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JUNE 2023

Kurdish Forces Shoot Down Turksih Helicopter In Syria’s Afrin Area – Media

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The Kurdish-dominated coalition, also known as the Syrian Democratic Forces [most likely the YPG or the YPJ], shot down a Turkish helictoper in the Syrian area of Afrin, the Russian state-run news agency Sputnik reported on January 27 citing a representative of the coalition.

However, no photos or videos were provided to confirm the report. The Turkish military has not yet commented on the reports.

Earlier on the same day, reports appeared that YPG/YPJ forces donwed two reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles in the same area.

Meanwhile, the Turkish military claimed that its forces have killed 394 members of the YPG-led forces in the Afrin area since the start of Operation Olive Branch.

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The downside of not being provided with ameristanian hollywood equipment like the ackbars in Idlib ;D

Jens Holm

You have to invert it too. because they have not, Turks has not attacked them hard. Not all kurds are innocent.


I dug information about this and its quite ridicilious.

The information first came out as, by Sputnik International, downed an “air plane”.

Then it was reverted to “helicopter”.

Source is an SDF press member, who gave the information to Sputnik Int.

Just 10 minutes ago Sputnik Int. posted another tweet saying its 2x Rec. UAVs, not chopper.

Another weird part is; SDF said they are not fighting in Afrin, its YPG. Sigh…


At this point in time we can only confirmed it from reaction.

Jens Holm

Thats how it is. It would be strange nothing has happend by using so much gunpowder. Calm down.

A helicopter is some kind of airplane. A ballon or a blimp is not.


In the aircraft industry we refer to helicopters and aeroplanes; as. rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They are all fixed wing aircraft , they also reported shooting 2 UAV’s which is in the media. Wonder if anymore SDF volunteers will go fight in Afrin, not subject to any US military control, believe they number some 40,000 or more.


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Youtube movies will become available soon imo. This afternoon a report incl movie from Mount Barsaya, still in SDF hands despite Turks claimed to have taken it almost everyday (which means they lost it too almost every day?)

Rum Anatolia

AKP ISIS Turkey have committed genocides and crimes against humanity.

We remember Alexandretta, Al-Bab, Cyprus and even Armenian lands and Pontos.

Either ISIS Turkey occupied Afrin on not, in any way it is a loss for Turkey. Those fighting for Turkey are traitors of Syria. It is not about the Kurds but about Syria.


Neither Turkey or the US has any business being in Syria .


wonder why didn’t mention US, UK, ISRAHELL, FRANCE, KSA and the rest as genociding millions of these innocents of Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria.. not to mention the Balkans and Asia region..!!?? Why..!? Turks are doing their job to eliminates those that have been killing, murdering, robbing and looting other nations’ wealths and tonnes of gold..! So, stop ur rubbish BS of smearing only one at least for the current moment turks are helping.. not sure about future..! And what the hell are those bastards Yankees doing in other peoples’ lands form their far, far away land..? This is not their region backyard..! Kurds are ungrateful and opportunist fools.. they deserves it..! Why not talk about how they cleaned up the Arabs and other ethnic in their control territories..!? Haven’t you seen one yet aren’t you..? Then whatever your statements up there are irrelevant and /or bias… you daesh sympathizer..!

Jens Holm

Sputnik mainly are close to 100% propaganda.


shut up kike

Langaniso Mhlobo

To be honest Kurds are heavily armed this time by USA and Saudi Arabia.

Graeme Rymill

To be honest Afrin Kurds are not armed at all by USA or by Saudi Arabia.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Sorry you are ill informed.Sounds like you don’t now SDF=YPG and also never follow daily developments.

Graeme Rymill

I am sure weapons supplied by the US to the SDF have arrived in Afrin. We can argue all day if this is intended by the US or just a by-product of Kurdish solidarity. “heavily armed”??? I think you are ill-informed. Even the SDF are not heavily armed.

Astar Roth

Well, screw that, dude! They ARE heavily armed!

Graeme Rymill

Based on what evidence? AKs, sniper rifles, RPGs, mortars. machine guns and a few ATGMs is not heavily armed. That is standard Middle east infantry equipment. That is what we all see in all SDF videos. If we saw tanks, artillery and MLRS that would be heavily armed.

