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Kurdish Security Fources Commander: Iran’s Project In Syria And Region Is More Dangerous Than ISIS


Kurdish Security Fources Commander: Iran's Project In Syria And Region Is More Dangerous Than ISIS

Ciwan Ibrahim, commander of Asayish (security forces used by the Kurdish Democratic Union Party to keep control over the areas in northern Syria) said in an interview with the Saudi newspaper Okaz that “The Iranian project is more dangerous than ISIS project in Syria and the region in general.

Ciwan described Iranian General Qassem Soleimani as “dangerous to the region.”

“The problem with this project is that it has a regional and international dimension, and it’s a carefully conceived project aimed at controlling the region,” Ciwan said on the Iranian project.

Ciwan claimed that there’s a disagreement between the Alawites and the Iranians in Syria.

The danger of the Iranian project lies in the fact that it eliminates the Syrian identity. According to “our own reports”, there is a sharp disagreement between the Iranians and the Syrian Alawites in power, and I’m certain that if the situation in Syria calm down, differences will emerge between the Alawites and the Iranians”.

Ciwan claimed that the Iranian-Alawite differences in Syria are at the highest level and that there are differences with Russia as well.

“The differences at the level of the top religious’ leaderships, and there are assurances from private sources, that the dispute exists but the circumstances don’t allow it to come to the surface now, and there are Alawites officers in the regime who are displeased with the Iranian role, even Iran is at odds with Russia in Syria,” he said.

Ciwan added to his claims that there was an Iranian-Russian dispute during the battle of Aleppo.

“What happened in Aleppo at the end of last year, Russian-Iranian differences broke out after controlling the city, and even security officers from inside the regime split between standing with Iran or standing with Russia, and these differences are still going on until this moment,” the Kurdish official said.

Ciwan said that there was several clashes with the Iranians and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA):

“There have been clashes with the Syrian regime troops and Iran was a side in these clashes, and Iran is always the mastermind of all clashes with the regime, which often plans, manages and leads these clashes on the ground, and all clashes with the regime are apparent, while the real conflict with Iran.

Ciwan said that the most important issue now is Deir Ezzor city, not Raqqah.

The real battle is in Deir Ezzour, this area is rich in oil and natural resources, and is Syria’s gateway to Iraq and the link between Arabs and Kurds in the Syrian Al-Jazeera area. It’s also the gate of Sunnis between Iraq and Syria. It’s one of the most important areas now, and this is what the United States understand and acts on.

Ciwan denied any connection or coordination between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the SAA.

As for Asayish, there is no coordination with the regime… Let me ask: Does the US-led coalition accept such relationship? This is a political accusation.”

Several pro-government sources condemned Ciwan’s words, especially that he considered Iran to be worse than ISIS, and considered that his aim was to gain the Saudi support only.

Pro-government sources also denied all what Ciwan claimed about the Alawites’ position adding that Ciwan didn’t provide any evidence of his claims and there were no relationship between Alawite and SDF in Syria. Alawites do not live in SDF-held areas and there are no Alawite fighters in SDF ranks. Moreover Alawites and the SDF share a history of disagreement as just yesterday the SDF killed two Alawites in the southern Raqqah countryside.



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