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Kurdish YPG Forces Reach Tabqa Dam Reservoir Near ISIS Self-Proclaimed Capital Of Raqqah

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Kurdish YPG forces have reached the Tabqa dam reservoir and encircled ISIS units in Jurniyah, al Dybh, Abdullah al-Masoud Hamidi, Bisrawi, Abu Jiddi, Msheirfet Eljerniyeh, Khabat al-Sharafat and nearby areas.

Kurdish YPG Forces Reach Tabqa Dam Reservoir Near ISIS Self-Proclaimed Capital Of Raqqah

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Good news & map. This shows that YPG have reached northern shore of Lake Assad and are positioned to advance on the Tabqa Dam and power station, another 15 kms thru difficult, boggy terrain. Perfect opportunity for an amphibious assault group to effect a nightime crossing to the south bank, turn east and take Airbase Tabqa but will the US and French come to the party ? Doubtful, YPG probably does not have the capability to do this without increasing French and US close air support, drone intel etc..Winter rains are filling the 3 x dams and Da’ish could open the sluices and flood downstream of Al Ba’ath Dam to improve natural defenses. Meanwhile why has the advance on Raqqa been stalled/stopped 25 km north at Tal as-Saman for 3 weeks ?


Because Turkey often shells YPG towns like Tal Abyad, Kobane and Manbij. Erdogan have also promised to Attack YPG in Manbij when they take Al-Bab. So SDF have stopped the Raqqa offensive telling the US led coalition they cannot attack ISIS while turkey attacks us from behind. YPG have spread their 60.000 forces creating defence lines around these cities that Turkey shells. So simply Kurds are telling America unless you stop turkey from attacking us, we cant take raqqa. This is what obama failed to do when he called Erdogan. Also right now Turkey is attacking Al-bab with zero US support. That tells you alot.


Yes Akar, thank you, you are correct, and maybe this explains also why Turkey has halted behind the SAJUR riverline (main bridge Awn Dadat) and not continued further to MANBIJ (just 10-11 km south of Turkish forward positions) or taken the main bridge across the Euphrates. I do think Turkey will try for MANBIJ soon, without US green light, because the elimination of YPG west of Euphrates remains their strategic goal and Turks really the don’t care much who controls Raqqa if that battle keeps SDF/YPG busy ?

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