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Kurdish Security Fources Commander: Iran’s Project In Syria And Region Is More Dangerous Than ISIS

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Kurdish Security Fources Commander: Iran's Project In Syria And Region Is More Dangerous Than ISIS

Ciwan Ibrahim, commander of Asayish (security forces used by the Kurdish Democratic Union Party to keep control over the areas in northern Syria) said in an interview with the Saudi newspaper Okaz that “The Iranian project is more dangerous than ISIS project in Syria and the region in general.

Ciwan described Iranian General Qassem Soleimani as “dangerous to the region.”

“The problem with this project is that it has a regional and international dimension, and it’s a carefully conceived project aimed at controlling the region,” Ciwan said on the Iranian project.

Ciwan claimed that there’s a disagreement between the Alawites and the Iranians in Syria.

The danger of the Iranian project lies in the fact that it eliminates the Syrian identity. According to “our own reports”, there is a sharp disagreement between the Iranians and the Syrian Alawites in power, and I’m certain that if the situation in Syria calm down, differences will emerge between the Alawites and the Iranians”.

Ciwan claimed that the Iranian-Alawite differences in Syria are at the highest level and that there are differences with Russia as well.

“The differences at the level of the top religious’ leaderships, and there are assurances from private sources, that the dispute exists but the circumstances don’t allow it to come to the surface now, and there are Alawites officers in the regime who are displeased with the Iranian role, even Iran is at odds with Russia in Syria,” he said.

Ciwan added to his claims that there was an Iranian-Russian dispute during the battle of Aleppo.

“What happened in Aleppo at the end of last year, Russian-Iranian differences broke out after controlling the city, and even security officers from inside the regime split between standing with Iran or standing with Russia, and these differences are still going on until this moment,” the Kurdish official said.

Ciwan said that there was several clashes with the Iranians and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA):

“There have been clashes with the Syrian regime troops and Iran was a side in these clashes, and Iran is always the mastermind of all clashes with the regime, which often plans, manages and leads these clashes on the ground, and all clashes with the regime are apparent, while the real conflict with Iran.

Ciwan said that the most important issue now is Deir Ezzor city, not Raqqah.

The real battle is in Deir Ezzour, this area is rich in oil and natural resources, and is Syria’s gateway to Iraq and the link between Arabs and Kurds in the Syrian Al-Jazeera area. It’s also the gate of Sunnis between Iraq and Syria. It’s one of the most important areas now, and this is what the United States understand and acts on.

Ciwan denied any connection or coordination between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the SAA.

As for Asayish, there is no coordination with the regime… Let me ask: Does the US-led coalition accept such relationship? This is a political accusation.”

Several pro-government sources condemned Ciwan’s words, especially that he considered Iran to be worse than ISIS, and considered that his aim was to gain the Saudi support only.

Pro-government sources also denied all what Ciwan claimed about the Alawites’ position adding that Ciwan didn’t provide any evidence of his claims and there were no relationship between Alawite and SDF in Syria. Alawites do not live in SDF-held areas and there are no Alawite fighters in SDF ranks. Moreover Alawites and the SDF share a history of disagreement as just yesterday the SDF killed two Alawites in the southern Raqqah countryside.

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Kids in Africa

Kurds in Germany in their next generation will. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/55afa20b16c866eaef7aa065f05d0b7ad1e7a04e34135eb49b5cf17471432883.jpg split Germany for greater Kurdistan when new terror group attack Germany.

Rüdiger Preiss

This Ciwan Ibrahim is full of BS …

Jens Holm

Thats how free speach are. You sometimes get something You dont get, because You censure it awy pr auto. ¨

Thats why You probatly dont understand, whats going on there at all.

Rakean Jaya

The free speech , LOL

Rüdiger Preiss

There is a difference between free speech and propaganda. This is propaganda; My statement to this BS is free speech ;)

Manuel Flores Escobar

This Israeli-USA puppet thinks that they will live safe under protection of US forces…but when Turkish army get green light of Russian forces…the Turkish airforce will crushed them and his Pseudo state!…its better for them to keep away like the another SDF puppet did it in Al Tanf and their wished to move towards Damascus!


