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Kurdish Leader Comes With New Threats Against Damascus, Claims Any Attacker Will Face Like “ISIS Fate”

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Salih Muslim, a senior member of the ruling council of area occupied by the US-led coalition and its proxies in northeastern Syria, has come with a harsh response to remarks by Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem.

“Anybody try to attack our liberated areas will face the same fate as DAESH,” Muslim tweeted obviously pointing out to the defeat of ISIS in Raqqa and nearby areas, which had been achieved by the Kurdish-dominated “Syrian Democratic Forces” with help from the US-led coalition.

While Muslim’s comments themselves are aimed to spin the meaning of al-Muallem’s remarks, who once again proposed the Kurdish faction negotiations in the legal framework of the Syrian constitution, these coments also ignore some important facts on the ground.

  1. ISIS is still not defeated on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River, which is allegedly “liberated” by the SDF and its patrons from the US. The terrorist group controls a large chunk of the area in the Euphrates Valley. The town of Hajin, which is located there, is the biggest existing ISIS stronghold in Syria.
  2. The Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), which are the core of the SDF, already suffered a devastating defeat from Turkey in the northern Syrian region of Afrin earlier in 2018. Prior to abandonning a large part of northwestern Syria, the YPG was also claiming that it will defeat any force attacking it. The problem is that the words did not correspond with the reality.

The hostile approach employed by some leaders of the Kurdish groups and political parties receiving support from the US is one of the reasons fueling the Syrian conflict in its current stage. Russia, one of the key backers of Damascus, has repeatedly demonstrated that it’s ready to back negotiations between the Assad government and the Kurdish leaders if this approach is changed. However, it looks that some Kurdish leaders are not interested in promoting any kind of peaceful solution of the conflict because this will cut off a flow of financial and political support, which they receive from Washington.

Kurdish Leader Comes With New Threats Against Damascus, Claims Any Attacker Will Face Like "ISIS Fate"

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traitors..on orders of the satanic jews


ISIS fate? You mean you’re going to recruit SAA too?

I’m sorry to be impolite but Kurdish leader goh khord!


Exactly, ISIS face means jobs in the SDF army.


Exactly, ISIS face means getting jobs in SDF army.


So, why do you believe this article?


You are suggesting what, he did not say these things, or he is not an SDF leader ?


I did not find any other article that published this story, so yes i don’t think he said this. It is not his style to compare actions with ISIS


Thank you for your honest reply.



Will Rossman

I immediately thought it was a job offer as well. XD


Those “Kurdish” leaders are in reality Zionist leaders leading a bunch of brainwashed naive Kurdish people down a dead end road of chaos and self destruction for the benefit of Israel.


The Kurds are treacherous traitors boot lickers!

Rodney Loder

Daesh has now split in Iraq and the Levant, most are signing up with Turkey’s New Brotherhood, the Caliphate has evolved into a borderless ideology, some went over to HTS who will likely do another rebrand.

MbS wants Ayman al – Zawahiri to be accepted by Trump with a new name and same face, represented by his brothers face and identity, now applying for US residency, no one will know the difference they think.

Check out who is the younger brother of Ayman al-Zawahiri on http://www.longwarjournal.org

This identity swap has been in the pipe line since 2014, paid for by the CIA, I don’t think it will work but it’s what the Kurds are relying on.

When was the last time anyone saw al-Qada in print underlining the name Zawahiri ?, but the name is still really good for recruitment in Iraq and the Levant, it can be upgraded and legitimised as Mohammed not Ayman al-Zawahiri becoming a MbS and US Moderate supporting of the Kurds opposing Assad that’s where this article is coming from.

Long War Journal tells it like it is.

Manuel Flores Escobar

I wonder if this gangster will say the same when Turkish army advance troops to Manjib like they did in Afrin….USA would attack SAA..but Not NATO Turkish army!

Jim Bim

Kurdish traitors will get their punishment.


Its amazing how Marxist leaders of YPG submitted to US. It seems money makes the world go round.


Ah, they are just prostitutes, today they are marxists, tomorrow daesh … lol


I do not think the kurds in Afrin were of the kike familly like those in Raqqa. Those are armed by the kikes, but the kurds in afrin were most likely isolated little shites with no support from the Us whatsoever. I may be speaking bollocks, just assuming from observation here.


Not sure why Syria and Russia are letting this get to a critical problem … the US is busy expanding it’s forces east and north-east of the Euphrates and with USCENTCOM support they soon will have significant forces and weaponry to make forcing them out all but impossible. The US plan C or D or whatever it is for Syria is starting to look like one that will accomplish many of their objectives, and for those who think Turkey will not allow it, all I can say is that those people have not been paying close attention to how ALL proxies are pushed aside once the hegemon has his foot in the door.


So how much money do you think the US is spending in Syria?
The more they spend, borrow, the bigger the Russian smile.

Poverty of the State exchequer causes an army to be
maintained by contributions from a distance. Contributing to maintain an
army at a distance causes the people to be impoverished.

(Sun Tzu)

Bill Rood

What did they say? Three months to train Syrian S-300 operators?


Who was it going on about how the Kurds want to rejoin Damascus? And why do you feel the need to thoroughly debunk this? Your readers already know that he’s grossly exaggerating on many points (especially the Kurd’s ability to take on Damascus).


Who was it going on about how the Kurds want to rejoin Damascus?

Some girl called Smaug.

J Roderet

Hahahaha, “SDF” and “ISIS” are both US puppets. In addition, Turkey’s proxies easily defeated the “SDF” in Afrin earlier this year. The Syrian army could crush the “SDF” if necessary.


The Syrian Army is growing restless, too much waiting and ceasefires… We haven’t seen a large operation since the total victory in the south front. Looking forward to the next one.

John Mason

Can’t see the Syrian military being airlifted out to another region.

Joe Dickson

What will they do when Turkey tries to move in there? It looks like Erdo is getting buddy buddy with Trump again.


The Kurds are going the pay a heavy price in the long run for being amerikkkas cannon fodder. They have lost the support they had in both Syria and Iraq. By hitching the Kurdish cart to the American horse they will go the same was as the Americans . As soon as that support is withdrawn….which it will, they will be left swinging in the wind.

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