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Kurdish Revenge: Turkish Drone Command, Infantry Bases Targeted With Drones (Videos)

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Kurdish Revenge: Turkish Drone Command, Infantry Bases Targeted With Drones (Videos)

Illustrative image, a DIY suicide drone that was shoot down by the Turkish military last year.

Early on May 21, the Turkish Ministry of National Defense announced that two of its military bases in the eastern region had been attacked.

In a statement, the ministry said that armed drones had targeted the Command of Unmanned Aerial Systems in the province of Batman and the Command of the armed forces’ 23rd Infantry Division in the province of Şırnak. According to the ministry, both attacks were foiled.

“No damage or casualty were sustained thanks to the attention of our units’ personnel and the measures taken,” the statement reads.

Local sources in Batman and Şırnak reported hearing a number of explosions, which may have been caused by Turkish air-defense fire.

Earlier this week, two drones attacked an air base in the southern Turkish province of Diyarbakir. Back then, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), designated by Turkey as a terrorist group, claimed responsibility for the attack.

The Kurdish guerrilla group carried out similar attacks against Turkey in the past using commercially-bought drones which were modified by its experts. The two new attacks may be a response by the PKK to the Turkish military’s operations in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.


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L du Plessis

Turkey is bleeding like the US in iraq….death by a thousand cuts.

The Objective

Death by a thousand cuts is only a coward’s way of war. You’ll never win by a thousand cuts – at least not on today’s battlefield. You’ve got to be ready to die if you ever want to get the U.S or Turkey out of Iran.

john wooh

The Objective u are turk, who gave u the right to conquer other people’s land?

But when somebody fights back ur the first who cries foul.

In Turkey they are 15-20million kurds why they cant decide how to live ?

Jens Massive

By your own definition, the ongoing US war on Iran – a decades long economic sanctions war – and a total death by a thousand cuts strategy – is a cowardly act. Note, neither the US or Turkey are actually in Iran – despite all of their best efforts.

Pro Terrorists -> Zion yankees Wahhabi Kurds

No, not really how do you mean?
You giving Turkey too much shit and you can’t compare Turkey to the US at all.

I don’t like Turkisis but at the same time, you people can’t fuking forget that the US and Zion used Kurds to stay in Iraq and Syria for years. That is Zion and yankees plan, did you forgot PMUs killing Mossad and CIA fukers in N-Iraq?
Kurds VERY much want to steal Syrian and Iraqi land and they would make deal with the devil if they have to which THEY HAVE.


So cool reminds me of my RC modeling days should checkout latest models an camera systems or maybe a copter drone do some of my own ‘recon’ haha

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