Point is, they will not get it.

Besides, there is a rather small difference between an obscure money driven islamist defecting with ten, or maybe even thirty, other islamists and the SDF who have over 125k fighters, of which over 80k+ YPG and YPJ.

But dream on if that makes you happy.


Is that enough to survive Turkey if its let off the leash by Syria/Iran/Russia?

Jens Holm

That scenario will get resistance. Its fx also about how many losses Turks can handle having no coup or uprise.

Robert Duran

Wow man..You are naive

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The support for such a coup just doesn’t exist with the Kurds in Turkey and they actually had to be protected from the PKK.

Hisham Saber

spoken like a true Zionist blowjob, in fact, if I had your address, I would send you some pillows to kneel on while you service your Israeli cousins.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The YPG-YPJ numbers are nowhere near your projection they still have recruiting problems among the Kurds . The region where the Kurds are over 75% are Arab and sparsely populated.


In fact, they are likely higher if one has the correct numbers of the HXP, the conscript army, which is also part of the SDF.

YPG and YPJ are growing rapidly as they are getting more and more volonteers from arab areas. Even arab women are joining the YPJ where they now have the first fully arab unit trained.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Those numbers are not any higher and the YPJ really and Arab forces are separate but included in SDF numbers., the US even has low enrollment numbers for these the YPJ/YPJ both lack any real numbers.

Justin Ryan

DutchNational just LOOOVES the SDF / YPG! You literally ONLY comment on SDF related News Blogs! YOU ARE THE TROLL! https://media.giphy.com/media/13ulG2In4VS3EA/giphy.gif

Jens Holm

Its risk handling and Your version is there too.

Justin Ryan

i totally agree!

chris chuba

He must really want that Saudi money. Either this is an audition or he is already on the payroll.

Jens Holm

News to the whole world SDF get Saudi Money or woukld like to. Sekulars supported by wahabit look a likes ???

Pave Way IV

Who pays this Bolshevik’s salary for his Kurdish Cheka? The only money the Kurds have is a cut of the oil produced from Syria wells and shipped to Syrian state refineries. Shouldn’t he be concentrating on forcing people to accept the future paradise promised by the Kurdish dictatorship of the proletariat? Instead, he comes off like Bibi’s official mouthpiece in Syria. Iran has never had a problem with the Syrian Kurds – why is this nutjob trying to invent a problem all of a sudden?

The PYD does not speak for all or even most Syrian Kurds – they’re just the biggest mafia in town.


He is doing American propaganda for them . I have never heard of any SAA – Iranian clashes , pure dis – information .

Jens Holm

Seemes like its not about that at all.

Jens Holm

Im sure PYD speaks for most kurds, but half of the population in the SDF area are not kurds. This fellow gives his oppinion about things, but You take it as he was the leader.

He is a military having oppinions about things. You should have more of that Yourself and by that upgrade a lot of things. Sober debate often make great improvement. “Parle” means talk about it and listen too and after that conclude better.

Very strange You cant see many have fear for an Iran-Syrian axe. Not only kurds has. Even Turks dont like it. You seemes totally to ignore USA blocking at Al Tanf for Iranian transportation as well running over hostile Sunnis as well as direct contact to Hesbollah as well as Israel.

As I recall it it was the plan Iraq should help Syria by taking their part of Eufrat back and help Assads as well in their part. You ignore the influenze there by Iran.

So its not only about kurds having nothing to fear. They do if Assads are kind of not helped by russians in that part of the country.

I will say You are right. Iran isnt direct enemies to kurds. They will get logistic problems putting in many troops in there from north or by Eufrat, but the political influenze can make Assads and the Ayatollah stronger.


