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Kurdish Rebels Continue Attacks On Turkey-led Forces In Afrin Area

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On Jannuary 18, the Afrin Liberation Forces (ALF) released a statement claiming that they had carried out a fresh attack on Turkey-led forces in the Syrian region of Afrin.

According to the statement, ALF fighters attacked a “base” near the village of Jinderes on January 17 injuring 5 Ahrar al-Sham members and 2 Turkish service members.

A previous ALF attack reportedly took place on January 16 when the group allegedly killed a member of Jabhat al-Shamiya near the village of Shera.

On January 15, the ALF allegedly killed one Turkish-backed fighter and injured 3 others when it attacked their vehicle near the village of Mahmoudiya.

The AFL is a brand created by the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) to hide their involvement in attacks on Turkish-backed militant groups and the Turkish military in the region of Afrin. The YPG is a core of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and its military actions against Ankara-backed forces is a factor fueling tensions between the US and Turkey. This YPG behaviour likely became a problem for Washington, which forced the group to undertake at least formal actions to hide its involvement in these attacks.

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Kurds (USAIsrael puppets) and Turkish (NATO member) must be out of Efrain region since this belong to Syria people.


Kurds (USA-Israel puppets) and Turkish (NATO member) must be out of Efrain region since this belong to Syria people.

Astrid Watanabe

As far as I know the population of Afrin are Syrians, Syrian Kurds, along with Arabs, Assyrians and other tribes, and they got along with each other just fine. The Syrian Kurds of that region are no puppets of anyone, and they are righteous fighters. It was them who freed Kobane from ISIS after many months of grueling fights, and many of them got killed. There is much mis-information around, which is no surprise because there are different factions of Kurds, and some have been rightly called “Mafia”. The only reason I know this is because I caught hints by commenters in Russia Insider and got curious and seriously followed it up. It is easy to just repeat what other people say, but when you bother to look in depth, you would be very surprised what you can find out. First I found only other languages, then anfenglish.com and hawarnews, then I found a most unusual book by an Italian cartoonist who calls himself Zerocalcare, and his book is “Kobane Calling. Greetings from Northern Syria”. Very worthwhile reading.


If they are not an Syrian liberation force, they will have any chance in Syria, it’s useless to try, https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/syrian-army-cancels-east-syria-offensive-to-concentrate-on-hama-idlib/


Fine job, continue to repel the terrorists my dear Kurds.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

The fucking Kurds committed fraud about such “attacks” too many times for me to pay any attention to them. Too bad, given that killing Turks and their terrorist proxies would be a noble thing to do — if they ever really did it.


I think we should establish that whatever their motives no one has ever really controlled the militias in and around Afrin. That’s why Turkey made it their first target, there was no way to intervene.

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