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JUNE 2021

Kurdish YPG Blames Russia For Turkish Attack On Afrin

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Kurdish YPG Blames Russia For Turkish Attack On Afrin

On January 20, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) announced in an official statement that seven civilians were killed and twelve others were injured in Turkish strikes on the area of Afrin in northern Aleppo. The YPG also revealed that Turkish airstrikes killed three of its fighters.

In its statement, the YPG surprisingly accused Russia of giving Turkey a “permission” to conduct its military operation in Afrin and said that Russia will be responsible for any massacre in Afrin. On the other hand, the US-backed Kurdish force ignored the silence of its main ally, the US and didn’t mention it in its statement.

“We know that, without the permission of global forces and mainly Russia, whose troops located in Afrin, Turkey cannot attack civilians using Afrin air space. Therefore, we hold Russia as responsible as Turkey and stress that Russia is the crime partner of Turkey in massacring the civilians in the region,” the YPG said in the statement.

Meanwhile, the Kurdish Hawar News Agency (ANHA) reported that Turkish warplanes conducted another series of airstrikes against several positions of the YPG in the towns of Rajo, Jandarseh and in the city of Afrin.

From its side, the Turkish Anadolu Agency said that the Turkish Air Force (TAF) targeted the strategic Menagh airbase southeast of Afrin city. Turkish activists claimed that the US used it to supply the YPG with advanced weapons. However, these claims have not been yet confirmed.

The Turkish Army will likely launch its ground attack against the YPG and other Kurdish militias in Afrin area in the upcoming hours, as the Turkish Army tanks already took offensive positions northeast and northwest of Afrin.

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Nevermind that the US gave the real “greenlight”, saying it won’t protect Afrin Kurds, blame Russians. I guess Kurds in Syria are less enthusiastic for blaming Iran than their Iraqi brethren.

“Afrin” airspace? Aren’t you getting ahead of yourself, dude?


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Exactly , when they refused the SAA permission to enter Afrin , they claim federal status , the “border force” , that is treason .

Dušan Mirić

There is no doubt for me Turkey is acting as an aggressor but blaming Russia for that has no sense. Turkey is a great country in many ways but from that greatness come some responsibilities, like to protect weak ones from its hammer.


What people are forgetting is that Turkey feels that it can cross into Syria’s foreign territory whenever it feels, now and forever. Too bad that the aims of many parties in this situation share in diabolical crosswinds – trying to secure their own interests at the expense of Syria. The Kurdish has made the circumstances even worse by betraying Syria, and as up to the point, doesn’t seem to grasp the breath and depth of their punnery role assignment in this deadly imperial game.


The best out come of this would be if the Turks and their U$ allies blow each other up in Syria and as result of that the Turks leave Nato and become Russian ally. That would be a big win-win situation for Russia, Syria, Iran and Hezbollah and a huge lose for the EVIL empire led by the U$.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Turkey is neighbours and can assist to prevent desructions.What about USA/ NATO which operate illegally in Syria and instigating Kurds against legitimate government and it’s people.Few days back Tillerson said clearly that their want to removed Assad.Question remain with whom.Who are their training.Who are their giving weapons.Dillon said their are creating 30000 border soldiers which actually without Syrian legitimate government permission in the country where USA and NATO is illegally.


It’s unlikely that the US is going to provide air cover for the Israelistani Kurds against Turkish airstrikes. And it’s questionable if they’ll provide air cover against Russian air strikes either. The Kurds have gone from watching the SAA & co overrunning Idlib, with the SDF on the to do list. To getting hit with Turkish airstrikes and Turkish armor columns heading their way that are unlikely to stop until they start dismantling the Israelistan project by force on an as needed basis.


The Kurdish factions need to realize that in the medium term they have absolutely nothing to base their state upon. No economic basis, no international legitimacy, no friendly neighbours willing to tolerate, let alone protect them, no military strength after the foreign mercenaries collect their American paycheques and leave. Nothing. The sooner they accept terms from with Syrian government and give up their plans of separatism, the better.

You can call me Al

“No economic basis” – but they do at the moment as they think that they own the oil fields in the East; false optimism in my view.

“The sooner they accept terms from with Syrian government and give up their plans of separatism” – no, they can no longer be trusted; they whored themselves to the enemy and can never be trusted again.

PS This isn’t Iraq, they never wanted separatism in a legal sense, they already had an autonomous zone and they messed that up now.

Good riddance to bad, traitorous rubbish.


They’ve let themselves be used as pawns by the US against Assad, Iran and the Russians, now they act angry that the Russians won’t lift a finger to help them? As does their socalled patrons? Did these morons expect that there would be no consequences? They’ve made their bed, now they have to lie in it.


Also, will they understand that the U$ is NO dependable ally and that it will only use them for a short while for its own hegemonic agenda and will then dump them quickly like they are a piece of shit?


I am afraid that they are not capable to understand this……small brain.

You can call me Al

Well said! Very well said!

John Mason

The ‘crime partner’ are the Kurds and US and Assad stated that any Kurd that sides with the US are traitors. YPG has it coming for there treasonous actions.

leon mc pilibin

The Kurds have only themselves to blame for any trouble coming their way.They acted in a treasonous manner by allowing the zionists to control their back stabbing behaviour toward the Syrian government,they should have been fighting the terrorist zionists alongside their Syrian brothers,and they would have gained far more than what they can expect from their zionist advisors.

