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JULY 2020

Kurdish Peshmerga Deploys To Kirkuk, Vows To ‘Liberate’ City And ‘Entire Kurdistan’


Kurdish Peshmerga Deploys To Kirkuk, Vows To 'Liberate' City And 'Entire Kurdistan'

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Last night the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) have deployed its Peshmerga forces to the province of Kirkuk escalating military tensions with the Iraqi Federal Government and aiming to take back the government-held city of Kirkuk.

The October 15 video shows a Peshmerga convoy en route to Kirkuk:

“The brave Peshmerga are fully prepared…just as we defeated ISIS, the Hashd al-Shaabi and those who support them, will be null, and come under the feet of Kurdistan,” Rudaw, a Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) affiliated outlet, quoted the commander of the western front of Kirkuk as saying.

“As for the liberation of Kirkuk and the entire Kurdistan, it is coming and we will be victorious,” Kamal Kirkuki added.

However, he didn’t provide any details when the “liberation” should take place.

According to Rudaw, Kirkuki aruged that the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units, a state-sponsored coalition of militias, had withdrawn from the area because of uprising of the Kurdish people in Khanaqin and other aras.

“This proves the result of the referendum, for independence of Kurdistan, that they oppose invasion and being slaves,” he said. “They want freedom and independence.”

Unfortunately, Rudaw forgot to added that the PMU withdrew from Kirkuk and Khanaqin under because Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ordered the PMU to do so. This does not mean that units of the Iraqi Army, the Federal Police or the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service are set to withdraw from the contested areas.

However, the situation in Khanaqin itself remains unclear. Pro-KRG sources argued that the PMU “fled” the town because people “upraised” against them.

At the same time, “rumors” spreading by pro-KRG activists about the US-led coalition airstrikes against a PMU in the K1 Airbase and a Peshmerga ultimatum to Iraqi forces also appeared to be untrue.

Some firefights between pro-KRG fighters and government forces were reported in the northern part of Kirkuk last night. The city remains in the hands of the federal government and no notable “liberation” effort by the Peshmerga is observed.

The Mosul Dam also remained under the control of the Iraqi Army despite the claims of pro-KRG sources that Iraqi troops had fled from the  area.

Summing up the available facts, the KRG and media outlets loyal to KRG President Massoud Barzani used the Iraqi prime minister’s decision to withdraw PMU forces from some contensted areas to launch a large-scale propaganda campaign against the federal government.



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  • gold37

    How can one take back something that was never theirs?

    • IH8Lies

      Very good point.

    • Don Machiavelli

      Their Zionist masters have explained it to the Kurds i guess, for the rest of us it’s pure terrorism.

    • rosehouse

      Kurdish is the majority population across the ME, they should have granted their sovereign state. Most important Kurdish is the best solders who helped to fight against ISIS.

      • as

        Kurds is the preferred mercs. Without US air firepower Kurds will dying just as much as the Iraqi security forces. And Arab is the majority in the middle east. Some fact that Kurdistan didn’t exist all this time should tell you who they really are.

      • Raptar Driver

        Kurds are nomads and never had a state, no criteria for statehood exists.

    • FlorianGeyer

      Israel does it all the time.

      • TiredOfBsToo

        Yeah, just recently Israel took down news stations that report the truth. Israel is a terrorist and Internationally lawless state, no doubt an aspiration for the Kurds.

        • Tommy Jensen

          London and Washington made an agreement with the Kurds they could have this land if they went into the war on Israel´s side.
          Therefore the land they have taken is US/UK promised land.
          London promised that they could have this land as their own because 6 million Kurds were genocided and gassed by Iraq, Iran and Turkey just because they earned money on usury.

          • TiredOfBsToo

            UK is the US’s poodle. When the US speaks, the UK jumps. Any country that the US wishes to destroy and setup a puppet statelet always gets the support of the UK; it has nothing to do with gassing. You could say that the US acquired the UK’s beliefs and then became the UK’s master (Remember the Balfour declaration which released the terrorist state of Israel on the Middle East?).

            I use the term ‘US’ to differentiate the government from the American people who are kept in the dark through very successful propaganda and censorship. Incidentally, I see that the UK is working actively on the censorship part of the plan now against it’s people. I look hopefully towards Jeremy Corbyn being elected Prime Minister and the removal of the UK’s jester, Boris Johnson.

