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Kurdish Forces Shell Southern Turkish City With Rockets (Video)

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Six rockets launched from the northern Syrian city of Qamishli landed in the center of the Turkish border town of Nusaybin, the Anadolu news agency said late on October 9.

The Turkish state-run agency didn’t provide further information on the attack, which didn’t result in any serious losses.

Few minutes after the attack, head of the Qamishli Military Council in the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced that their units had targeted Turkish positions across the border, without clarifying if he was referring to the rocket attack on Nusaybin.

“Our operations against the occupation army will continue in case the Turkish attack on the northern and eastern regions of Syria, go on,” Bilnik Qamishlo said, according to the Hawar News Agency (ANHA).

The rocket attack on Nusaybin appears to be the first response to “Operation Peace Spring,” which was launched by the Turkish military and the so-called National Syrian Army (NSA) a few hours ago.

The Turkish operation already claimed the lives of two civilians, who were killed as a result of the airstrikes on the border line.

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jim crowland

God protect the noble kurdish fighters against the evil turks….


Sadly Kurds are still their own worst enemey. Their leaders fucked up all options. I dont know how many times are warned those #Twitterkurds that it would come to this, if they would not reconcile with the Syrian gov. I got flamed every time. Still sad shit though.

Joe Dickson

Peshmerga hate the YPG.. it is sad really.


It’s Kurd gang warfare just like the Turkish proxy gangs. All these warlord led gangs are criminals in a playground with guns.

There is ‘no honour amongst thieves’.


Yep, it seems the Turks are trying to limit their direct losses in N Syria by sending 3-star Syrian militia to do their dirty work. Good luck with that.


More rockets and ATGM’s for the Kurds. And more ammo for the Turks! Yeah :D


I’ve never seen a group make worse decisions than the Kurds. First of, it was obvious to everyone that the US would drop them as soon as they were done being useful. They screwed up by not attempting to reconcile with the Syrian government under some delusional idea that they’d be granted a sovereign country for themselves using pieces of Syrian, Iraqi and Turkish land. Insane. Shelling Turkish cities will only guarantee that the Turks will be brutal


The US has fucked over the Kurds several times since the 1960’s, amd still the Kurds lick US dick. They have the attention span of a fly that lands on the same pile of American shit and then keeps coming back to the same shit pile after the Yanks swat them away.

Graham Steinberg

Totally agree ; its ASTONISHING how the kurds NEVER LEARN.When you get friendly with the US, they will cut off your hands & spit you out as soon as they dont need you !


Best if SDF sends HAT and special forces into the mountains of SE Turkey, as in Kurdestan, loaded with ATGM etc, to dig in and fight against TSK. Even better when they can get supplies to PKK. All to hurt Turkey.


Such actions as you suggest, would simply prove what Turkey has long claimed – that YPG-SDF are a PKK affiliated terrorist faction, and a hostile threat to Turkish state.


The US are the biggest pussies, they afraid the most of casualties, I guess they are afraid of the Turks.

Icarus Tanović

Yes, baby, fuck them turkeys and pigs.


Unleash hell on Turkey


Nice thought, but without constant re-supply the Kurds will have to give way.

Tommy Jensen

The Kurds were nomads travelling freely around in the Kurdish areas of Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, selling carpets and goat cheese.

Then some Americans and Brits arrived with suitcases full of dollares and told them about their especial Kurdish culture and how suppressed and unfree they and their women were, why they needed their own land and “protection” from their governments, and how they could save their culture, a green nature, minority rights, gender equality, oil fields and get rich with their new friends in West.

The Kurds are just running after the green dollares like everybody else. Nothing personal.

Graham Steinberg

What is really needed though is a MASSIVE assault on RIYADH & TEL AVIV ; the WORLD can only get BETTER then.

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