Its the actions of these Asayish idiots attacking SAA forces in Hasakah that led to Assad and the Russians giving a nod and a wink to Turkey to come in and destroy their dream of a united Rojava, pretty much a fatal own goal, as well as galvinising the Assyrian locals to stand with the SAA.

As far as the rest of it goes its pretty much mental masturbation for Saudi consumption, sure differences will exist between Syra, Iran and Russia but this attempt at divide and conquer is quite poor and I would have thought the Kurds Israeli masters would have trained them better in this regard.

The fact they are going to attempt a land grab in oil rich Deir Ezzor was already assumed by most of the world, if it is attempted all it will prove is the Kurds real motivation and shows their true colors, this maybe an appeal for Saudi assistance in arming, funding such an attempt with a dividing of the spoils as part of the deal, ultimately this shows the Kurds in a position of weakness and desperation.


Jens Holm

Same bla-bla from the raised propaganda school. SDF could have taken almost all north of Eufrat today if its about Your ususal shit and add socalled blocking.


What are you on about? Do you have a point or a counter arguement or is this another emotional fountain of tears from you?

Jens Holm

Its a military comment. Its not a matter of argumention at all just throwing dirt.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Why do feel so hurt when a communist gets exposed for his lies and attempts at subterfuge as a bad actor ,pretty much like Bibi being honest in my opinion.

Jens Holm

I dont. You really dont get, that its allowed many places in the world to say what You will.

I see him having his own oppinions – actual he is known for that – which seemes to be not allowed where You are.

Its very much allowed to agree more or less with the american, if You are, and I see no lies – I see oppinins.

If SDF just guarded Raqqa 2 weeks ago, several 1000 SDF troops could take the northern bank of Eufrat to Deir El Zor or as a minimum have besieged Markadah hard.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The man is a delusional about anything he mimics Pompeo in his speech all full of falsehoods. The SDF have less than 30,000 in the Southern region and most of them are Arab conscripts they illegally conscript dp’s from Iraq , this against every known law in the world. The SDF has problems with it’s fronts with the FSA which has no intention of the country splitting.

Why defend someone who doesn’t even have any credibilty such as he does, sycophants pander to a master which has no intention of helping anyone but themselves. The US has already capitulated in regards to UN rule all it is doing now is acting childish and petulant currently.

Jens Holm

If You say so, but he is allowed to come with his oppiniens as long as its not inside military and political secrets.

Cyriak Papasissis

You are right. If ever a Kurd was an Israeli vassal and mouthpiece , this is the one. Probably he has long years of training behind him. But maybe this interview is an expression of his frustration at the rest of the YPG – PYD leadership , for not accepting his view of things. For example they agreed with the SAA apparently to let them reach the Southern Euphrates bank and continue on to Deir ez Zour from SE Raqqa. Maybe the attack by YPG on SAA in the Rusafa area , whereby 6 SAA soldiers were killed , was an attempt by this guy’s faction to frustrate or reverse the understanding between YPG-SAA- Russians mentioned above , assuring the flanks of the Tigers as they head South. The disagreements are then within the leading lights of the YPG-PYD , and not in the other camp.


Mmm a rift between Kurdish factions, lets hope so


Methinks that this Kurd speaks with a US Forked Tongue.

Jens Holm

Rubbish. He is worried and alllowed to bring his oppinion.

You assume everything is like that. But You are often the same. You are neutral or not enemy to the ones, which make you fat. He is no leader just some military leader having oppinions about the world.

It make sense to me – even I dont agree in minor parts of it. but he is a well educated security force commander. So I think I learn how they think and off course its coordinated some with USA.

How stupid do You think kurds are. They are not barbarian farmers with forks and hunting rifles anymore


“Off course its coordinated some with USA “. there you go , you said it yourself .

Jens Holm

Of course its coordinated, but not in the way You insinuate.

They are helping each other about ISIS, but they are different in next faze, but seems to work for at least some same wishes.

Your world seemes to simplified very much assuming too much on not many facts.

