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Kurdish Forces Not Going to Follow Decisions Taken during Astana Talks

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Syrian Kurds are not going to follow decisions, which will be taken during the talks in Astana, due to the fact that they have been practically excluded from the negotiation process.

Kurdish Forces Not Going to Follow Decisions Taken during Astana Talks

Fighters of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) wave their flag in the northeastern Syrian town of Qamishli (Photo: islamtimes.org)

Syrian Kurds are dissatisfied with the fact that Russia and Iran have practically excluded them from the negotiation process on Syria in order to please Turkey’s interests. The Kurdish Hawar news agency published a related statement of the executive body of the North Syria Democratic Federation (a management structure of the Syrian lands in northern Syria).

Kurds claim that due to the fact that their representatives do not participate in the talks in Astana, any decisions, which would be taken there, would not apply to them. In fact, it means that the whole northern Syria does not participate in the peace process. The Kurdish authorities say that the expulsion of representatives of northern Syria from participation in the talks is a “violation of rights” of people, living here (not only Kurds, but also Arabs, Assyrians, Armenians and others).

According to the executive body of the North Syria Democratic Federation, “Russia is repeating mistakes” of the Western countries-participants of the international talks in Geneva. All three rounds of the talks on Syria in Switzerland took place without participation of Kurds. Now, the similar negotiations are planned in Astana and Kurds also do not participate again.

“We consider our exclusion from these negotiations a violation against us, considering our struggle, sacrifices, and the historic progress on the political and social levels, we have been the most rightful main power to be present in the Astana meeting. Moreover, SDF [the Syrian Democratic Forces], YPG [the People’s Protection Units], and YPJ [the Women’s Protection Units] have been the forces liberating a vast part of Syria from terror, making them the most eligible powers to participate in any military settlement associated to Syrian crisis,” the statement reads.

“So, we would declare in the name of the executive body of the NS Democratic federation that Astana meeting will not succeed just like other former meetings, and we would not commit to its resolutions, since we have not taken part in its sessions, we will continue our struggle against terrorist groups and construct the democratic federal system in North Syria.”

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once agian i say they are not trying to help syrians they are just trying to “construct the democratic federal system in north syria” please wake up guys no body puts his hand with us if he didnt have evil deeds first the df system in north syria then in all syria.


تحيا سورية رفيق

Jens Holm

Kurds are Syrians, You fucking moron. Dont You get it.

Look at the first words in the example above. Its written its because they are almost excluded from that pesudo peace ceasefire process.

Even the Khoran and Islam has at least 11 legalized version and have no a,e,i,o & u in it as well.

You write as one one agenda/Khoran is the correct one and all is shown and made by 10 commitment like Moses in stone there. Its not. Assads has no power to posses Syria and it will never be allowed, that this personal korrupt mafiaship, which were a main reason for the uprise, come back to the french protectorat of Syria. .

The attitude, that Kurds hade – as a kind of majority rule – made Rojava as a kind of real are the real world around them. They were mainly forced by Turkisk politics, which moved many %, and Kurds are still no enemy to Assad.

Assads are no owners of Syria. it belongs to the people.

I was writing the same shit truth from another yesterday: But if they declare an own state, so they steel the oil from us. Well, that oil belongs to northern Iraq and the kurdish possetions as wel´l. They are taxpayers too.

You have exact the samme in Iraq by Bagdad. They dont care about kurds and will leave them in peace if they get the oil.

To me and the rest of the world Rojava only are a military matter. Thats were ISIS is not anymore. Kurds can never have a kurdish state like that either. The population is much too small for that. So its a possesion, where more realistic should be possible, because there are no ISIS (and also no Assad, som people and refugees can CHOOSE). Have You ever heard about CHOOSE if they want Assads there. Last time Assads got something like 99% of all votes. Thats barking mad.

At the beginning of the revolte there was a sober control. It said 70% were supporters of Assads and reasons for that. One important one could be Assads systematicly has killed all other alternatives.

Thats why we only see relative good leaders in military matters and no strong politicians as a group to take over incl. the first FSA.

gfsdyughjgd .

It is un democratic to exclude Kurdish people from any negotiations Just to please Erdogan.Syria is Kurdish peoples mother land their have the legitimate right to know their were their fit in reconciliations.ISIS was created by Turkey and Saudi Arabia with the Nato help.Turkey wants oil and gas pipeline through Northern Syria.How can Turkey be allowed to be peace maker while their are still killing ordinary Kurdish citizens.Still ISIS ONLY ATTACK GAS AND OILFIELDS AND TRANSPORT OIL TO tURKEY UNDER COALITION AND RUSSIAN AIR SUPPORT.Just the same as Russian defence systems are on but Israel still manage to attack a air defence airport deep in Syria.

gfsdyughjgd .

Russia doesnt want to loose gas supply monopoly that is why their support Erdogans plans in the name of friendship which risk Syrian peoples interest.The truth is Turkey attack only Kurdish people not ISIS it has manage to create a no fly zone deep in Syria the Russian are aware of this dirty game.


These people are guests in Syria, they are not indigenous people of Syria. They were given refuge when they were fleeing Turkish persecution. Now they act like they own the place.


According to CNN Trump is about to do a Putin on Assad and Turkey by going to directly intervene, as in reinforce, the SDF drive on Raqqah.

talk is about up to 7 brigades of some 4.000 men each and delivery of heavy arms to SDF.

If correct, Erdogan is f***cked and Trumped.

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