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Kurdish PKK Says 118 Servicemen Killed in Cizre Bomb Attack


Kurdish PKK Says 118 Servicemen Killed in Cizre Bomb Attack

© AP Photo/ Cagdas Erdogan

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) said in a statement on August 27 that 118 Turkish servicemen were killed by a truck bomb attack in the Turkish town of Cizre on August 26.

“Fighter Mustafa Aslan carried out attack using large amount of explosive… 60 armed vehicles were damaged… 118 Turkish police officers died, 152 more sustained injuries,” PKK said.

The group emphasized that the truck targeted the town district where police and army headquarters were located.

In turn, according to Turkish authorities 11 police officers were killed iand 78  injured in the Cizre bombing.

Heavy clashes between the PKK and Turkish security forces and various terror attacks occur regularly in Turkey’s southeast.



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  • vincenzarilliac

    According to this claim, 270 police officers were gathered in such a tight proximity that they were killed or injured by a single truck bomb attack. Not believable.

    • Gregory Louis

      You don’t need to be close to a bomb to kill you its not the explosion that kills but the shrapnel and air caused by it the OKC bombing killed 200 and injured about 800 or more but the bomb was placed in the front of a bulding and people where deafend blocks away so yeah

  • Bobby

    Kurdish news sites are known for making up fake news and exaggerating real news to fit into their political agenda. They’re not a reliable source of information.

  • jj

    Where are the photos of all the dead?

  • I do not feel sorry for the Islamist-Turkish military who support the Dictator of Turkey.
    But I feel sorry for the civilians killed by the Kurdish-extremist.