Weldon Cheek

He does have a point but on the other hand it is Exactly these “small”arms that the u.s. is supplying to sdf,they also supply technicals and other vehicles but with the turks having total air control why would the ypg need them?as decoys would be their only use but we would have to be as naive as can be to accept that the ypj/ypg is A:not recieving substantial ammounts of arms from its 100%aligned compatriots in the sdf and B:that the U.S. doesn’t know again100% that it is happening.


How is the US getting them there?

Graeme Rymill

At a minimum the SDF who have gone to Afrin have carried their own personal weapons. The Syrian Government may also have permitted supply trucks to go to Afrin. It is unclear how much cooperation the SDF from the Syrian government is getting as it tries to reinforce Afrin. There certainly appears to be some otherwise the SDF volunteers wouldn’t have turned up in Afrin at all.


You’re suggesting the Syrian Govt is aiding the Kurds and SDF against Turkey? Surely that would not happen without some serious discussions regarding sovereignty first?

Seems more likely to me that – without any sovereignty agreement upfront – the Syrian Govt would allow Turkey to pound the hell out of them and then take up the issue of Turkish invasions (perhaps with Russia) afterwards. …?? Largely a …. let Turks die to clean up the border mess they were instrumental in crating. And well, is Turkey likely to bow to Yankee PKK/YPG demands.

Graeme Rymill

I only know what the pro-Assad AMN site is reporting:


Also this:


How would these foreign volunteers get to Afrin if not via SAA held territory?



Weldon Cheek

I dont agree even slightly with grahams comment but its widely accepted that the syrian gov has allowed the kurds to enter afrin region through their own control points on its border,end of the day its a good thing for the syrians that the kurds and fsa/turks fight eachother,especially in an area that is currently out of their own control,ie_the enemy of my enemy is my friend,(atleast until i have the resources to go and fight there myself!), Id say “Go Turkey” and”you go there good old YPG!” Kill eachother to death!.


Assad is helping (being good to) them to go suicide.. the more dies the better for Syria as kurds are problematic gypsies..! So that, if in future if they are about to lose or being genocides by turks, and if they asked for help from Assad, another deal will come from the Central Government /Russia for them to kowtow in order to live.. Assad will have the upper hand.. but this time they’ll have to take whatever unbargained deals from Assad.. which is of course of less autonomy or none and less of all other things for pardoned traitors .. and makes them pariah of the ME region..!

Langaniso Mhlobo

According to you SAA have never capture lots of advance weapons and equipment. Very simple you are ill informed or a information twister or very old with lost memory.Now go back to biblical goliath Trump and ask him to give you tablets just to become American zombie.Take care.

Graeme Rymill

I have no idea what you are trying to say. I have never said “SAA have never capture lots of advance weapons and equipment” or anything remotely like it. Are you sure that isn’t the voices in your head speaking to you?

Weldon Cheek

Are you mad?so you imagine the U.S. is giving weapons to its sdf “allies”and are so dumb that they do it without the 100%knowledge that these weapons are transported to the ypg/ypj in afrin area? The checkpoints must have some american control or presence at the least so these weapons pass through with their compliance! Are you honestly that dense?.

Graeme Rymill

My answer is “yes” to all your questions! :-)


Sputnik is ridiculous. I urge southfront not to publish news from sputnik.


Turkish offensive yielded little gains in its first week.

Americans are watching, and based on this, they may not withdraw from manbij.

s Slippy

“However, no photos or videos were provided to confirm the report.”

The PKK has som ISIS level propaganda…. Clowns


If the Kurds can shoot down Turkish aircraft (and prove it) with recently supplied US anti-aircraft weapons I will buy several bags of popcorn and enjoy the fall-out ……. priceless.


LOOOL ANOTHER POOR YPG PROPAGANDA ATTEMPT TO BBOST THEIT POOR MORAL XD WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE ??? LAST TIME they claimed they shot down a jetbwith rpg. The picture rhey provided was a ceahsed jet in the ukrain war. Today they claimed a woman blew up a tank with a granade and killed 20 soldiers with granades like rambo XD they are getting so desperate with theirb propaganda, you cant believe any news by them!


Its confirmed. Ypg propaganda.

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