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Kurdish People’s Protection Units Carry Out Series Of Operations In Afrin (Videos)


On July 5, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) announced in an official statement that its cells carried out a series of special operations against the Turkish military and its proxies in the northern area of Afrin between June 30 and July 3.

According to the YPG, eight personnel of the Turkish military and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) were killed and many others were injured as a result of these operations, which took place in the districts of Mabatah, Shara, Rajo and in the city of Afrin.

The operations included the bombing of a HQ of Turkish-backed Ahrar Sharqiyah in Afrin with what appears to be a booby trapped vehicle on July 3. In another operation, elements of the YPG killed a fighter of the Turkish-backed al-Hamza Division with a gun equipped with a silencer on a road near the district center of Rajo.

Following the Turkish military victory in Afrin on March 18, the self-administration in the Kurdish area announced that it will shift its strategy against the Turkish military and its proxies from a direct confrontation to guerrilla tactics.

The YPG claims that 2,502 personnel of the Turkish military and the FSA have been killed in Afrin since the beginning of the Turkish military operation there. However, local observers believe that these claims are a part of the ongoing propaganda war between Turkey and Kurdish forces.



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  • Barba_Papa

    We could do a lot worse for our enemies to destroy each other. Anything that keeps both Erdogan and the Kurds from creating mayhem elsewhere is a good thing.

    • hamster

      Barba Papa, very good job.

  • Bob

    YPG – after a brief failed attempt at conventional warfare in Afrin, they are back to their PKK roots.

    • SHA

      they are cave people
      they will always return to their neolithic way of life.
      they actually praise their stone age lifestyle in party propaganda

      i thinks its quite funny the most kurdish area of syria (afrin) is under turkish controll XD
      im not a fan of turkish invasion of syria but i think the kurds of syria deserve this

      besides im half kurdish myself
      i simply hate those PKK land grabbers
      they rather act like jews then kurds
      bring shame upon all aryans

      • Brother Ma

        Well at least two hundred thousand kurdish jews live in Israel and the latter is propagandising that Kurds are all former Hebrews!

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          Well both are Khazar Mongols what do you expect even Turks have this magic J1-J2 haplo grouping so does many in the Middle East.

          • Real Anti-Racist Action
          • SHA

            this map is very wrong

            propably drawn b a neo nazi

            indians and germans are both members of the same indogermanic group for example

            the children of shem are arabs and jews
            the children of ham the africans
            every other human are the children of japeth the oldest son of noa

          • hamster

            “the children of shem are arabs and jews
            the children of ham the africans

            every other human are the children of japeth the oldest son of noa”

            LOL. Is this what they teach you in Turkish schools?

          • Brother Ma

            Haha. Funny you say that. I am told that Khazar in Persian means aTurk or original turk tribe and Askenazi in Hebrew ie askenazi Jew also means From Turkey!

            So loud -mouthed Central european Jews – in the majority among neo-cons- racial memory always knew they are originally Turks!

          • Brother Ma

            Haha. I think Hitler did to and probably Thatcher the former English PM. Her Dna revealed significant origin from the Middle East. Ie a Moor? Turkish slave brought back by English Crusader eight hundred years ago? jewish ancestors who converted to Christianity in England hundreds of years ago? Who knows?

      • matt

        So, you are a half traitor? ;))))))

        • SHA

          matt why am i a traitor if i do not support the european ideals promoted by apostates of our religion? i think they are traitors

          i have more in common with salah ed din than with those kurds (despite the fact that im shiite )

      • hamster

        I’ve never really seen whatever this “stone age lifestyle” you’re talking about being presented in their media. Care to elaborate? Or are you just overstating/exaggerating in an attempt to insult, similar to how some people falsely claim that Arabs regularly drink camel piss, when in reality, it’s a very rare occurrence.

        • SHA

          this documentary is in german but in german the word neolithic is easy to understand

          use subtitels and translate them if you dont get it out of context

          they praise the stone age because men and women where equal and life was easy

          retarded PKK people believe that the neolithic age was like that

          (it was less about genders and more about “there is a fucking Mammoth attacking us “)

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Kurds are not there fighting in great numbers apparently it’s the volunteers doing the heavy lifting again.

  • hamster

    I have no idea why, but something about these clips where a guy gets shot off a motor bike is incredibly funny. I honestly cannot stop laughing. It just seems so abrupt in a hilarious sort of way. Kind of like some sort of dark comedy in a way.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    The Kurds are doing the Turks the same way the Kurd’s did millions of Christians during the Armenian genocide, which was done by the Kurd’s against Christians.
    To this day Kurd’s are illegally squatting on the lands they stole from the millions they murdered.
    Kurd’s will never change, racially replacing their intended victims just as the Israelis do so they can expand their ever growing spears of influence.
    This is the Empire that Kurds claim for themselves, and inside of the boarders they will kill all non Kurds such as Christians and other minorities.