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Kurdish Militants Attacked IRGC Headquarters In Western Iran, Killed Two Servicemen -Reports

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Kurdish Militants Attacked IRGC Headquarters In Western Iran, Killed Two Servicemen -Reports

Photo: AFP

The Zagros Eagles, a Kurdish militant group, attacked headquarters of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) in the town of Marivan in western Iran, according to pro-Kurdish sources.

The attack took place on Sunday and reportedly resulted in killing two IRGC members and wounding another one.

“They [Zagros Eagles] are an independent organization. They announced the anti-IRGC attack and our sources confirmed the occurrence of clashes and some casualties in Mariwan [Marivan],” the pro-Kurdish ARA NEWS website quoted Arash Saleh, representative of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) in Washington as saying.

Saleh added that the Zagros Eagles would conduct more attacks during Newroz, an iranian holiday celebrating in March. (more about Newroz in PressTV’s aritcle here)

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Random guy

A new deal between Turkey and US/Israel?

Mase fah

let them come and get annihilated bunch of faggot turkish kurds, if it wasn’t for Iran Erbil would be run by ISIS now.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Kurd’s, the original ISIS working for Israel. They hate ISIS cause they hate competition. That is the only reason they fight ISIS. They hate the thought of another group being able to detonate more car bombs per year then they do.

888mladen .

You are correct. Kurd’s are Zio 5th column in the ME. The unmistakable Zio branding is Kurd’s bolshevik ideology and their constant persecution of Assyrian and other Christian minorities in the region.

888mladen .

That’s unmistakably beginning of the US NATO plan for containment of Iran. Future Kurdistan envisioned by US Israhell is to be comprised of parts of territories that currently belong to Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran which are populated by Kurdish majority. Neither of this states will accept it without putting up a good fight. So there we go there is a looming major regional conflict in the ME and possibly further away.

gfsdyughjgd .

Orchestrated by USA/Nato,Turkey and Israel.Kurdsh don’t attack without no apparent reason their are not violent people.Erdogan wants Iran support to have reason to attack Kurdish in Syria.

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