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JUNE 2021

Kurdish Sources: Syrian Army To Enter Afrin Area In 24 Hours

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Kurdish Sources: Syrian Army To Enter Afrin Area In 24 Hours


On February 18, Sheikho Bilo, an official of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), told Rudaw TV [based in Iraqi Kurdistan] that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is set to enter Afrin area on February 19 as a part of an agreement reached between the Damascus government and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).

According to Bilo, the agreement is “only militarily” and it is mainly aimed at protecting the border of the Afrin area. The PYD official didn’t provide any further details.

Several Syrian opposition and local sources from the Afrin area confirmed that an agreement had been reached and said that the SAA is preparing to enter Afrin in 24 hours. However, the YPG is yet to confirm Rudaw’s report.

The Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV reported on February 15 that the Damascus government and the YPG had reached an agreement regarding Afrin area. However, the YPG’s media adviser Rezan Hido denied that an agreement was reached on February 17 but said that negotiations between the two sides are ongoing.

In the last 48 hours, the Turkish Army and its proxies from the Free Syrian Army (FSA) didn’t launch any ground attack in Afrin. This could mean that the Turkish side is now waiting results of the negotiations between Damascus and the YPG. If the YPG rejects the deal with the SAA, Turkish attacks will likely be resumed.

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Michał Hunicz

Al-Masdar and Tiger Forces’ FB page say that SDF denied reports about the agreement. But there are few possibilities.

Putin seriously surprised by Turkish attack on Afrin silently ordered government and YPG (using their “former” observation post in Afrin) to discuss issue and told Erdogan to halt operation before clear statements about agreements between YPG and Assad.

Second option is that the negotiations are for buying time for YPG to bring more reinforcements to Afrin.



neither, nor

George King

There is only one option, complete capitulation, surrender of all arms including personal fire arms, surrender of all resources, borders and municipalities to the Syrian national goverment & SAA.

Putin was neither surprised nor alarmed of Turkey’s move on Afrin, this was an alliance move or it would have never happened. This is all about of disarming PKK and other Kurdish alliances with them, removal of occupation US forces and supply of weapons and funding. There are more than one way to skin a cat!


This may be a wise move on the part of Syria , in negotiating directly with the YPG, rather than via the US controlled SDF. My feeling is that Syrian Kurds, or at least a good number of them are not happy being under US control. We might discover that most Kurds are not happy having US overlords .
This also would force Erdogan to put his money where his mouth is , Idlib is not Kurdish, he must go against the SDF/US in Manbij, or obviously his “Olive Branch” is just a land grab, using the ” fighting terrorist”pretext .


Is Russia working with Turkey as intermediary also?
To prevent any conflict in Afrin. I think this would be necessary.

Joe Dokes

Russia needs to shoot TuAF with S-400, if they get to shoot down Russian planes crossing their boarder, same should happen to them.

Lloyd Yona

I do not think the FSA should be able to expand either Just fancy living next door to that lot.


Seems YPG finally decided whom to surrounder.
A hard choice between bad and worse.


Seems they found an alternative and included therein even the possibility to take the Azaz colony in a joint op with SAA ( and shia/ Iranian forces?).

I doubt it will make US happy, but what can they say as they stated earlier Afrin was not their area of operations nor their responsability.


Joint op against Azaz, I don’t think so!
You forgot to mention Turkey controls this area with FSA, are you talking about a wider conflict here?


Indeed, given as what was reported by Wladimir v Wilgenburg, a dutch local journo that speaks kurdish, it is mentioned as a possibility between SDF and SAA to take on turks and TFSA together. Is no problem for SDF as TFSA and TSK are already at war and SDF seems to be gearing up wider actions outside of Afrin. As SAA is already fighting those same TFSA (+HTS) in Idlib, why not expand into Al Bab and northward. TSK can, in the words of Erdogan, be visited silently in the night, as long as forces stay south of the border.


SAA & SDF fighting the Turks?…… I have the feeling The Turks forced the Kurds in the arms of Assad…….game well played…

Jim Martin

I am very worried about what the Assad Regime demanded in return for their support? A recent list of demands looks like a demand by the regime to reclaim Afrin Canton and include it back in Assad’s open air concentration camp for Syrians under their control. Do you know what was actually agreed to?

