Kurdish Peshmerga Mass Execute ISIS Members Surrendered North Of Tal Afar – Reports


Kurdish Peshmerga Mass Execute ISIS Members Surrendered North Of Tal Afar - Reports

Captured ISIS members

Peshmerga forces, a military force of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, have executed a high number of ISIS members that had surrendered to or had been captured by Kurdish units north of the recently liberated town of Tal Afar in northern Iraq.

According to reports, the number of killed ISIS members is up to 400.

If it’s officially confirmed, this will be a major blow to the public image of Kurdish forces in Iraq.

Furthermore, the mass execution could easily boost support to ISIS and to trigger a series of terrorist attacks against soft targets in the Iraqi Kurdistan.

SF does not release alleged photos of the incident. However, they could be easily found online (for example, this twitter acc posted them on September 2).

Captured ISIS members:



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  • Vidura

    Great job! Would have returned the favor by burning alive/exploding/drowning etc but Peshmerga wont stoop to those levels.

  • Vidura

    ”If it’s officially confirmed, this will be a major blow to the public image of Kurdish forces in Iraq.” – Correction – this will be a major victory to the public image of Kurdish forces in Iraq

    • Moussa Saab

      Killing surrendered fighters is not a victory, it is being a pussy.

      • Vitex

        I completely agree. If you murder the murderers, you become a murderer.

        • John Wallace

          So what are you if as part of a Government army you kill someone from the opposing side. Is that not by definition legalised murder thus making you a murderer.
          So what is your idea of treatment for these , whatever they are , take them home too the wife and family for Sunday dinner.?? I am sure that will mend their ways.

      • Vidura

        Surrendered Isis fighters, they are a special bunch.

    • Red Tick Alert


    • Gavin Allen

      It’s fake, it never happened.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    Kurd’s plan to do this same thing to all Christians and Persians and Russians and Turks and Europeans and Africans and Asians. They are crazies bent on bigotry in the Style of Georgian-Stalin.

    • Gavin Allen

      LOL. Better tuck yourself in extra tight tonight, or they might just kill you in your bed! :)

  • John Wallace

    Geneva convention rules don’t apply too those that ignored them in the first place like these animals did. No mercy , no tears for this lot . I do hope they were executed by female members so they go to Hell as there are only so many virgins to go around. Seriously anyone that is a little squeamish about this don;t deserve the protections they have given by those that gave their lives

  • hvaiallverden

    I will not watch this, but again, we have nada confirmations of anything, other then the words of the Kurds, nothing else, I must remind you about that, but what have been confirmed is ethnic clenching of areas where Kurds where not dominant inside whats now seen as the uISISa new prodject Kurdistan aka ISISrael 2.0.

    Cleansing incl Arabs, Christians/Muslims to secular witch are the largest group, why people assume they are Muslims beats me but thats not necessary the facts.
    And this events make me not to trust them at all.
    It bottoms, eventually creeps, into Law and Justice, dont insult us with premature nonsense and meaningless violence, witch the Syrians have known for years now, violence breeds just more violence, hate breeds hate, unless this circle is cut, you will run around for eternity, solved nothing just made things worse.

    I have read about it, for years, the Kurds ethnic cleansing program, witch goes along with faking history, and again in the middle of the economic zones in Syria and Iraq.
    But like Mymanmar, they arent debated in the west other than been an people without an land to an land without an people, the same tacs, as the Joos use to legitimize their theft of Palestine.
    Kurds is 100% fake, made to and by the west, for recourse control and thats it.

    I had sympathy, until I realized their history, genocide and ethnic cleansing, they are the scums of this earth.

    And this event, why is people shocked, barbars are barbars, just look on how many children the IFD have shoot they their backs, not front but thru their backs, children under 10, do you have any idea of how evil the Joos are, do you.
    The Kurds must be given just one choice, comply or die.
    Nothing else.


  • The Farney Fontenoy

    I believe this is what the USA calls ‘crimes against humanity’, this is a war crime for damn sure. YPG are every bit the murdering animals ISIS are, as I said before there are no good or bad among these ‘rebels’ just different groups fighting for dominance, I am glad about this in one way only; it will increase the hatred of Arabs toward Kurds.

    • dutchnational

      Pal, sorry to correct you but YPG are not pesh merga’s and do not operate in Iraq.

      So your rant against YPG is not only meaningless, but really stupid. The more so as there are documented cases of YPG and SDF of letting IS workers – not fighters – go if vouched for by the civillians of the local area.

