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Kurdish “Independence Referendum” Does Not Mean Real Independence?

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Kurdish "Independence Referendum" Does Not Mean Real Independence?


During a meeting between Kurdish officials chaired by Massoud Barzani, President of the Kurdistan Region, the date of the independence referendum of the Iraqi Kurdistan was set on September 25. According to Kurdish officials, the referendum will be held in three Iraqi provinces that include parts of Kurdistan along with other “Kurdish areas” in Iraq, including Kirkuk city, the towns of Makhmour, Khanaqin and Sinjar.

Hoshyar Zebari, a high-ranking official in Kurdistan, said that the vote “yes” does not necessarily mean independence. Zebari added that the aim of the referendum is to obtain a better deal to determine the fate of the Kurdish region after the elimination of ISIS in Iraq.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that the referendum at the moment is not in the interest of the Kurds nor Iraq.

Abadi said last April: “The desire of our Kurdish brothers to establish their state is a right for them … and no one has the right to dissuade them from doing so ” and added, ” But holding a referendum at this time is not right, because the war is still going on, the situation in the region is not stable, and some neighboring countries believe that this step represents a threat to its national security.”

Turkish Prime Minister Ben Ali Yildirm on Friday described the plan of Iraqi Kurds to hold a referendum on independence as “irresponsible,” adding that “the region has enough problems.” Yildirim also said that “Turkey wants all Iraqis to live together as one nation and adding another problem to the region is not right.”

Syria, Iran and the United States also oppose the full independence of the Kurds in Iraq. Moreover, it is believed that Kurdistan is difficult to survive as a country that doesn’t have a sea root and has no good relations with the surrounding countries, as well as, a large part of the Kurdistan region’s expenses are from the Iraqi general budget.

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El Diablo

But also, if Iran would do deals with Kurdistan, it gain a good ally/puppet in the region and a future casus belli with Turkey :D

El Diablo

When Turkey will attack Kurdistan :D


Stupid question, they attack them since serveral hundert years!

El Diablo

I’ve said of an invasion of a free nation.


It’s impossible bc of Iran has the same problems with kurds.

Real Anti-Racist Action

You cannot pet a scorpion forever, and expect it to never strike you with it’s venom.

Gue Bjuen

THE MAIN WHORE OF JEWS ARE NOW TAKING THEIR MASK OFF. WTF “INDEPENDENCE REFERENDUM” DOES NOT MEAN REAL INDEPENDENCE? does this make sense?? iraqi kurds and syrian kurds are doing the same shit. during the chaos with IS, they both occupied masses of land and now they’re claiming it belongs to them i mean wtf. they are kicking out the native arabs from the land they occupied. and somehow people are in love with this kurds rats.
compared to IS and moderate terrorists, the kurds are the most dangerous group in this conflict.
are you really that stupid to belive the kurds won’t back stab. the syrian kurds are not expanding in a hurry. they are doing the same shit the jews were doing for centuries. misusing hospitality.

Henry O'Neill

who really gives a shit about the arabs any 99% of people in the U.S have no idea where Saudi arabia and plus over the years muslims in the middle east have killed and oppressed the Christians the jews, and the Kurds so the Arabs can fuck off


U r idiot. U know nothing about Iraqi kurds. They r sunni wahhabis (most of them). And they hadn’t problems with ISIS until 2014.
Also they suppress Yezidis, Arabs and Assyrians in Northern Iraq.
So, go and fuck yourself Henry O’Shit

Free man

Samir It seems that you, too, do not know everything about the Kurds in Iraq:
1. It is true that most of them are Sunnis but they are not Wahabis. There are also Shiite Kurds.
2. Before 2014 no one had “a problem” with ISIS (each because of his reasons / excuse). The Kurds and others had “a problem” with ISIS when ISIS decided to establish their Islamic state. And murder anyone who is not ISIS.
3. The Kurds received Yezidis, Christians, Sunnis, Shiites, Turkmen. Who fled from ISIS.
4. If not for the Kurds perhaps today Baghdad could have been ISIS capital. Because they were the only ones who fought ISIS when everyone ran away.


The only thing I hear coming from you is the USA-lead coalitions propagaded Montra, promoting a Kurdish myth. Sorta like what they do with the Israelis.

The Barzani Kurds were charged with defending and protecting the Yazadis… they ran.The rest of what you say is just part of the biggest bullsh*t coming out of the warzone, come straight from only the Americans’ mouth, saying that the Kurds are the best fighting force fighting ISIS and terrorism, and to be honest, all their war videos allegedly showing them fighting nobody even though it’s said to be somebody, only indicate one thing; these guys will collapse when the real deal hits. The Kurds are your South Vietnamese army.

Free man

You did not respond to what I wrote and wrote the magic word “Israel”.
No doubt you are right (-;


What I’ve noticed over the years is the Americans would do things than attribute their actions to the Israelis. and the purpose of that is what???
And your magic word thing, What that’s supposed to mean? I don’t get it.

Free man

You wrote “like what they do with the Israelis.” to strengthen your argument. What is the connection ? To show how bad the Kurds are?
I noticed that some of the people here will not respond to the argument or make a realistic argument. They will prefer to blame a hidden villain like the West / Jews / Sunnis / Kurds / Israelis / Americans / Zionists …..
The funny thing is that on sites that support the rebels, the list of hidden villains is the same, but instead of Sunnis they will write Iran / Russia / Shiites.