Its a well established realtionship, where USA now have several bases as a gurantie for something – for something. I see it as normal.

Should they trust Assads? Turks?


” How stupid do You think kurds are. They are not barbarian farmers with forks and hunting rifles anymore ”

Really ? Why are they dying for US hegemony and Israeli interests then ? The US will first enslave their ‘economy’ and in time the Kurds will be ‘spat out’ as Collateral damage as all previous US allies have been..

Jens Holm

Hegemony ??? Israel ????

Your evil assumptions is just enemy talk.


And you just shout from inside an empty barrel Jens.


Who is talking through this voice ? Of course, USA.

Jens Holm

The usual stuff from people not allowed or able to have their own oppinion. The sekular answer to Ali Akbar for even visiting the toilet.

John William

Soleimani is a piece of shit.I haven’t forgot about his actions in Iraq when America was trying to save the country from a dictator.He deserves to die.I hate reading his name. That said I don’t know what this Kurd has to gain with this interview.I hope he knows he can’t rely on America to protect the Syrian Kurds.


nobody cares what you think Ameritard

Jens Holm

i cant see he is trying to gain anything. He just tell what many others think too.

Robert Duran

When did Southfront become a Zionist troll hotspot?


When the American MSM did a hit piece on them a month ago


U deserve to die, qasim soleimani is an absolute hero and i bet he would crush u in arm wrestling too!!


“America trying to save the country from a dictator ” , are you referring to Saddam ? At any rate , you are right that they “can’t rely on America to protect the Syrian Kurds” . Sadly for the Kurds , they don’t see it .


“America was trying to save the country from a dictator”. Just fucking wow!!


Sounds like a speech written in Tel Aviv.

Jens Holm

You are there ?

Rakean Jaya

No he doesn’t, but he is decent man, who can smells stinky thing as it is, he can detect the source of stinky gas precisely.


Ciwan has been learning from the Zionists. It’s “Divide and Conquer”. Iran and Syria should relax. This is just a tactic to stir things up.


This guy is “dangerous to thenregion” and I hope he gets blown away in am airstrike or carbomb or something. Soleimani has done nothing but brilliant military things for Syria against terrorists


That is the truth , Soleimani is a brilliant general , that’s why he’s dangerous . In Iraq , he saw how the US , actually were protecting ISIS , and he out maneuvered the US war machine , and with the PMU’s actually has all but defeated ISIS . He is dangerous to the US jihadists .


If he really cares about Syria he can turn over Kurdish invaded parts of Syria back to the government.

JP Moreau

american propaganda !


The ‘Kurdish freedom fighters’ cause, as opposed to defending Syria (aka the Assad ‘regime’) against the now six year old invasion by United States’ proxy terrorists, has become a fashionable cause amongst some avowedly progressive Australians.

On Saturday 5 August, “Australians for Kurdistan” will be holding a protest rally against an apparent Turkish invasion of the Afrin Canton, the easternmost of the four cantons of Syrian Kurdistan (Accordiing to PressTV, there is meddling by Turkey, a well as by the US, in this region. See, for example, “Turkey plans for operation against YPG” (5/717) at http://presstv.com/Detail/2017/07/05/527458/Turkey-YPG-Syria and “Turkey occupying Syria, trying to build city near al-Bab: Syrian envoy” (5/7/17) at http://www.presstv.com/Detail/2017/04/05/516833/Turkey-Syria-Bab-Riad-Haddad.)

Information about “Australians for Kurdistan” can be found at http://australiansforkurdistan.org/ but please don’t hold your breath waiting to become more knowledgeable about Kurdistan from reading the very few short articles on that site.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Syrian Govt has filed complaints for some time against Turkey’s invasion of Syria with no avail from the UN group who seems to be only appointed agents of the western governments.

John Whitehot

business as ever. “Syrians are divided”, “Iranians are worse than ISIS”, “Iranians are the enemies of Alawites”.