          • Wahid Algiers

            The US is the bad son of old mother UK…

          • Wahid Algiers

            The 6-million-invention to get land. I have heard such an invented argument before. But where? Ah, by zionists claim to be gasses by bad Germans. I understood your sarcasm…

    • TiredOfBsToo

      They can’t and won’t. it’s always amazed me how pawns of corrupt war lords (like Barzani, notice he won’t be leading the charge) are eager to die to support corruption. It’s the same all over the world. People buy into the propaganda and go to kill and be killed for their corrupt masters.

    • Raptar Driver

      Just ask the Kosovo Albanians.

      • Wahid Algiers

        The have stolen the ancient land of the serbs by international thief-supporters (the West) and their sperm cannon.

    • Muhammad Ishaque

      it was there always saddam hussein settle arabs there but it was there technically there current president is puppet which is damaging there cause

  • Garga

    Almost all of Kurdish “activist” on the KDP side of fence lie non-stop. In news outlet willing to “interview” with them, you witness their hysterical outbursts. Perhaps the stolen oil money was spent somewhere after all, if not paid to KRG civil servants and armed militia.

    In the following says we’ll have accurate news from more reputable and proven sources.

    • Serious Dude

      As an Iranian, you should support Peshmerga!

      • Garga

        I have no problem with the majority of Kurds, Iranian or Iraqi.
        I prefer to support the side who tells less lies, if that’s alright.

        • Serious Dude

          Maybe Hezbollah, PMU and Houthis say that they are against extremism while they are extremists of another stripe?

          • as

            Kurdistan referendum is Illegal period.

          • Serious Dude

            Iraqi borders are made up.

          • Garga

            All borders are made up. As long as they are defined in the constitution, clearly marked and accepted internationally, there’s no problem.
            FYI, your beloved Israel lacks all three.

          • Serious Dude

            If I am not mistaken, everyone in the globe has relations with Israel except some “Muslim” fanatics. The interesting thing is that you see Israel everywhere, while we are talking about Kurds. Is Israel the “little Satan” for you?

          • Garga

            Talking of borders dude, Israel is an example what it’s look like to not have a defined border.

          • Serious Dude


          • zman

            No, Israel is the ‘big satan’. Their sick tentacles spread all around the world. All nations (practically) around the world have associations with the Rothschilds too..except for several who were ‘democratized’ for not having usury. The roots of all evil. ‘Muslim fanatics’=zionist boogeyman. Zionists=murderers, thieves, liars, sadists, enslavers. Just more Islamophobic propaganda from you and your buddies…No one that has a brain is listening to you any more, Your idiotic forked tongue dialog just serves as confirmation of your zionist failures.

          • Serious Dude

            The monologue of madness…

          • Garga

            Well they are not just saying it, they’re doing it.
            Maybe you can show us the examples of Hezbollah’s and PMU’s extremist acts?
            I don’t know much about the Houthis and Yemeni army, other than the fact that they don’t receive arms or funds or anything of that matter from us, but I support their struggle against the Saudi and co and other foreigner invaders.

          • dutchnational

            Hezbollah is considered to be a terrorist organisation, just like IS and Al Qaeda in many countries.

          • Garga

            No. By US and Israel. The same US that cleared the name of Al-Qaida and MEK, despite their numerous proven terror acts.

            Perhaps you can name a few of Hezbollah’s proven terror acts, now that you know so much about them.

          • dutchnational

            11 mrt. 2016 – The Arab League has declared the Lebanese Shia Muslim movement Hezbollah a terrorist organisation – a week after a similar move by Arab …

            Should suffice I would think

          • Garga

            No. What counts is a confirmed terror act by them, not words from others.

          • Bob
          • Garga

            Barzani’s mafia pushed Yezidis too far.
            Would you give us the site’s address? Thank you.

          • Bob

            Sure, AX is an Assyrian based Twitter account:


          • Garga

            Thank you.
            It would help if Assyrians’s voice reaches western audience. KRG mafia took advantage of them in the name of freedom. Western audience think KRG is defending Assyrians, while the truth is the opposite.

          • dutchnational

            And how is that worse then Iraq doing the same?

            Turkey doing the same?

          • Bob

            Nice attempt at a diversion, but no dice. The matter at hand, remains that Christian Assyrians do not want your Barzani Kurdistan regime, nor attempts by Peshmerga to impose it on them and their Neneveh Plain.

          • Ronald

            “Can you show examples of Hezbollah’s … extremist acts ? “

          • dutchnational

            I do not have to.

