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Kurdish Insurgency In Syria, Turkey And Iraq (Map Update)

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Kurdish Insurgency In Syria, Turkey And Iraq (Map Update)

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The map shows the Kudish insurgency in Syria, Turkey, and Iraq in November-December, 2016 (source)

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Who Where

May Allah help the Kurds and the true Muslims and Christians who follow the path of the Prophets Muhammed,Isa/Esa/Jesus. May the Creator always help the righteous with their lives and fights..


Follow the path of Muhammed?? That’s what ISIS are doing. Mass murdering, mass slaving and rape. The total opposite of what Jesus did.


What embarrassing nonsense. Do you define Jesus by what the Crusaders did? Or the war-mongering British and US governments? Then don’t define Mohammed by the actions of ISIS. Given that ISIS is supported by traditionally Christian countries, it would be more valid to see ISIS as a reflection of Christianity than of Islam. One of the reasons I like going to Syria is that I know the people there don’t support terrorists – I’m not prepared to say the same of my own countrymen and women. http://theduran.com/as-moscow-complains-about-us-foot-dragging-washingtons-throws-a-tantrum-bombs-syrian-troops-and-helps-isis/


I see that your first line was self-referential; I defined ISIS as doing EXACTLY what Muhammed did, and you’re asking if we define Jesus by the Crusaders doing exactly the OPPOSITE of what Jesus did? How does that make sense to you? Mind you, you’re defending Islam, so sense must not come naturally to you. War mongering governments aren’t taking Christian actions in doing that, so again they’re the opposite of Jesus.

But ISIS are still taking identical actions to Muhammed.

What is happening in Syria is more of a belated counter to what happened in Lebanon, how the likes of Iran and Syria flooded it with Palestinian refugees, who then caused a war with Lebanese Christians and now form the majority as well as the main military force within the country, who have caused war with Israel since. The Syrian war was designed to weaken the factions that are aggressive to Israel and have been for decades. Acting like this conflict is undeserved, like the Crusades in your mind, is another fallacy, a typical Muslim victim complex based on ignorance.


Given that Christianity, Christians, and churches, as well as monuments from older civilisations, were present in the Middle East before the coming of Islam, and have continued to have a presence in the Middle East to this day, we can conclude that there is not a correlation between Mohammed and ISIS, who have a policy of zero tolerance for other faiths and ancient monuments.


I think the lack of tolerance to non-Muslims is extremely clear in Muslim nations (Egyptian Christians are attacked in the streets openly, don’t even get me started on Saudi Arabia and Iran) but okay, Muhammed didn’t destroy all non-Muslim monuments, but he still mass murdered, mass slaved and raped a child as ISIS do. 3 things that are kind of more important, fundamental even, than what you’re arguing (which is something embarrassingly trivial by comparison). Does murder or paedophilia just brush off of you? It doesn’t bother you?


According to some ancient Christian texts, i.e. the infancy gospel of St Thomas, Jesus did do messed up stuff like putting curses on unworthy children to kill them. The regular gospels have him comparing non-Jews to dogs. And other new testament books associated with st paul call for the killing of anyone they consider a sinner.

The stories claiming Muhammad did messed up stuff are very unreliable, and often unrealistic. He never conquered anywhere. He was elected ruler of Medina, he gave it a tolerant, pluralistic constitution. He defended the city from attackers. And then he was invited to become ruler of Mecca. All the saucy and gorey stuff is fabricated.


The stories from the Koran about Muhammed are unreliable now?


The stories you are referring to are not from the Qur’an. They’re from Sunni hadith’s. Written 200-300 years after the prophet’s death.


Official Sunni Hadiths, that Muslims follow.


Official Sunni hadith’s, yes. But only the wahabists follow them. Most Muslim countries and most Muslim people are against slavery, child marriage, etc.