Also if they are not deploying air defense again Erdogan Regime forces, then the Syrian Regime is asking for everything and giving nothing. The SAA seems military to be a sick dog who cannot go to the toilet without Russian or Iranian “permission”


The same SDF that took the oil fields?
Look at Rajo road net in NE Afrin. Hmm
This negotiation can wait a few weeks :D


“Only military”? As in “We expect the SAA to bleed for us now that the Turk is at the gates, after which we’ll merrily continue our anti-Syrian ways”? Sounds like Mr. Bilo needs some further encouragement to do the right thing.


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B.S. SAA asked for total surrender of YPG/SDF in Afrin. This is most likely propaganda.
This is unlikely to happen unless there is pending collapse of YPG in Afrin.
The Turks will still stay in case the SAA leaves again (like last time to fight in another front).


Al-Mayadeen is reporting just now that Kurdish sources claim entry of SAA into Afrîn ‘tomorrow’. There was also talk of the SAA moving some troops to deny free Turkish airplane movement. The Syrian regime may wish to get rid of the Kurdish militias and self-governance but it faces a dilemma: it has (naturally) always affirmed that the Turkish incursion is an aggression and occupation (عدوان واحتلال) and they have been called to defend Syrian territory. Also, there is the threat that Turkey and their mercenary Arab forces try to tear out pieces from Syria. So, if the Syrian regime of B. al-Asad is serious about their claim to representing the lawful government of the whole of Syria and thus the responsibility for the protection of its people and integrity, they will eventually (rather soon) have to do something. Otherwise, it would be a severe blow to their credibility and ability to excercise sovereign rights and duties.




Both ANF and AMN have confirmed there is an agreemeny, solely military. It would be to the advantage of of both sides and it seems there is even a clause on the possibility of a joint op against the Azaz colony.

If successful, this cooperation could build the trust between SDF and Assad that is now lacking.




Says the little putinian bot…

Icarus Tanović

Get out of here.


Unfortunately. not. :(

Manuel Flores Escobar

SAA seek and agreement not only in Afrin area…also in east Deir Ezzor..but surely US rejected it as uncle Sam have looted oil/gas fields


The point is. if SAA has forwarded a proposal that would prevent the complete annihilation of the Kurds from Northern Syria and no Kurds would have any future in future Syria if a war against them starts that lets lots of Syrians killed by US air power , that proposal would be good

In the end the outcome is as certain as the sun sets tomorrow , the US will lose as it is just completely indefensible given the current ground troops strengths of US and even with the Kurds.

Air power can be negated as Russian, Iran both have anti air systems not to say manpads etc etc.
not to say the Turks will join in from the North.

if the agreement includes the Kurds to return as Syrians than the agreement can be good and it would appease the Turks. Everyone happy and US leaves Syria …with another blunder


This is a positive step in the right direction if it materializes. And can provide a template for a Turkish push east to the Iraq border that they’ve talked about to shut down Israelistan in the making, return northern Syria to government control, and negate the Jews from doing to Turkey what they did to Syria.

It’s a win win situation for Turkey and Syria. It helps the Syrian government restore administration to SDF held areas, and it prevents the creation of a Kurdish state on Turkey’s border that would be used against it.

I’m sure that the Syrian government coalition has developed plans and is making preparations for providing air cover for government coalition operations east of the river to open a second front against the Israelistani Kurd secessionists. And the government coalition’s strength relative to the threats that it faces grows every day as clearing operations proceed successfully. And the government troop strength to regime change troop strength ratio grows every day. And will be very useful, in conjunction with air cover east of the river.

I don’t know what plans and preparations are being made for bringing Russian fighter squadrons down from southern Russia to augment air cover east of the river. But at only 400 miles flight distance between Russia and Syria, which can be crossed in 20 to 30 minutes, I’m sure that it’s being looked at.


Russian Aircraftcomment image


amen, troll

John Whitehot

lol go away


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Agreed it sets a precedent for Kurds east of Afrin to negotiate directly with Syria, and step away from US dictates . However, while Turkey could get away with using air force support east of Afrin , Russia will not, as it is too wise to directly confront the USAF unless there is no choice. Syria could purchase Russian jets or rely on drones .


