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Kurdish YPG Vows To Retaliate To Turkish Strikes On Its Positions In Northern Syria

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Kurdish YPG Vows To Retaliate To Turkish Strikes On Its Positions In Northern Syria

On October 28, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) released a series of comments on recent Turkish artillery strikes, which had recently targeted YPG positions near the town of Ayn al-Arab (also known as Kobani).

According to the YPG, the Turkish battle tank, howitzer and mortar shelling hit the villages of Zormikhar, Charikhli and Ashme west of Kobane Ayn al-Arab killing at least one member of the YPG-affilated group, Erka Xwe Parastin. The YPG claimed that the Turkish actions are aimed at creating a conflict in the region while the YPG is fighting ISIS.

We affirm once again that there was no any attack conducted from our side against the borders of the invader Turkish state and the only aim of their attacks is to create provocations and to help the ISIS terrorist structure,” the YPG said in its official account on Twitter.

It’s intersting to note that the YPG remarks once again exposed the fact that the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which are branded in the mainstrea media as a coalition of  “various militias”, are in fact the Kurdish-dominated group.

Talking about the YPG “peaceful” appraoch towards Turkey and its forces, it also forgot to mention repeated YPG attacks on Turkish servicemembers in the northern Syrian region of Afrin.

On October 28, the YPG claimed that its cells had carried out an attack on positions of the Turkish Army in the Afrin region. According to the released statement, the attack took place in the town of Rajo and resulted in killing of two Turkish soldiers.

On October 27, after the high profile summit between Turkey, Germany, France and Russia in Istanbul, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that his country will not allow terrorist presence in any region of Syria. These remarks were obviously linked to the presence of the YPG and other Kurdish armed groups in northern Syria. Ankara describes all of them as “terrorists” and a threat to its national security.

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Turkish Greywolves

nice joke, like in afrin?



You can call me Al

Something new is in the pipeline. Give it a couple of weeks to allow it to show itself. My view is that the Turkish threats to attack the East of the Euphrates could be real and the SDF are in desperate need of adult nappies.

Now, if I am correct about the adult nappy part, that may mean they should seriously review their decisions in the future; as they must have learnt by now that the US cannot be fully trusted.

Anyway, my view only, but let us hope.


its obvious that they are desperate.without the US they are nothing against Turkey. all they can hope for is an army of heroes ready to be butchered by the fanatics-terrorists Turkey employs to do the dirty job. like in Afrin. they lost so many fighters for nothing. as i said before. they are great in fighting but they are lame in politics. having US as an ally made them arrogant. they even wanted to start a war with Iraq. hope they realise that in this game they are just US pawns. they will be easily sucrifised by US just to protect the other important players. Turkey , Israel , US interests.

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