The Spanish Inquisition lasted into the 1800s. Napoleon abolished it when he invaded Spain, but the British reintroduced it because it was politically convenient. It’s a bit like that with Islam and wahabism. It is a relic that belongs in the dark ages, but bad political factions have made it almost mainstream for political gain.

Jens Holm

Stop that religios babling. The important main differences are, that Jews as well as Cristians has been allowed to build a sekular sector without religion.

We even are blamed being Jewish and our monetary systems are bad. So what make most of the world go round. Jews, zionist. No – its a good system.

And people in Middle mainly like USA. So why do they buy their guns. Its good ones.

The war in Middle East is about oil. But who made it to petrodollar instead of a few in Kikurk used it for lamps and heating.

Thats the lack You have in all Your § THIS AND THAT.

And now to something completly different: Why did Jesus wear sandals – Thats because he couldnt tie knots.

And why is it more safe to be a jew than a christian and a muslim according to above. Well, the lightning seldom hit a dirty low place.

It very dangerous to write like that. Some muslims might give a certain mosque in Jerusalem to Natanyaho.

888mladen .

To destroy people of other faiths has been too big undertaking for any religion let alone Muslim. So far Islam has presented itself as a religion of anger and wrath appealing to the very base of human emotions. That’s the main reason why it has been so well manipulated by Vatican, US and Zionist entity for their own ends. Reading Koran would be an useful exercise in order to inform yourself about Islam as well as the Bible in order to understand Christianity. I hope your intention is to arrive to the bottom of the matter though some of your thoughts have cast a shadow of doubt about your sincerity.


Saudi Arabia has always acted just like Da’esh in this regard. Antiquities and archaeological sites found in the Nejd desert were regularly destroyed by the religious police and government bulldozers. Not only have the sites of early Christian churches been eradicated, the government more recently destroyed places associated with Mohammed.


Wasn’t islam created by the catholics to fight christians so long ago?


Right in the Koran , Mohamed’s older wife recieved “papers to give to him” from a Roman monk .

888mladen .

A very useful detail, Thank you.

888mladen .

Margaritas ante porkas. It seems like that’s what sharing with these amounts to.


islam was created by catholics? what a non sense! to fight what christians? catholics are christians!


Obviously, you can’t grasp that things were much much different 2000 years ago….

888mladen .

Are they? What makes you think they are? A ~60 million people slaughtered during the middle ages on religious pretext or perhaps the Argentinian death squads blessed by “father” Bergoglio under whose watchful eye 30000 people went missing? Please tell us what it is? We are keen to know.

888mladen .

It seems like you know something you are not supposed to.


Not exactly a secret.

Jens Holm




Lynx Fēlēs

As long as religion doesn´t get political people should be free to believe whatever they choose to. The problem, however, starts when religious groups act in expansive ways, which implies the idea of spiritual superiority and the principle to “convert” non-believers. In fact christianity and the muslim religion are quite similar. The christians had their bad times in the past, and muslim civilization were much more progressive than christian fundamentalists during that time. Nowadays it would be necessary to tame specific fractions of both sunni and shia islam so that they stay out of politics and don´t interfere in the creation of a modern and just society. Especially sharia law should be banned since it reflects the standards of a highly problematic society of the 6.century that has nothing, absolutely nothing to contribute to the challenges of the 21. century. Sharia law resembles the juridical quality of the inquisition in medieval Europe, which was also justified with “spiritual” arguments. Anyways, religion as such is a fundamental need of most humanbeings and I don´t see anything bad about it as long as it doesn´t get too dogmatic and totalitarian. If god exists (asuming he created the universe), he would have other concerns than some women cheating on her husband or political profanities. Does that make sense?


Mohammed is no Jesus.

888mladen .

Well I wouldn’t be Jesus’ follower if he was for sure. Nothing there for me.
I want to be part of the solution not problem. Jesus is the solution.