John Trudgian

YPG sucking up to US – Israeli warmongering NeoCons.


Russians actually asked kurds to hand over the area to the SAA, but they did not listen. Now face invasion.

You can call me Al

Yep, agreed.

Tudor Miron

Kurds show that they are dumber than I expected. All they need is loyalty to their homestate of Syria but their leaders seem to prefer US bribes and Israel’s empty promises.

Solomon Krupacek

your new niva is shit on shit

Arditya Arsyad

youre spot on mate, Syria will protect them if they choose allegiance with the state.

You can call me Al

They did and then the didn’t and sold their soul; I am with Tudor man, but I do understand your point; but I have had enough of them now.

Tudor Miron

Syria and its allies – Russia and Iran.

Deo Cass

I don’t see it that way at all. On the contrary I see it as confirmation that this Turkish aggression against the Syrian sovereign state is a well concocted US/Zionist/Turkish/YPG plan to route out the Russian forces from Afrin and all of Syria and replace them with US so called coalition colonial imperialist invasion and occupation troops as officially stated by US Defense Secretary James Mattis. In the absense of visual evidence of casualties, I take the YPG statement with sheer scepticism. This strange statement by the YPG accusing Russia instead of the US is a clear confirmation of this.

Solomon Krupacek

it can be

Arditya Arsyad

in the next few days, we can examine if this theory holds.

AM Hants

Personally, I think it keeps Turkey and the Kurds busy, whilst Syria cleans things up in other areas. When they are ready, they will then go and sort out Turkey and the Kurds, or what is left. There again, what would I know.


If I was a Kurdish soldier in Afrin, I would get a few trustworthy friends and go to the PYD/YPG local command center and kill everyone in it because their politics will get them all killed! lol
Good thing I’m not though, dying for nothing would suck.

Solomon Krupacek

russia agreed, thats true.

butk kurds ar more stupid in this situation.

btw., the cards castle of kurds is falling …


You can call me Al

“In its statement, the YPG surprisingly accused Russia of giving Turkey a “permission” to conduct its military operation in Afrin and said that Russia will be responsible for any massacre in Afrin”……..

What if this whole thing is reverse phycology ?; now before you laugh and abuse me, bear with me please.

1. Turkey have and are working with the FSA on the attacks against the Kurds.
2. Turkey and US are in Nato.
3. Both Turkey and the US fund the FSA – https://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2012/al-monitor/us-authorizes-financial-support.html + the Kurds are US backed.
4. Turkey has or is getting the S-400 air defence system.
5. The US and Russia do not want a direct altercation.
6. Tillerson has just started waffling on about removing Assad – after 6 months.
7. The SDF (US, Israel backed) have the whole of the East of the Euphrates + much of the North.

This is either a total f-up by the Yanks or the Turks and the US are in cohesion on this.

Christ I think I have become insane, well, I hope I have.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Beside…. who has given the kurds permission to plunder oil from Deir Ezzor?…

You can call me Al

You must trust me on this as I am in the business; the DEZ fields are spewing diddly oil; mainly due to maintenance and the small fact that ISIS blew all the major components up, lack of water injection facilities (bombed) – the Omar (or Oman) field is in the worst state.

The US sanctions made sure that would happen; a few barrels a day – nothing more, nothing less.

Prince Teutonic

Russia and Syrian government did the only smart move they had. If Turkey didn’t get “green light” from Russia to start invasion then all that Euphrates Shit horde would start attacking SAA in Idlib…

Денис Черкасов

These kurds can talk whatever they want but what about Russia? Russia must defend kurds or what? There werent any obligations. Blame kurd’s ally US then that it let turks to bomb.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Kurds are visitors who have over stay and are reluctant.Kurds are stealing Syrian land under USA/NATO protection.SDF said in their statement that SAA will never enter Raqqa shortly after declaring Raqqa federal state.

USA wants Kurds to have own countries within Iraq,Iran and Syria.What about majority Arab and Muslim ethnic groups which are bigger communities.The USA hidden agenda is to steal this particular countries minerals I’ll and had resources.

If Kurds wants to be re-integrated in Syrian people then their must blame their USA bosses.Just for instigation and national terrorism and division.Let bankrupt USA withdraw from Syria without preconditions.

USA expelled Syria from Lebanon.USA expelled Russia from Georgia towns after Georgia war. USA expelled Russia from Ukraine.USA disbanded Soviet Union and still owes them money.After that USA proceeded euth world terrorism.


Russia, Syria, Turkey and USA know that the land locked Kurds have nothing to hope for unless the Kurds actually joined the Afrin pocket with the Manbiji pocket and made a run for the Mediterranean so that they have access to European markets via ships and pipelines whilst having Iraq and Syria’s major oil fields! Everyone with half a brain knows this so of course Turkey needed to do this as it is also in the interest of Syria and Russia. Boom, Afrin gone! This means the USA has no interest in this war! They will gain nothing from it!
When Turkey attacks Manbij we can be sure that the SAA and allies will attack Raqqa at the same time! this spells the end of a Kurdistan! Assad stays in power! Some land may go to turkey and why not, they did help! Without turkey this could have gotten ugly!
Iran, Iraq, syria and Turkey are saved from Kurdish uprsing, Assad stays in power,Syria has its land back, russia feeds even more gas to Europe via turkey and the jews will be contained by Hezbollah and Iran! How good is that!
There’s a new sheriff in town! Vladimir Putin!
Drop the Mic… walk away!

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