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Kurdish Militias Call For No-Fly Zone At Syrian-Turkish Border

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Kurdish militias are calling for a no-fly zone at the Syrian-Turkish border, Nesrin Ebdullah, a spokesperson for the Women’s Protection Units [YPJ; a female version of the People’s Protection Units (YPG)], said according to the Russian state-run media outlet Sputnik.

“We demand this. We want to be protected from the threat of aerial operations. We demand guarantees that we would be secure. Our people must be safeguarded against aerial operations. Today Turkey carried out an aerial operation. No one knows what would happen tomorrow. The coalition forces must protect us and the territory we have liberated. The [US-led] coalition must take action,” Sputnik qouted the YPJ representative as saying.

The YPG and the YPJ are the core of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) operating in northern Syria. Despite this, Kurdish units are bombed and shelled on a constant basis by the Turkish Air Force and the Turkish Army.

Ankara describes the YPG and YPJ as a terrorist group for their alleged links to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) outlawed in Turkey. Indeed, a notable number of PKK fighters are really operating in northern Syria along with members of the SDF. (more here)

The YPG-led media campaign aimed at blaming and shaming Turkey for combating Kurdish militias in Syria has intensified since late April when the Turkish Air Force destroyed a YPG General Command HQ the Mount Karachok near the town of Al-Malikiyah.

Kurdish Militias Call For No-Fly Zone At Syrian-Turkish Border

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Nice Family Guy quote. :)


Hahahaha yes!!!


Thank you lol!

Dustil schmit

Probably Russia and US might come to terms for no fly zone for turkish jets.

Julius Meinel

Russia’s long term game here is to get Turkey away from US and NATO. Putin will likely sacrifice some short term benefits for long term gain. Turkey is -at least on paper- a powerful military member of NATO right on Russia’s doors. Removing them from US./Israel sphere of influence is far more beneficial long term than antagonizing them short term with moves that they perceive as unfriendly. Russia can deal with Turkey alone any time- from a military point of view. That would be infinitely more difficult as a full fledged NATO member.

So short term, my bet is that we might see some eyebrow raising moves on Russia’s part in relationship with Turkey ( such as agreeing to sell them S-400, likely with downgraded capability and not being able to shoot SU and MIG jets). Putin long term game is different than what most here on SF are hoping for. Unlike us, he isa true KGB officer who knows how to master the value of political trade offs better than most.

Solomon Krupacek

Russia’s long term game here is to get Turkey away from US and NATO.

No way. Putin knows, this is impossible. NATO is very undemocratic in such situations. They would ignite new coup, riots. Tzrkey never will be in the sphere of Russia.

Dustil schmit

Turks are users they will use both sides and they are better off as enemies then allies I rather US or Russia don’t align with them. They can’t be trusted either since they are like snakes.


Turkey is playing both sides off the middle.

Bernie Matthews

It’s not just the West that should be guaranteeing protecting the Kurds Russia should be enforcing the no fly zone keeping turkey away as well. After all they were the ones so vocal about oil and ISIS fighters coming two and throw from Turkey at the start of the conflict.

John Mason

So are the US. Why should Russia protect the Kurds when the Kurds picked a side, the US?

Dustil schmit

Russia didn’t get really involved until 2015. Without US support they would of been annihilated in Kobane in 2014.

Solomon Krupacek

would be better


Much of the Turkish activity is directed against the Afrin Kurds to the west. There they are supported by SAA and Russia, not US. I think the US has picked the Kurds to fight ISUS, and they are not going to refuse the support given to them. http://syriadirect.org/news/%E2%80%98a-new-level-of-hostility%E2%80%99-on-syria%E2%80%99s-northern-border-as-turkish-kurdish-shells-fly/ https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/syrian-army-takes-9-cps-afrin-disrict/

Bill Rood

Maybe Kurds should have opposed Asayish attacks on Syrian government forces less than a year ago. Syria and Russia have no obligation to protect Kurds from Turkey unless Kurds submit to Syrian government authority all over Rojava. Do people expect Russia to shoot down NATO planes? Reining in a NATO ally is the US’s job until NATO expels Turkey.

Bernie Matthews

If you want to get rid of ISIS you should be supporting the groups that have been committed to get ridding of ISIS from the start and the Kurds have been. And the Kurds to this date have been the most affective at fighting ISIS and most dedicated to fighting ISIS than anyone else. Turkey just want’s more opportunity to attack the Kurds not ISIS

Concrete Mike

Thé only reason the kurds have been fighting Isis so long is because they were among the first to bé attacked due to their location close to Iraq border. Let us bé clear here, thé Brunt of thé work is done by SAA and Iraqi forces. Assad couldnt Do Much ,with damascus and aleppo under seige from other headchoppers, its an easy call to trade empty désert to save those cités. Now 4 years later, thé tide has turned. ISIS Will get their asses handed to Them, with extra bacon!!!!.

Kurds are valiant fighters but just à pawn in a empire’s game. We must thank Them for their valiant sacrifice in thé face à insurmontable Odds, brave people!! Together we can accomplish anything.

Dont forget ethnicity, religion,. Nationalism and Tribes all all human constructs to divide us. Once we shake free from Said foolishness we Will bé all free and Equal. As humans!!

Sermon over lol

John Mason

No need for a no fly zone since the US are their to protect the Kurds. If not then the Kurds are taught a valuable lesson and that is not to place any faith or trust with the US. Should never had teamed up with the US. Traitors remorse?

John Brown

It will be very good for Syria, Russia etc if the USA tries to set up a no fly zone and starts an air war against Turkey over it. I bet Israel the master of the USSA will order the USSA to do it as the more American Goyims die for greater Israel the more Israel likes it.

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