Firstly, as you’d know if you took the trouble to read the (ISIS or) Da’esh magazine “Dabiq”, every single atrocity they carry out is justified by close reference to the Qur’an, the hadiths and the Life of Mohammed accepted by Muslim scholars as legitimate biography. When they throw gay men off buildings, they cite the relevant Suras about homosexuality and the fully accepted Hadith of Abu Bkr al Siddiqi dictating that gay men should be thrown down from high places. When they burned alive the Jordanian pilot, and more recently the two captured turkish soldiers, reference was made to the incident in which Mohammed ordered a fire to be built on the chest of a conquered Jew. When a Christian acts with violence, they are disobeying Christ’s injunction to turn the other cheek: when Muslims are violent, they
are copying their prophet.

Secondly, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are not “traditionally Christian countries”, unless you are referring to pre-7th century tradition. They are the immediate sources of cash, weaponry and other help for Da’esh and Al Nusra/ Jabhat Fateh al Sham, although you’re right to imply that the USA stands behind them.

Thirdly, although many Syrians support their government, and abhor the Islamists whose ranks are substantially bolstered by foreigners, it’s also true that plenty of Syrians, and Turks, do support the terrorists who aim to destroy secular pluralism in the Middle East, and stifle the Kurds’ radical democracy. In this, the USA supports them, as it’s decided that permanent instability in the Middle East is in its interests.


Damn, you go girl!


Come on buy yourself a brain. Stupid

Jens Holm

No, ISIS only follow a few pages of the Khoran and has burnt the rest of it.

I can tell the part. Muhammed united arabs by civil war in 11 years, then they expanded by robbing all and do terrble things to them, which didnt obey them. When there was no more to rob, rape,kill and burn it was kept going by giving land to the soldiers. The mercenaries also got some.

And thats it – exept Sharia of the worst kind after their contempt even for most muslims.

My best advice – although many muslims dont like it – is to spread out The Khoran in all local languages, so all can read, whats written – even its not 100% correct.

We have done it here, and a lot has changed in our little muslim world by that. The Khoran are so twisted so many places with somany, which hardly can read their own language. But getting a Khoran should motivate them more and make some updates in peoples minds.

888mladen .

Thank you for sharing as a first hand eye witness.


Made-up fairy tales from thousands of years ago.

Lynx Fēlēs

In the end it actually comes down to that.

Lynx Fēlēs

From a realist point of view, the Syrian government will be forced to organize an encompassing political and constitutional reform process, which would imply abundand concessions to different parties involved in the conflict. Regarding the curds, this will likely include greater political and territorial autonomy rights within the (hypothetically speaking) unified secular Syrian nation state.

Lynx Fēlēs

It obviously is!, but what can we (realistically) do about it if people choose to believe in fairy tales and turn off their brains?. It won´t be possible to ban extremist believes, as it is not even possible to create a tame “European Islam” such as promoted by political elites. So what is the solution?. As a matter of fact Islam, christianity and Judaism are archaic burdens to progress throughout the world, and there is a trend towards a new renaissance of all kinds of religious BS throughout the world. Assad will have to design a massive reeducation program, and I doubt that Syria´s allies have a real plan how to reeducate the fanaticised masses. It´s not enough to pardon Al Nusra fighters who choose to surrender, because the Syrian government must find a long-term strategy to change the society, culture and believe system of these people. If they fail to do so (what has obviously happened during the last 30 years) extrimism will remain a hydra that never dies. A reeducation program means that the government must get into people´s heads to reestablish control, way beyond merely strategic military considerations. Stability goes hand in hand with a reeducation program for those people. That is pretty obvious, if you look at the US strategy to reeducate Germans through public education, the press and the entertainment industry after the 2. WW. Without that, the extremist in their heads and culture would not have disappeared. So Assad must go way beyond ordinary reconciliation efforts and establish a long-term program aimed to create a unified truly secular national identity (which has obviously failed until now!!)