            I refer to decisions made by many countries. Whether you like them or not, they are there.

          • zman

            To expect any kind of rational answer from this troll is being optimistic, at the very least. He will NEVER answer your question, at least not directly, because he can’t. All he can do is repeat western blather, which means nothing, except for propaganda to those less educated. All trolls have one goal, subvert conversation so that truth is the first casualty. Fortunately, this tactic has withered and died an unfortunately slow death, most having smelled the stench coming from their manure. The massive troll invasion that started 2 weeks ago is slowing, mostly because of their failure to dominate the dialog. The only good thing about seeing a large influx of trolls, if one could call it ‘good’…is that it’s a pretty good indicator of false flags or media assaults.

          • Serious Dude

            And I don’t mention the killings of Shabiha.
            Fighting a bad guy doesn’t make you always good.

          • Garga

            I posted this website’s address yesterday, as an example of lying. This is the exact article I posted. It’s English version is different with it’s Persian version.
            I explain it just for you, as I like you:
            In English it says the rape happened in the house, in Persian it happened on the road.
            In Persian version says the car overturned as the result of father’s heart attack and then a truck hit the car, English version forgets the overturning.

            The most important aspect is that there’s no witness remaining to confirm it.

            You know what is funny? Hashd-Al-Turkamani entered the town (along federal police and anti-terrorist force), not Shi’as. Just like Sinjar, which Yezidi members of PMU entered.

          • Serious Dude

            PMU may not be sectarian, but this doesn’t mean that they are good. After all, a civil war is on the interests of the Anglo-American deep state.

          • Garga

            You’re right about the civil war.
            Guess who is pushing for a bloody conflict in Iraq, using lies and all kinds of accusations to achieve that goal while remain in power?

          • Serious Dude


      • as

        Peshmerga is a good forces until it acts in political power struggle supported by the US. There’s no honesty in any US support in the middle east.

        • Serious Dude

          I don’t like the US but I support Peshmerga.

  • Juan

    Summing up all facts: do you delivere news or you just work for russian intelligence?
    And how about not deleting my comment, because its an opinion!

    • as

      Believe what you will. USA is hopelessly corrupt as is it’s foreign policy. If Russian propaganda didn’t sit well with you go ahead and read MSM and support their lies just like Iraq WMD, Libya, and Syrian gas chambers.

  • Wahid Algiers

    The jew-kurd zio propaganda cat is roaring as loud as it can.

  • Rodger

    RIP Kurds.

  • Ivanus59

    Laughable. Barzani is not content with being humiliated, he also wants to get killed and his corrupt party erased, good, I want that too.
    Rudaw is known for always lying and propagandizing, I wouldn’t even trust sports news or a weather forecast from them, let alone something with even a trace of political importance!

  • MeMadMax


  • Kennethllindsy

    Looking like the Federal Invasion was just a deal gone bad where ISF and PMU forces went in with tanks and armor when they didn’t need to do so as PUK had agreed to withdraw.
    Now the ISF has pulled back after Baghdad has made a deal with KRG allowing a greater ISF presence to augment, not supplant local KRG control.
    Barzani is claiming a nonexistent victory for the shit show he precipitated by holding the referendum.

  • as

    Iran and Turkey hasn’t releasing any statement about Kurds clashes so i would assume they have it all under control for now. I really hope for the Kurds to realizes that there’s no future for them in relying on USA or Israel.

  • χρηστος

    very bad timing for all these…the real enemy is out there waiting to hit back….if things get worst between Iraq and the Kurds…i can see the new ISIS capital…Bagdad,,,

  • dutchnational

    In short, the situation remains confused.

    One thing is certain. In the Shingal the situation of KDP is unreversable. They fled there now twice without fighting and without cause and have lost all credibility there.

    The HPE under Haider Shesko, if I spell it correctly, remained but as a kind of local sub Barzani warlord, blowing with the wind. Independent, KDP, PMU, next ???

    The only consistent party there is the YBS / YJS, fighting for an autonomous Yezidi region that is inclusive of non-yezidis. Were even a short time accepted as PMU.

    They have much goodwill among the yezidis as the ones that evolved out of the YPG defense of the hunted yezidis august 2014, facilitating the escape of hundreds of thousands yeazidis.

    They have taken over part of the deserted KDP control posts, as did the HPE.

  • Xanatos

    The US does not want Kurds to fight Iraq. These peshmerga have no ability to fight without US air power. They can only beat their chests and cry.