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Kurdish YPG Retreating in Northern Aleppo Under Turkish Pressure

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Kurdish YPG Retreating in Northern Aleppo Under Turkish Pressure

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The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) have been pushed to retreat in the northern part of Aleppo province as result of the military pressure by Turkish-backed militants and the Turkish Armed Forces.

YPG units withdrew west of Hawsh to the previous front lines.

The Turkey-led forces are now attacking the vilalge of Sheikh Issa.

Military situation in the area on October 19:

Kurdish YPG Retreating in Northern Aleppo Under Turkish Pressure

Click to see the full-size map

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As far as I can tell the Iraqi Kurd seem to be reasonably allied with the
Turks while the Syria Kurd are in open conflict with the Turk. Is there no Kurdish
solidarity? How is this situation possible? In the end I suppose
these things come dome to the usual depraved political
considerations. What do others think? In all cases I would not trust
the Turk.

Naim Zuri

Kurds are divided not united. That is the main reason why there is no kurdish country.

Turkey and the iraqi kurds are very strong allies and that wont change for a long time as both “countries” are ruled by dictators which are bound together through marriage of their children. Think here in medieval intellectual worlds and you will have an idea about their relationship.

John Whitehot

i think that turkey is the mayor power behind the rebellion vs assad and they invaded syria to help the fucking moderates. The kurds and isis are just silly excuses for that.


I agree, once played out, I could see Turkey trying to power broker other Middle east nations perhaps Jordan and KSA? Leading this against the Shea, and Iran. Will see how it plays out?

Jens Holm

And the succes ? I dont see it. And the trade with Turkmenistan and the other new states in Sibiria. I dont see that either. They only got the trade about the pipeline with russians and others and both has lower and lower BNP`s.

Gue Bjuen

the iraqi kurds are glad to see iraqi government and the turks having clashes. the turks are also against the shia militia so that is one more thing the kurds are enjoying. it is very bad but i think there isn’t a stop of a split iraq. iraq is going to be divided in three countries. kurds, suni and shia. the zionist has won over iraq…..

George King

Russia has been invited in by Iraq for this very reason and of course Iran in an integral part of via Sha.

Jens Holm

lom … or what.

Jens Holm

zionist – thought it was hindus.

Very weak populations in those regions letting some few rule them as sheeps and now included angora goats too.

And a small dot out of it as Israel makes every progress from Marocco to the Phillipines demoliesed.

How many childish excuses do You have. You are mainly responsible for Your own life, but learn to obey any flag and then we have to listen to Your same Islamich old shit, which clearly seemes to be the main reason for most of the many miseres.

George King

Because the Iraqi Kurds are in the oil theft and sale business together with clans as mafioso. Money connection for the two clans, no secret there.

Jens Holm

Well, thought it was Bagdad Shias and a main reson for the Sunni uprise in Iraq.


agree with the post below. However when Turkey finishes the Syrian Kurd the FSA they back will engage SAA in my opinion. This will draw in Turkey and possibly Russia? They will have to make a choice. Iraqi Kurds believe they are better off with the Turks then the Iraqi Shea dominated government. So they choose Turkey for now. But they will always be seen as second class to the Turks. If Iraq is split, the Suni will be weakest. They bore the brunt of US attacks and supported ISIS being killed off now. This would leave Iraqi Shea, and Iran.

I believe Turkey knows this. Perhaps they have decided to go it alone and become a major middle east player?

Jens Holm

Not much timing in Your hopes and proposals. Being no military expert I would say Aleppos need to being “liberated ” right away instead of treating ISIS and Kurds like a Hobby.

Jens Holm

Not all Kurds in the area are allied or friend to the Turks there. The big difference is there actoually are a Kurdish autonomy and its in the Iraqian constitution.

There are no Turkish solidarity in a lot of matters and some seems to have no realism as well.

They all agree in more local independensy, but it stops already there. You can get more by equal rights, You can get it by an own country and in the middle. But what does that say: A Kurdistan as the old dream. 3-4 smaller countries. 3-4 autonomies.

They have made some very loose common hats about it. As I see it, they can only get more together in peacetime. All are made in military spirit and no internal safety, because of intruders and many refugees.

The best to me for them – Im not them – probatly would be a weak Assad, which was needed(honor) to rule all Syria, but let Kurds have full, but mild autonomy.

But to me Assads are criminels and shouldnt have more than damaskus with electrified barbed wire around as well.

I can only see Turks are far out and seems to be more and more far out. Agree with You.

Julius Alfred Anderson

When i wanted to laugh, i watched this

Brad Isherwood

Most of the Turk armor can be torn up by RPG and old Gen ATGM.
What weapons do YPG have?
Turks are way over extended on the logistic side. …lots of places to cut the snake in half via ambush and wreck havoc on them.
This is YPG turf…they should have the advantage. …draw the Turks into zones like Hezbollah did to IDF in 2006 and light up the board.

Gearoid O'Murchu


888mladen .

Just for your information Kurds have been allied with Ataturk’s secular government during infamous Armenian genocide without giving a thought that one day they might become victims themselves. The biggest problem is Moslem Brotherhood which Syrian government has had to deal with since its inception. Turkey’s ruling elite is steeped in Moslem Brotherhood ideology. However “brothers” are caught in inner struggle for mastery. Turkey against KSA, KSA against Qatar and so on and on. KSA supporting ISIS while Turkey and Qatar supporting Al Nusra and FSA. Everyone of them has put all their eggs into terrorist group of their choice hoping it would hatch golden down of the universal caliphate that will rule for ever more. Of cause in order for this to happen Assad’s secular government has to be overthrown. Unfortunately Kurdish leaders still haven’t learned that even dogs don’t bite a hand that feeds them.

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