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Kurdish-led SDF Cries Foul Over Rapid Turkish Advance In Northern Syria


Kurdish-led SDF Cries Foul Over Rapid Turkish Advance In Northern Syria

SDF commander Redur Khalil

On October 12, Redur Khalil, a spokesperson and senior official in the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), made televised statement crying foul over a rapid Turkish advance in northeastern Syria.

The statement was made as Turkey-led forces captured at least 18 villages, entered the town of Ras al-Ayn and stormed the town of Tell Abyad. The SDF and the Kurdish political leadership in northern Syria betted on a US support, but failed to win according to the recent developments. So, now they are simultaneously blaming the US for the stab in the back, asking it for help and threatening to ‘resume negotiations’ with Damascus and Russia.

“Since Turkey started the offensive, they have not stopped bombing the region with missiles and artillery,” Khalil said. “All we need is a no-fly zone.”

“We had a lot of friends during the ISIS days, but our friends betrayed us,” said Khalil. “When they left us when Turkey decided to attack, they stabbed us in the back.”

The SDF representative also claimed that the Turkish operation “does not distinguish between civilians and military”.

Claims about ‘all we need is a no-fly zone’ are a common example of the SDF propaganda, which likes to present itself as some super-capable military force that defeated ISIS. In fact, a vast majority of the SDF ‘successes’ against ISIS was based on the US-led air power, foreign special operations forces and artillery deployed in the country and defeats that ISIS suffeered in a number of major battles against the Syrian Army (Palmyra, Deir Ezzor, al-Mayadin, al-Bukamal) and even the Turkish military (al-Bab).

The SDF leadership likely hopes that its nice image in mainstream media will help it to return the US support and the Trump administration will once again use US troops as human shields to resuce the SDF from Turkey.




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