Joseph Scott

Except the US intent (largely successful) was to turn them into a self-hating client-state who believed the farcical Allied propaganda account of WWII, and thus accepted Allied occupation long after the war, and became a good little puppet in NATO, always happy to share it’s lunch. Only, they went a little too far, and actually got Germans believing in pacifistic socialist ideal which the US has never even vaguely in line with, and now their brain-washed puppet has gotten sanctimonious with them. There is really nothing good about what the US did to the German education system. Luckily, I think it’s finally washing off.

Pave Way IV

For what it’s worth, the name ‘Rojava’ was just dropped from what they’re now calling the North Syria Federation. This had to do with a long-standing animosity between Syrian Kurds and Barzani’s Iraqi Kurd mafia. There was also what can be seen as a positive influence as well: the North Syria Federation thought ‘Rojava’ would imply exclusion of the Arab tribes that have lived there for centuries. They wanted to drop the Kurdish-only overtones and create an all-inclusive non-sectarian federation.

The sad part is that the PYD is being pushed to create North Syria because that gives the U.S. military someone ‘official’ to give it permission to build military bases and station thousands of troops on Syrian soil, because Assad would never agree to it. So it’s really not a partition of Syria, but it kind of is because this North Syrian Federation can overrule the Syrian government. See how that works?

Oh, did I also mention someone ‘official’ to give Qatar permission to build a natural gas pipeline? Yeah, they kind of get to overrule the Syrians on that one, too. And then there’s the oil and gas lease blocks, which are to be stolen from the Syrian people and now owned by the North Syrian Federation (for sale to the U.K., France and the U.S. at bargain-basement prices). And the oil and gas revenues from stolen Syrian oil fields, because how else can they afford a government within a government. Uh, plus the Tishreen and Tabqah dams irrigation and electrical generation. They’ll kind of own those, too.

But this ISN’T about resource theft from the Syrian people… honest! [Just ask the American CIA lawyers advising us in Remalia – they said it was…. what was that word? Kosher!]


Not so fast, the Kurds are in no hurry. Most Syrian oil and gas resources are located around Deir Ezore and SW of there? If SDF can take out ISUS north of river line, then SAA will have no problem on drive to retake southern areas. Daesh can be crushed between a rock and a hard place, but this is a long ways off. The divide line may be the Euphrates river. But the shia militias out of Iraq will have some say in this.

Jens Holm

Too many see things as it was in the old days. To me areas taken by Kurds & Co are possetions, where ISIS is not anymore and no country.

You are manipulating as shit, but You are right in, they are forced to make some structure for the area.Should they keep ISIS people there. Of course not. Do they know who they are – Well the dead and raped do it very well as all the refugees do it too.

Yes, some etnic cleasing, and Yes Barzarni has an own aganda more friendly to Turks, then PYD/YPG.

Its a very small world only blaming Barzani. Barzanis way is a way to do it, because else Turks would be there ans isolate them. Who else should they be with ? Iraq from Bagdad. They cant even get weapons given to Iraq as gifts for all Iraqians. Assads hasnt reprsesented any power there for any fight against ISIS. Yes, they hav a couple of enclaves.

But dont talk about arabic right there. If they are not ISIS and not Assads to help Assad and they are also not helping kurds( a few bunches) are, they might be refuggees. Is it their country and should they just come back and demand rights after kurds and others in the area ha´d had several 1000 dead.

Well I dont think so, At least the one fighting against ISIS has to have a lot of credit compared to them and no goin back to the socalled good old days.

What was the good old days for the kurds before ISIS. Well, it could be when Old Assad deported many 1000 to Afrin and other places , confiskating their farms, taking their citicens ship, where we have some of those citicens as our here now.

Its also called etnic cleansing, when those kurds take their grandfathers land back and their grandparents still are alive living as old people, where they do. That fair to move people from stolen land or saying no to have ISIS sunni arabs as neighbors.

I dont think so.

The name: Yes. They cant fill the areas, they have conqurded from ISIS and Assads has no control. Assads should take those areas back. What an ironi. Had kurdes fighted Assads as uprisers, they wouldnt be there.

