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Kurdish Guerrilla Fighters Capture, Execute Three Turkish-Backed Militants In Northern Aleppo (Photos)

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The Kurdish Wrath of Olives Operations Room announced on June 21 that its cells had killed three Turkish-backed militants in northern Aleppo.

The operations room’s cells captured, then executed three militants, who were manning a post in the village of al-Nu’man near the city of al-Bab. The three militants were serving in the ranks of the 211th Brigade.

“Our operations, which are aimed at taking revenge against mercenaries, were and still are a part of the duty that our fighters perform towards our people, who have been afflicted by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries,” the operations room said in an official statement.

The Wrath of Olives Operations Room also released graphic footage showing the three slain Turkish-backed militants.

The 211th Brigade, which is a faction of the Syrian National Army, acknowledged its losses in a statement, identifying the three slain militants as Faris Ahmad al-Issa, Bilal Khaled al-Ali and Alaa Mohamad Abid. Nevertheless, the Turkish-backed faction falsely claimed the three militants were killed by “ISIS criminal gangs.”

Kurdish guerrilla groups in northern Aleppo now carry out more operations against Turkish-backed militants. A recent attack by the Afrin Liberation Forces claimed the lives of at least eight militants.


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Fog of War

How nice. The Turds are into executions just like any other Jihadi scum.

John Wallace

I don’t care either way but one group can hardly complain when it happens to them if they do it themselves. It is hardly a gentleman’s war.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Combat is one thing but this is something different, they may be winning the hearts of the displaced Kurdish locals with this sort of behaviour but when the war is finished these atrocities will come back to haunt them, and this is just one of the many atrocities they’ve notched up over the last 2 years.
Erdogan’s safe zone is open for business, so to all the displaced Syrians living in Turkey that are thinking about moving here, this is what you’ll find in Erdogan’s safe zone, the Kurds don’t like you living in their old homes that Erdogan stole from them.

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