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JUNE 2023

Kurdish YPG Forces Capture Suwaydiya Saghirah In Syria’s Raqqah Province (Map, Video)

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Kurdish YPG Forces Capture Suwaydiya Saghirah In Syria's Raqqah Province (Map, Video)

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On December 23, Kurdish YPG forces captured the village of Suwaydiya Saghirah in the Syrian province of Raqqah.

The village had been controlled by ISIS terrorists.

Now, YPG units deployed in Suwaydiya Saghirah, are preparing to advance on the Tabqa Dam, a key site in the area.

Tabqa Dam, on the Euphrates river, is the largest hydroelectric dam in Syria. It’s a vital electricity supplier to a number of areas in the contry.

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Surprised that village fell quickly. Hoping that ISUS is weak in this area. But the Kurds must secure their flank, and fast!


Naaaah this is the same as with the turks, they preferred to retreat slowly to al bab and save their forces and then give them hell there. I am predicting the same scenario in either tabaqa or raqqa itself, but …. kurds arent turks! They are the best fighting force besides hzb, tiger forces / desert hawks and ISIS themselves.


Rushing Tabaqa would be a mistake. I’m certain that ISUS wants to hold this. They should straighten out they lines towards Ayn Issa.


Were the SDF to take the dam and Taqba and the military airport on the other side, they could block an advance by Turkey or SAA towards Raqqah from the west.

Both the dam and airport are strategic objectives, for economic and military reasons.


Where are the arabs of the SDF? Really starting to believe its really all PR, and SDF is only YPG. But …. surely, Jaysh at thuwar, liwa thuwar raqqah, seljuk front, manbijj martyrs, jaish as salam and sanadid forces must be part of it?

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