Russia has confronted several air forces over Syria, including the US. And imposed a defacto no fly zone over most of the area west of the river. Prior to that multiple actors were violating all of Syrian airspace. Now they’re being shot at and shot down.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You want to Turks to push east to the Iraqi border and secure all of the northern areas controlled by the Kurds, but Erdogan is pushing south in Idlib trying his hardest to cut off Syrian and Russian forces attacking his terrorist there, don’t you wonder why.


Supporting Turkish participation should be contingent on their cooperation.


So wait, let’s say SAA enter Afrin Area and then what, we should see clash between SAA and Turkey or what? Or if SAA enters Afrin region that means that the Kurd’s are giving Afrin to the Damascus gov, or what can someone explane this what will happen when SAA enters Afrin?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The coup in Turkey was a complete set up. I believe the Israelis the US and Erdogan, orchestrated the whole event to manipulate Putin into delivering exactly the result they wanted from the beginning. I just can’t believe the things that have come about since the coup, could have happened by coincidence, it’s just worked out too perfectly for the Turks and the US.
Turkish troops are racing south in IDLIB to “set up observation posts” cut off advancing SAA forces and stop them attacking rebel [terrorist] groups, duh I wonder what they’re doing that for.
The US dropped the Kurds like a hot potato and will not longer defend them against the Turks, but they’re actively still protecting them from the SAA and Russia, duh I wonder why.
Reconciliation with the Kurds is the only thing that can save Syria now, and Assad has already made a start by agreeing to send troops into Afrin.
If he doesn’t, I fear Turkey will end up controlling all of Kurdish Syria, and then go on to attack and then try and take control of all the northern territories including most of IDLIB and all of Aleppo.
Erdogan would have safe areas to return and resettle refugees now living in Turkey and Europe, making him a hero in Europe and guaranteeing Turkey a fast tracked EU citizenship. Something he’s wanted for a long time.
The Kurds in Syria have been just as big of a problem to Erdogan as the ones living in Turkey, so now he get’s to solve both problems at the same time and pay for it all using their own [Syrian] oil. Gee something else he’s always wanted and a bonus.
I believe Assad must now give the Kurds total autonomy whilst still retaining Sovereignty of their areas, and the Russians must arm them to the teeth, if they all want to save themselves.
The Kurds if given AA systems, could then fight the Turks in the skies as well as on the ground, and leave the SAA to fight every one else the US has no love for. The SAA or even the Russians wouldn’t be able to fight against the Turks without incurring US and NATO retaliation, but the Kurds who have hero status in the media might be able to.
Then the Russians should do what they should have at the start. Put boots on the ground and do it properly with the right equipment, and in sufficient numbers to do the job quickly. They should also increase their air support and defenses, as well as set up and enforce no fly zones wherever they can, if they still can at all. When that’s done they should concentrate on hammering the hell out of what’s left of ISIS and any terrorist group that’s on the international watch lists, leaving the SAA to combat the other rebel groups that aren’t.
If Russia and the SAA send in a few clandestine units with MANPADS to operate behind Kurdish front lines and help out, who would ever know who was really shooting down the Turkish jets.
Come on Assad do it and do it now before it’s too late.

nope , the coup is real , in fact erdogan got saved by some anonymous tip and barely escape assasination attempt by his own commandos..

after the coup , erdogan changed direction and become rather cozy with iran and russia


Let’s see what the agreement would be.

All Kurdish areas returns to SAA control including East Euphrates then would appease the Turks.

Other than that SAA would be making a possible big mistake as their Uncle Sam will not move.

Ed Reynolds

It benefits both the Regime and the Kurds. If the Regime doesn’t do anything and the Kurds win. Then they lose even more land to the kurds. If the kurds lose and the Turks take over then they lose more land to Turkey. The SDF and Kurds just want peace and be left alone by all this religous crazyness. Erdogan knows attacking syrian regime in Syria means Russia will help. So put Syrian troops on the borders to keep the peace and close off the airspace. Turkey can claim victory and leave. ALL parties know that further escalations will not help, they have to make a deal or this thing will easily become WW3. Afrin will be Syrian in Name only and the SDF and Regime will split up up control of Syria based on Mutual interests and mutual respect of each others powers. The Kurds are stronger but they are not the recognized nation. The Regime is weak and evil but the UN says this area belongs to them.
Fuck you Turkey! Soon you will realize that you are not a superpower and even the Russians are not on your side in this one. Get rid of Erdogan.

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