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Kurdish Rebels Assassinate Commander Of Turkish-Backed Group In Northern Aleppo (Video)

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The Afrin Liberation Forces (ALF) announced on November 10 that the military commander of the Turkish-backed Northern Brigade was killed by their cells in “a revenge operation.”

In an official statement, the Kurdish guerrilla group revealed that the commander was targeted in the Turkish-occupied part of northern Aleppo, known as the Euphrates Shield (ES) region.

“On November 9, our forces carried out a special operation against a commander of the Northern Brigade’s mercenaries in the village of Shamarin … As a result, the commander was killed along with a number of mercenaries and another was injured,” the ALF’s statement reads.

The ALF didn’t name the slain Turkish-backed commander. However, local sources identify him as Abdel Halim Rahim, aka Abu Ahmad.

According to the sources, Abu Ahmad was killed when an improvised explosive-device (IED) planted under his pick-up truck exploded.

The assassination of Abu Ahmad is an example of the poor security situation in Turkish-occupied territory in northern Syria, where various security incidents erupt almost on a daily basis.


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Jens Holm

An old typical statement is, that winning a war is not the same as winning the peace.

My own: The Turkish taken parts are like one big zoo with no fences. Even ISIS is not safe.


Hahaha cheerfull news!

Hanny Benny

why this reminds me to some behind-thefront-killings of the IDF in Gaza/Westjordanland.. ?

i think israel teaches the kurds how to deal with the turkish childabducting headchoppers and that’s why Putins erDog goes mad against israel ;)


I do not think so, but it were nice if you were correct.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Gee it’s a wonder they have enough manpower left to carry out this sort of operation, I thought they were all in eastern Syria teaching the SDF how to successfully kill the Turks and their proxies. The ALF have a successful kill to casualty ratio way beyond any other fighting group in Syria, even better than Isis, if they had airpower they’d even kick the US and Russia’s butts when it comes to kills per mission. So if the SDF are being trained by the best of the best now, they’ll be fully prepared for a guerilla campaign that will do the same thing to the Turks here as the ALF are doing in western Syria, killing the Turks and their proxies like flies. Now I did say “I thought they were all in eastern Syria teaching the SDF how to successfully kill the Turks and their proxies”, but that’s not something I’ve read anywhere or seen confirmed by any other source, well other than my own imagination, but that doesn’t mean I think it’s not the actual case, I do believe members of the ALF are right now teaching their brothers and sisters everything they know, and that’s because a lot of those fighters who make up the ALF ranks, actually defected from the SDF and joined the ALF, and I can’t believe they haven’t all gone back home to defend their own homelands now.


The developments in Afrin and ES zone will continue with ALF gaining capabilities and a wider scope. Soon this will be copied in all of Rojava. We can only hope they will start concentrating on turks asap.

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