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JULY 2020

Kurdish Protesters Storm, Set It On Fire Turkish Military Base In Northern Iraq (Photos)


On January 25, hundreds of Kurdish protestors stormed a base of the Turkish military near the northern Iraqi city of Dahuk in response to a Turkish airstrike that killed two Kurdish civilians two days ago.

According to the Kurdish NRT TV, Turkish soldiers opened fire at the protestors killing at least one and injuring many others. However, the protestors managed to storm the base and set it on fire. Photos of the protestors burning and capturing heavy weapons of the Turkish military were published on social networks.

Most of the Turkish soldiers who were inside the base were captured by the protestors. Later, they reportedly handed them over to the local Peshmerga force. Two agents of the Turkish National Intelligence Organization, known as MIT, were injured while they were trying to resist the protestors.

“Turkish warplanes are currently flying over the area,” the NRT’s reporter in Dahuk said.

The Turkish Air Force (TAF) carries out airstrikes on positions of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the northern part of Kurdistan on a regular basis. However, the January 24 airstrike killed two civilians, Bakhtiyar Hasan and Ziad Hituti, while they were on a hike near their village, Jamki Tuii, according to the Rudaw news network.

Such attacks on Turkish military bases in northern Iraq have never been seen before. Nonetheless, the situation is not expected to escalate. Turkey is formally coordinating all of its military actions inside Iraq with the country’s federal government and the Kurdistan Region Government (KRG).

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  • Xoli Xoli

    Pay back time only self made sovereign Turkey cross border base in none sovereign Iraq according to Turkey rules falls.Next fall is in Syria.

    • HappyJack1


  • BL

    hahahaha Terk!

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      Cockroaches yourself idiot

      • BL

        I’m not the one occupying other people’s lands, having a fake identity, lying shamelessly about history 24/7, being proud of committing genocide against innocent people, planning to destroy and occupy my neighbors, and overall being the scum of the earth. If I’m ever like that then I’ll be cockroach like you, your Jew masters, and your ISIS buddies.

        • Mustafa Mehmet

          Once our borders save from scum like you when you can control your terrorist buddies. not to fire or cross in to Turkish territory. We come and do it ourselves and fu… c the Jews pkk ypg. buddies 🐒

        • HappyJack1

          You’re all scum,Turkey and Islam in general. Gutter religion/cult.

          • BL

            I’m not Islam

        • Name

          Islam is s#$t. Any thing that humiliates this garbage filth of a so-called religion is good. I wish they would bomb Erdogan off the face of the earth because he’s just another filthy Moslem idiot.

        • Mansouri

          Kurds have no friends but mountains

  • Xoli Xoli

    Erdogan is maybe hiding in Russian base.

  • jako

    Way to go, good job !
    You have made one more ulcer to Erdogan by doing that…
    Maybe you should try to save that equipment and weapons from fire (you might need them) instead of taking selfie’s and doing photo sessions?!
    Just sayin’ do whatever f*** you want…..can’t care less.

    • Ivanus59

      Honestly, if they took the vehicles they couldn’t keep them, since Turkey would then demand from KRG to hand them back to Turkey and KRG weak would probably give in and do it.
      But if they destroy them then they certainly won’t get anything back.

      • jako

        OK makes sense I didn’t think about that still…
        No way to repaint , modify or cannibalize engines and different parts from vehicles?
        How can “recognize” engine or similar?

    • HappyJack1

      A double negative. Can’t care less means you care. Proper way to say you don’t care is to say “Can’t care more,” or “Can care less.” Just saying, people using double negatives drive me crazy.

      • jako

        Thanks Happy Jack !
        Error comes from my own language where that does function :(
        No double negative cancellation where I come from.
        I sincerely appreciate your lesson and I thank you for your patience to explain it so nicely
        I am sorry to be just another grammar nuisance. Have pity on my pathetic travesty of English.
        Here I have corrected it. :-)
        Stay with us don’t go totally crazy we need people like you!

  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    I love it when Turks get what they deserve.

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      yeah they can’t go anywhere near Turkish base. tank and rest don’t look like Turkish . Propaganda nothing else

      • You can call me Al

        No, you Turds got battered.

      • SnowCatzor

        Umm it’s an M60 tank in Turkish camo pattern… You’re in denial I’m afraid.

      • Potato Potato

        Turdkish Army is low tier garbage. I would rate them at the same level as 90s/early 2000s Russian Army.

    • Moshe Dummstein

      desperate kike lover.

      • Sinbad2


  • hhabana

    Acting like Saudi soldiers. Erdogan, you’re Ottoman dream is just that…a dream.

  • Syria insider

    There’s nothing better than Turks looking and doing nothing.

  • Smaug

    Not so much a protest as it is mob violence…..

  • Taz T

    Turkey can not occupy Iraq because they can not make a deal with Russia as they did in Syria.

  • Rua Richard Cranium

    praise allah

    allahu fubar

  • SnowCatzor

    Wow really… how the hell did they let a mob of civilians overrrun their base??? Were they all napping at the time?… Such incompetence from the newly purged Turkish army.

    The Kurds must be laughing their heads off at the moment, and deservedly so. Turkey has no right to be in Iraq.

  • jim crowland

    the kurds need a homeland and turkey should be partitioned between greece, armenia, russia and possibly a piece for bulgaria

    • Sinbad2

      American Indians need a homeland, the USA should be partitioned etc etc.

    • verner

      the stupid kurds will always be tenants under turkey, syria, iraq and iran, on their respective borders. stupid is because they sided with the more than moronic and disunited states of A to no avail and now they have to backtrack big way!

  • Some Rabbit

    I see that Netflix has started shoveling Turkish propaganda with their series “Wolf” which portrays heroic Turkish special ops battling the evil PKK terrorists. Talk about role reversal. Shame on Netflix. Erdogan is trying to re-establish the old Ottoman empire.

    • Sinbad2

      America doesn’t care, for America Turkey has always been just a club to strike Russia.
      If the club gets broken, America doesn’t care.
      To America all other nations are simply the tools of the American empire, they are the master race, and working for them will set you free.
      Cross them, and they exterminate your country.

  • Sinbad2

    The Turks seem to be hated by most why?
    Is it because they are Americas slaves, or is it because they are trying to rid their country of the American oppressors?