If they attributed the interview to some Israeli or American, the body text would not change. These people have been proved wrong already countless times, and if the US is betting on the Kurdish horse to continue the civil war to remove Assad, it means only one thing – that they don’t give a fuck about the Kurdish people, and that they are only another pawn in their geopolitical debauchery.

We will see how many kurds will embrace the “Assad must go cause”. Let’s hope some of them don’t get gassed at some point, because the plot seems to be pointing in that direction.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Kurds and Arabs politicians opposed to the PKK/PYD have been arrested and tortured by the their police force already even activists in the SDF areas.

John Whitehot

i don’t believe it.


Yup, if I didnt see His face, before I read this shit, I would think it was from an Wankeestanian delivering standard bullshit about an “cause” aka the Kurds, how ugh….. Noble. Kurds, yeah, where is the reports, about the so called Kurdish Sec Forces, rampaging the land, and ethnically cleansing everything in the so called Kurdistan, small towns to larger areas, of the natives and nobody reacts, because they are the pets of the western imperialistic forces, this type of procedure is stone age, boys and is exactly why I call them Israel 2.0, because the natives is right now treated like shit and will be chased out of their paradise called Kurdistan, yeah, and nobody talks about it, like the Genocide on Armenians and Greeks, its dead silent.

And of course, when the Trump thing continues of course with all the good intentions, if you are an bran washed wankee, and general, the Europeans are just slightly above total blackout.

And this days Iran sails up as Da enemy, and some people think the uISISa was to stop their Path to Persia, and in the mean time makes some barking stupid Indians to attack China, and feeds the Philippines with the left over from the Levant, where they are loosing the war.

I am fascinated by whom in this late hour pops their heads up and whines something about “Iranian” threats. and the Hezb/Narallah is an terror org. It should be an wake up moment for the Arab people, this scums/traitors should be hanged high.

The whores of Babylon, now when Babylon is slipping, the petty beasts and suck puppets is crawling out from everywhere, do notice the news that will evolve thru the prestitutes and whorespondents in the western MSM, incl Norway, whom is the last Stalinist country on earth, the brainwashing is total, and all encompassing. And they believe everything they read and see, even when videos after videos is debunked, the same shit is recycled and even then people dont react, do you think when the great war comes this shit heads will do anything, they will not, they never learn until their own f…. bed side is in flames. Their cowardliness knows no boundary’s, not even the sky is the limit.

The Kurds, have no legitimacy, what to ever, to any claim they are able to fabricate, its all 100% bullshit, I have all tho sympathy, but that one did you, your self crush, by siding with the terror state Israel and the Imperial Banana Republic uISISa. You did it to your self, stupid people. Dont expect anything, if you dont take to your senses, because otherwise, you have digged your own grave and will loose whats left of whatever sympathy left. Time to choose, Kurds, live in peace or be the enemy of man. Because right now, drugs(heroin) and oil, is fueling Kurds, thru Albania(Kosovo etc) aka the Turkish route, along the pipe line, no wounder they dont like it, huh, Kurds, its more money in drugs that anything else, never forget that. You drooling idiots picked the wrong backups, the scums of this earth, you never learn, so prepare to burn. wake up



Very well said.


Kurds prove to be nothing more than typical US, Saudi and Israeli sell-outs.


well spoken….had previously memorized the speech US gave him. well done american puppet well done.you earned your salary for this month.

Floyd Hazzard

Hey, if the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel are the ones arming his troops, paying and training his soldiers and keeping the wolves from tearing him apart, what else is he supposed to say? I think it’s a stupid position to take, all considered though. Would have been better to just keep his mouth shut.


Iran and Syria are probably laughing at this weak attempt at conquer and divide. The Zios must be getting really desperate. Lots of media buzz about a rift between Assad’s allies these days. Obviously a coordinated campaign of disinformation by the Zios run from Tel Aviv’s war strategy office and propaganda central. As if they would know what went on in private between Syria, Iran and Russia.

Solomon Krupacek

he is only the kurdish vladimir zhirinovsky


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