Freeman I don’t believe any of that BS about ethnicity outside the Kurds that you spit. To me, that is concoction, fabricated by the Americans, exaggerated by the Americans, in order to create a myth of a multi-ethnic entity. As far as I’m concerned, you puke American propaganda, which is totally okay because it has no effect on me and my thinking. By you and yours kept thinking you had a scintilla of influence by chanting Montras over and over, and we shall see how effective you people were or how true you people are, because from my vantage point, nothing but BS. You’re propagating a myth that doesn’t exist. What you call SDF I call ISIS.


Well, the Kurds are the best fighting force fighting the Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant and terrorism.
It is just Barzani’s Kurds in Iraqi Kurdistan are not.

Thus, if Barzani’s Kurds want to declare independence, the right question is: “From whom?” :-P


Ahaha)) omg, what a bs. There are only two main forces, which save Iraq – ISOF and PMU. If these forces weren’t get main fights in West Iraq, kurds now were be fucked up. I’m from Iraq and plz don’t try to wash my brain by this ideotism. Most of Iraqi kurds even not from Iraq and during this war they behave as banch of rats.
And about their skills – if we’ll see real war, they’ll fly away like cockers. It’s really funny reading about “bravery” of kurds)

Free man

1. When the ISIS invaded the Iraqi army fled and left weapons, ammunition and a lot of money behind. The Pashmerga were left alone in the battle.
2. ISOF and PMU began to fight ISIS only after the Pashmerga stopped ISIS.
3. If you didn’t notice the Kurds have an autonomy in Iraq. And unofficial autonomy in Syria. They do not need your permission.
4. You may be from Iraq but you wrote “They r sunni wahhabis” which shows that either you do not know the Kurds or you are extremely biased.


Indeed, but one needs to differentiate between the Peshmerga and the PMU.
That is the source of confusion in this thread and a source for the myths.


ahaha)) Pesh do nothig. Just look at the fight map in retrospective, liar.
If ISOF weren’t stoped ISIS, all these gypsies were be fucked up.

Free man

Someone else can have a different opinion of yours without being a liar.
The ISOF was considered in Iraq to be collaborators with the Americans, until they demonstrated their effectiveness in the war against ISIS in the Battle of Mosul.


Exactly! You have hit the nail on the head, sir!

Real Anti-Racist Action

Kurd’s are genitally Arabs haha. And ethnic-Hebrews and Arabs are the same family. They are not only descendants of Abraham, but they are all descendants of Shem ha ha.
Europeans are ethnic-Japethites. Blacks are ethnic-Hamites.
Jews teach that all Goyim’s are made only to be enslaved and used by the Jewish-master-race. Read their religious teaching called the Talmud.

Free man

Blah blah Jews, blah blah Kurds, blah blah blacks ……
Shut up already crazy racist.


Never heard of the Crusades I guess.

Wahid Algiers

Fuck the fucken jewish USA.


I predict that as soon as raqqa is taken, trump will declare victory, “mission accomplished” against ISIS and pull out of syria, leaving the kurds to fend for themselves.

These dreams of a so called “kurdistan” are theirs only.
When was the last time you heard a US politician speak of a kurdistan?
There is NONE, AT ALL, PERIOD. Not even trump. The only thing trump has EVER said about the kurds is that they are “good fighters”…… Hardly a vouch for a kurdistan…

And besides that, the Iraqi’s will NEVER go for it. And once this is all over, the next thing the Iraqi’s are gonna do is put the kurds back in their place along with turkey and nobody is gonna say a thing about it because what are you gonna do about Iraq claiming what is clearly there’s and how much crap the US has done to them?

It will be all over for the kurds after raqqa, you can take it to the bank.


SDF/Kurds-“It is not permissible for Iraqi forces to retake and claim Iraqi border with Syria, we will not allow this”

Barzani/Iraqi-Kudish leader-“WE ARE DECLARING INDEPENDENCE”

USA@Tanf within the Syrian territory side of the Syrian-Iraqi border-“To the Syrian government, Thall shall not pass to the Syrian border”


2-3 days later

Syrian army advancing all around and forward reaches Syrian border with Iraq. Russian serviceman said to be on the road, no impediment to the advance.

Barzani/Kurdish Leader-“Just kidding… independence does not mean in-de-pendence. It could mean a variety of things, could be taken a variety of ways. Let’s talk about this. Does the Kurdish state threaten Turkey, Syria, and Iraq???”

What a joke. Hilarious. USA stooges are comedy.


You know, you have the Turks poised to act if need be, and you got the Syrians and the Iraqis, fully armed, experienced, and trained, converging on said area, even though for different reasons, and you’re going to declare independence as if you were talking to some weakened opponent

Barzani’s a joke.

What do you think was supposed to happen? They’re going to stop and go the other way or back like the US at Tanf that didn’t happen as it was supposed to?


The USA has spent a considerable amount of propaganda building up yjr kurds

they should ask if we believed any of it

Panthera Pardus

actually I do not thik it is a belief but a fact that
“Moreover, it is believed that Kurdistan is difficult to survive as a country that doesn’t have a sea root ”

Landlocked with all neighbourghing countries pissed at you, even with all Israel and American Support you are going to end like the V Army in Stalingrad with Goebbels’ Airlift…

Free man

The Kurds have the right to autonomy within the framework of Iraq / Syria.
An independent state would be an unnecessary source of tension in a flammable region.


No, they don’t. They’re only little part of Iraq and Syria population. It’s madness to give them “autonomy”. If they want something special, they must leave these areas and go back to their homeland.

Wahid Algiers

Their homeland in eastern Turkey….

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