      As far as the pesh merga’s are concerned, this is also, as far as I know, the way other Iraqis treat captured IS.

      It is in itself not ok, but what alternatives do they have and what would happen anyway to those IS after a trial, hanging?

      • Tudor Miron

        After a trial – that’s the point. Otherwise it’s another win for very same ISIS masters.

      • The Farney Fontenoy

        Kurds are Kurds, terms such as YPG, Peshmerga are interchangeable, they are all filthy murdering terrorists. Since the Kurds are guilty of outright murder, do you think the Kurds should be put on trial or just executed?

        • Gavin Allen

          “Kurds are Kurds, terms such as YPG, Peshmerga are interchangeable” – LOL. Next you’ll be telling us that people with brown skin are all the same.

          • The Farney Fontenoy

            So are you telling me that Kurds in Turkey, have nothing in common with Kurds in Syria & Iraq? Despite the fact that all want to live together in ‘Kurdistan’?
            Please do tell how they have nothing do do with each other yet want a country together.

    • Gavin Allen

      Oh, pathetic. Another idiot. “YPG are every bit the murdering animals ISIS are” – Riiiight, so rescuing ISIS captives, feeding and protecting them is “murder”. “just different groups fighting for dominance” – Sure, that’s why Rojava is polyethnic, multicultural, Syrian, and its democratic processes designed specifically to prevent any one group dominating any other. “it will increase the hatred of Arabs toward Kurds” – hate to break it to you Twatsky, but Arabs and Kurds are actually allies in the DFNS (along with Assyrians, Yazidis, Chechens, Turkmen etc.). “I am glad about this” – you’re “glad about” your own sense of racism? How proud your parents must be… Oh, and you got your countries totally mixed up. You don’t even know what country you’re talking about. Shows how much you know, eh?

  • Tudor Miron

    I know that many will disagree with me but I can’t support mass executions without judgment of anybody. Even if we talk about bloody hearteating headchoppers. It’s OK to shoot and bomb to dust in the heat of the fight. No mercy till they surrender. But than there”s a difference between evil headchoppers and us – pro human forces. Daesh trash ideologists will ecourage their fighters to execute those that they capture. That’s understandable – thats what they actually work for: “producing pain, fear, anger and grief”. Pro human forces work in the opposite direction i.e. REDUCING fear, anger and grief.
    To me, those that execute 400 daesh fighters AFTER they surrender are not very different in terms of where they are heading. That parasitic energy that is fueling all that bloody mess – it’s not on anyones side :) It doesn’t givre a sh$t about how one calls itself as long as we humans keep killing each other i.e. keep producing “fear, anger and grief”.
    Don’t take me wrong – I’m not saying that ISIS members are not guilty and should not be executed. But

  • ISIS member is not ISIS member. Especially during the last month of the battle many local civilians had been pressed by ISIS to fight for them. They had not much choice. Also you will have many minors or even children, who were brainwashed by ISIS and killed people. So you can’t just execute all of them. Each suspect must be evaluated in a legal case. If not, you will just cause the next uprising of the sunni population.

    • electron

      Seems to already be taking place in Indo-China…

  • Lupus


  • Gert Turpin

    These rats must be exterminated. Member of ISIS is execution on the spot. No mercy.

  • Semper Prudens

    I see nothing wrong in that. ISIS terrorists broke all the moral, legal and religious norms. They behaved like monsters and deserve to be exterminated like beasts, so that none after them dares to repeat such crimes. My grandfathers (Yugoslav partisans) did the same to Germans and their collaborators in 1944/45.

  • Klinger Neto

    400 less terrorists in the world!

  • The Farney Fontenoy

    Lots of commentators here delighted, but whats to stop the Kurds doing the same if they captured hundreds of SAA soldiers? They committed this murder spree as there’s no fear of retribution, since they Kurds have the unwavering support of the USA, whay would they hesitate to murder anyone else??

    • Gavin Allen

      Grow up.

      • The Farney Fontenoy

        Try being a realist instead of a troll.

  • martin aguilar

    Kill ISIS and Yankees and Brits all together !! Mass executions for all bastards !!

  • Gavin Allen

    TOTALLY FAKE, NEVER HAPPENED. All part of the disinformation campaign before the referendum in Bashur (Iraqi Kurdistan) which begins in 3 weeks.

    • electron

      reports say that ypg/allies allow safe passage to dash militants, in exchange for money, and let them flee into Turkey, and from there to ………perhaps Burma, China?!