Israeli have a military presence in Iraq, and “if or not” who guards the pipeline and two pumping stations within and at Iraq border, mentioned by article author. First writings on subject was by independent journalist beginning within two years of US occupation under Paul Bremmers rules. Lots of US Christian Zionist involvement in partnership with US military and State Departments. US 700 Club with very very deep inroads of Republican and Neo Con connectionsn is a Religion Corporation that by using Israeli help set up radio and TV broadcasting stations in Lebanon that helped divide Lebanon in two and acted( still does) as US propaganda outlet in here in States. Laundered money from old US government Christian Charity funding Bill flooded through many Christian Zionist organizations to Christian outfits in Iraq and clandestinely into Iran as well during and after US invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Pave Way IV

Nothing to do with the Kirkuk-Haifa Blood-for-Oil pipeline, now known as the Basra-Aqaba v2.0 because the US couldn’t contain the head-choppers in Anbar. Aqaba = Israel’s Eilat Port, where it will go to Haifa. Cheney’s ‘secure’ oil supply for Israel. Pipeline designed, route chosen, politicians bribed, contracts signed, yet Iraq government is dragging their feet on starting this uneconomical joke of an export route. Time for some more Iraqi regime changing, I guess. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/54af21522e0c3353492bd4c27881c5c7cf8b504fbc199b8179a36489f2bc78aa.png


whatever u think about the USA, it changed in Jan 2017 i would realise this if u started looking at the intelligence war!


Both Eretz and “Kurdistan” do have a lot of things in common:

1. They are both creations of powers alien to the region – Israel invented and forced onto Palestine by UK and “Kurdistan” forced on Syria-Iraq-Iran-Turkey by US/Israel.

2. Both are invented with the same purpose – to destabilize the region and emerging independent Arab states in perpetuity, to facilitate western control of resources and strategic communications through Suez. 3. Both entities are product of genocide – Kurdistan by centuries of ethic and religious cleansing of Armenians and Syriac Christians indigenous to the region and Israel by 70 years of killing and disposition of Palestinian Arabs.

4. Both are economically Geo-strategically nonviable and can survive only with foreign subsidies and through perpetual war with it’s neighbors – financed by Uncle Sam’s tax buck. 5. Both are universally praised by western main stream media and politics and universally despised by their closest neighbors and anybody with an ounce of common sense and even rudimentary knowledge of ME history. 6. And last but not least both entities are so poisoned with hubris that their started to believe their own propaganda – never missing the opportunity to miss the opportunity of making a fair peace with people they share the region with – the only kind of peace that can last…


Now u you know the REAL reason Israel is closing its embassies! Trump was and has been playing “the Art of War”! “keep your friends close but your enemies even closer!” Israel has been spying on every nation and raping every nation! And now their foreign policy control, of the USA is gone! (Re: Epstein Honey Trap) Trump saying “i will guard the oil” means to guard it from Israel! Yes the US will take some and will give much of it to the SDF in order for them to purchase more weapons and buy protection! (buy protection against Turkey) by paying SAA and Russia!

USA needs to worry more about China now and a new cold war! Not a war on terror! Mark my words, never forget these words… Russia and the USA will be official allies after 2020 election! which means 2021 Official allies!!! You can bet your house on it!


You may just be correct on the US waking up to China. The Chinese are already ahead in tech. Their plans are long term and more far reaching. More on Syria’s oil from VT. Geopolitics in the Middle East: What About the Kurds? – Veterans Today | Military Foreign Affairs Policy Journal for Clandestine Services


honestly i dont think China are ahead! There are deeper reasons why i think this that i dont feel like i should explain on this forum!


Selling oil who dasn’t belong to you and with agravated circumstances coz sold to the enemy, ISraeHELL !

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