I can see see several kinds of solutions. One is a devellopzone for alle poor areas and a real, one. The uprise are and were not a religios one and those silly tribe and warlords flags, as we see now – or You with us 100% else You are against. How dum can thoses uprisers bee.

The uprise is poor against relativly rich. Look at fx Aleppo.

So if kurds get there enklaves as real autnomes a litle bigger than now, they all must live there too and make there own local rules – exept for being in Towns. That could solve much moving some out from those areas too.

Another one would be to change the borderline to Turkey. Well kurds and Turks/Turkmens – even arabs are diveded by a railroad. A railroad to Bagdad. If many Turkman in 2 areas came back to Turkey and Turks lost kurds about same in numbers and land, that could solve something too. By that kurds in syria would have population for some realenclaves.

My best proposal today – as it is – would be Kurdes in Syria changed a lot. They could take all Syrians refugees in, which should start from nothing because all is lost incl.familymembers. Im sure many would do that. Some have good education compared to many Kurds as well. So You could by that make a northern sekular province of Syria with a lot of autonomy to Assads.

Then Assad would have all Syria and be happy again – although the uniting things only was the above level and almost everything was decentralized.

To me its a joke calling Manbij for Aleoopo distrivt as well as other outdated named. Same thing with fx Ninive in Iraq.

I doint know how to get solutions for the rest,and I dont like Assads celebrating happy new Youer in latakia having only passive support to Assads driving their whees for free.

Pave Way IV

I’m manipulating? Hell, you’ve just espoused the entire neocon right-to-protect manifesto and Middle East partitioning scheme. Bust every area up into smaller and smaller (and weaker, controllable) enclaves on religious or ethnic grounds, then install a repressive, corrupt, iron-fisted U.S. puppet government. When have we ever done anything different?

Have the U.S. “Do this” and “Do that” to fix up what Sykes-Picot and the Balfour declaration screwed up a hundred years ago? Sure – but that always comes with a price: the partitions becoming a lapdog to the U.S. forever. How is that working out for Europe so far?

Sorry, Russia had the right idea all along: “U.S. psychos get the f’ck out of Syria, stop killing Arabs and everyone else with your manufactured terrorists and quit destabilizing the entire Middle East.” That seems like a far better solution to me.


Thank you for your informed and balanced analysis Paveway IV, the referenced map illustrates the absurdity of creating a Kurdish ” Rojava “/ North Syria Federation – PYD/YPG Automous Zone or whatever over northern Aleppo/Raqqa/Hasaka provinces. In any case Turkey will never, ever accede to any Kurdish statelet west of the Euphrates, and furthermore will dig in up to their limit of advance (M4 highway) and SAJUR riverline. Any attempt to impose an “NSF” authority based in MANBIJ could trigger further Turkish ground advances (Turkey has repeatedly named MANBIJ an objective of Op Euphrates Protection), unless, as I suspect, both Russia and US provide Turkey with the air support on Dai’sh postions, as a short term fix. Regardless, the YPG Afrin Kurds are finished, kettled in their isolated canton, Turkey can put the screws on at any time and offer them the “suitcase or coffin ” choice . While Syria will fight on for its very existence as an independent nation, the final goals of the enemy front remain unchanged : the destruction of the state goverment, infrastructure, institutions, strategic assets and defense forces capability, the break-up of the state into weak “statelets” to the advantage of proxy powers. We are nowhere near to winning this war, in fact I despair that the combined evil intent of NATO/Saudi/Qatar/Israel cabal is coming closer to realization. The war will go on.


Kurdistan is just another excuse for a land grab to set up another US colony like Israel in the Middle East. Kurds aren’t the majority in the “Kurdish” area of Syria.

Jens Holm

Bork. More like Eunuk to me, having lost both brainparts.

Jens Holm

Think its wrong to use Settlement for people living there more than 4000 years, even they has been deported in groups even to Syria by the Ottomans.

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