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JUNE 2021

Kurdish Forces Recapture Large Parts Of Ras Al-Ayn, Kill Many Turkish-Back Militants

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Kurdish Forces Recapture Large Parts Of Ras Al-Ayn, Kill Many Turkish-Back Militants

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The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have managed to recapture most of the border town of Ras al-Ayn in northern al-Hasakah, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on October 13.

According to the London-based monitoring group, Kurdish fighters recaptured several key positions inside the town, including the industrial zone, following heavy clashes with the Turkish-backed National Syrian Army (NSA).

“The Syrian Observatory documented the killing of more than 17 [fighters] of the factions loyal to Turkey during the SDF’s counter-attack in Ras al-Ayn,” the SHOR’s report reads.

Less than 24 hours ago, the Turkish Ministry of National Defence announced that its forces had imposed control of Ras al-Ayn. SDF fighters launched their counter attack a few hours later.

Considered one of the biggest urban centers on the border with Turkey, Ras al-Ayn is one of the main targets of the Turkish-led Operation Peace Spring.

The first phase of the operation, which began earlier this week, is aimed at established a “safe-zone” between Ras al-Ayn and the border town of Tell Abyad, 120km to the west.

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Zionism = EVIL

The Turkey scum are making Syrians kill each other while they pick up large chunks of Syria for their Wahhabi and Zionist masters. It is time the Kurds for once use their diseased brains and join up with SAA and start liberating all parts of Syria. The Wahhabi pig Erdogan is playing a cynical game of using brainwashed criminals to attack Syria under the guise of a proxy NSA or whatever branding the Daesh scum have these days. It is time for all Syrians to turn their guns on the Turkeys.


Let’s just go by the casualty figures offered….. so the Turks hit it, took it and then moved someplace else or didn’t have much of an assault force in the first place. The SDF, after confronting a handful of defenders retook it. I am tending to think it was a diversionary move, a distraction. These things do happen in warfare all of the time, ya know. That is how I am reading this one. The SDF is in very big trouble if that is all they can bring the party. My take.

Game Over

There is nothing to compare. On paper the Kurds have nothing. No planes, no heavy weapons…etc It’s a given that the SDF will loose in the long run. Best they can do is make it as hard as possible and then conduct rebel warfare.


Granted Game. But, I was not referring to SDF resources and capabilities. I was commenting on possible Turkish tactics. A good one to you.


Awesome. It means YPG lost men to capture it and will lose more to protect it; vice versa for the Free Zionist Army.

Sasan Jamshidi

Come on impose NO FLY ZONE and Kurds will take Ankara !
Also fuck Russia traitor they have no difference with US Fucking A!

Rhodium 10

Russia just only watch how 2 US puppets ( FSA and SDF) fight between them!…

Sasan Jamshidi

I think your father is US puppet too. How i i s? Just based on your logic lol

Rhodium 10

you are US clean shoes

Game Over

Since when is any world power trustworthy?

Sasan Jamshidi

Indeed, Russia & US & & … Are all the same


Apparently 800 Daesh militants have now escaped Ain Eisa camp


Turks and their Proxies are unwanted invaders , while the Kurds are unwanted traitors. When the time comes which will be soon enough the SAA will impose control over this nightmare.

Game Over

Let’s hope so. The sooner the better.

Saddam Hussein

Kurds are always traitors. Thankfully they have low IQ too.

Icarus Tanović

Well said man, well said.

Laszlo Elias

I do not think that they can stop the Turkish..That was the case in earlier operations,the Kurds recaptured a few positions and towns,but after the Turkish pushed stronger,they’ve lost again and again..This is still to early..

Saddam Hussein

Hopefully this will weaken both sides for President Assad to take every inch of Syria back.


for christ’s sake – run them into the ground if they don’t get the message.


How ironic to compare the bargaining position now to 6 months ago. Arrogance is a disease that can cripple any of us.

Tommy Jensen

Is that going on right now?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

It’s imperative for the Kurds not to lose control of this town or the village just to the south of it, Tall Tamr and the highway must remain open for the Kurds to keep vital logistical routes flowing.
The SAA is already in Tal Tamr protecting the highway but I’m not sure if they’re also heading to Ras al Ayn to do the same thing there.
If they are heading to Ras al Ayn to protect the town they’d better hurry up, the Turks have the Kurds surrounded now with only one viable route in or out, but when the Turks eventually get sick of waiting for the Kurds to just pack up and flee using that one available route they purposefully left open, they’ll close that exit route for good, which’ll then mean no one’s getting in or out of the town at all at all anymore.


YPG is still a remarkable fighting force. Lacking an airforce, lacking artillery and other heavy arms, they can in urban fighting hold off both islamists and turks for a certain time. Hopefully SAA will be there before they are defeated there.

Nobody knows what will happen afterwards. Likely SDF will provide units to fight islamists in Idlib.

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